Still Small Voice – Fishers and Hunters

My Dear Friends:

This week I heard this saying: ONLY LISTEN IF YOU WILL HEAR:

“Behold, [listen carefully], I will send for many fishermen,” says the LORD, “and they will fish for them; and afterward I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and out of the clefts of the rock.” Jeremiah 16:16

TJVN (The Jewish Voice News) @TJVNEWS. Tonight May 9th 2024

Breaking News: There is an incident of rioters trying to break into a hotel in Athens, Greece where a group of Israelis are staying. The local police forces are trying to take over. 

This “Emergency” Aliyah Conference was held May 1st/24 in Jerusalem. Since 1971, when we first carried scriptures to the Jewish Community in the then Soviet Union, we have been fishing or encouraging Jewish Communities to return home to Israel. In 1980 Jay presented the film we co-produced, Apples of Gold to Jewish and Christian Communities all over North America.  In one synagogue in America, the well-known Rabbi brought his entire congregation to resettle in Israel. You can read about some of these adventures in my first book, Fishers and Hunters and again in Miracles Among the Nations, 580 pages.  Our son Chris, is presently working to post it to Amazon this coming week. You can even learn more about our fishing efforts in the volume which I am editing just now entitled, Israel Our Odyssey. The films and documentaries Jay created were an enormous help in this fishing enterprise. They were purchased and used globally by Israel’s Foreign Ministry. 

On October 7th, 2023 a death knell was sounded to Israel first, and then the whole world. Did you hear it?  Are you hearing it today in this letter? Jews are no longer safe, except in Israel where they are fighting for their very existence. Talk about a MYSTERY! The nations have left us, but The God of Israel will never leave us or forsake us! It is now time for the Hunters. 71% of the worldwide Aliyah to Israel right now are Russian speakers, but this will change quickly.

This is coming to you after the fact, and thank you for your love and continued prayers and help to Israel. Real change is needed. But change is hard. Humans resist change. Take the example of the Jews in Europe before the Holocaust. Grave warnings came from several directions but most Jews clung to the delusion that they were safe. The same thing is occurring today. Even though there are grave warnings throughout the Diaspora, the Jews of the West are far, far away from the understanding that the swelling worldwide anti-Semitism is not going to go away. It’s time to go home!

Not only is the rise of anti-Semitism becoming a tsunami, but Jews themselves are blaming Israel for making trouble for them in their adopted countries, they fall into the trap of “keep quiet and it will be alright.” If Israel doesn’t take Hamas out, the fate of Jews globally is sealed. I believe Israelis have never felt this deep freeze from their brethren before. Surely the Jews of Europe felt left and forgotten by all during the Holocaust.

For History Buffs:

If interested: at the end of my letter, Islamist Dr. Mordechai Kedar will give you an education into Islam’s role in this ongoing war because of their vows for JIHAD.

From Howard Flower: head of Aliyah for the ICEJ

“Most Jewish people get squeamish when I speak about the above passage re: Fishers and Hunters and so I researched it very deeply. And yes, it means just exactly what it says.

I have a copy of your book on my desk Meridel. You stopped by my table at one of Feasts of Tabernacles Celebrations sponsored by ICEJ in Jerusalem, and gave me a copy which I have read cover to cover several times. Thank you for that. People listen to you and Jay when you talk about Aliyah because you have the anointing and calling. And I do too. Blessings, Howard.”  May 7th 2024 

Howard Flower heads up ALIYAH globally for the ICEJ.

Monday the 6th of May, was Yom ha Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. 

Several Holocaust Survivors survived Oct. 7th, onslaught against their kibbutzim.

An Israeli Remembers …

Choose Love Not Fear” by Shelly & Daniel Rawlings

This following piece will be thought-provoking, and soul-searching for us who inquire of the LORD and pray into each passing day. Please make the information here a matter of prayer. Shelly is an investigative journalist and dares to speak out the thoughts of many, who have little or no courage to do so.

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Screams before Silence:

I had two responses to this film posted in last week’s Still Small Voice. One brave praying woman in Canada and one Christian gentleman in the USA. Thank you both!

“Dear Meridel, It is hard to comprehend the atrocities perpetrated on the Jewish people on October 7 even after seeing the video. It was so demonic. I hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu will not succumb to the pressure of the Biden regime to back off from finishing the task of clearing out Hamas. God be with you and Jay for being the voice of Israel here in North America. Many blessings Reynold R.” USA   

Hear Young IDF soldiers sing.

Enjoy your life and friends. it is the only one you have here! Make it count.

With every blessing to you from Jay and Meridel Rawlings.

Photo: Jay and Meridel celebrate 56 years of marriage.

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