My Goal

What the ordinary person does not know is that sexual abuse breaks the mind. My goal is to help those who suffer silently from this curse. The cover up with sexual abuse is enormous and ‘rejection’ is one aspect of the job description. Religious circles do not want to deal with this subject. I know this myself coming from a religious family that disease was just never dealt with. My goal is to impart a lifetime of experience that I have gained, learning to be free from the crippling effects of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is a many-headed monster that can span generations. I place the problem squarely in the context of the family where it belongs, instead of separating out only the abused one to ‘get fixed-up!’. Today in my seminars I work with people who face many kinds of abuse. The miracle is, people who attend my seminars and work with me are never the same again.

In 1985 I wrote Honor Thy Father??? It was the first book about sexual abuse in a Christian home to be published in America. Then I began to give seminars on the subject. For eight years I had the privilege or working in drug rehabilitation houses in Switzerland. So many of the clients had been sexually abused in their own homes. I worked on a one-to-one basis in counseling and saw wonderful results. Then the houses were closed as the Swiss government ruled that ‘methadone’ be administered to the addicts and government clinics. Most of the drug centers that I had worked in were closed. At that point I began to give seminars to the public.

In 1992 I gave several seminars in Switzerland, one of them being in the ball room of the Caino in Zurich. Many medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists attended my teaching sessions, because I was speaking as a survivor, I was told I was the first to do so in the German speaking world. I have worked in Canada, England, Scotland Ireland, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Israel. A large part of my work is teaching, giving information, answering questions, helping people dig out their own patterns of abuse through personal counseling.

Never The Same Again

My seminar goals are that those who come to work with me will receive the information, experience and answers they need to not only ‘survive’ to just go on living but to break out into greater fruitfulness. I impart the sense of possibility and faith by taking a client from the level of healing they already have to the next one, what ever that may be. With their full permission, I have the privilege of working on the invisible areas of their lives, at their own pace. No two people are ever the same. My prayer is that all who sit under my teachings and healing work will never be the same again. Learning to live LIFE to the full is a choice. I deal very specifically with the human will.

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Seminars Theme: (suggested)

Purpose: There is hope for your future says the LORD. Jeremiah 31:17

Where you look, homes, malls, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, bars, airports, parks, the work place, sports halls, old folks homes, banks, gyms and supermarkets you are looking at people who need hope.

The Secret Place Seminars that I have created are designed to take you from your damaging secret life styles that come out of past hurts into the ‘secret place’ of unconditional love.

The purpose of my seminars is to bring fresh and substantial hope to lives that are disengaged, and have been compromised. Some are completely dysfunctional, as you will read in the testimonies section; others are outwardly successful but internally empty. We get to the heart of the matter and trace the abuse and deal with the hard facts of abuse as they relate to each one of us in most devastating and personal ways. Then we move on and I teach and counsel how to choose life.

The one thing I work for is that people will be changed. There is no need to waste my time or yours. I work with those who want change, and who have the courage to be honest, and together we see new life begin. Faces are often very different after just one seminar. You can literally see a new liberty appear in the shining eyes and rosy cheeks. Blood circulation increases dramatically in some lives that were formerly anemic and cut off. Seeing is believing!


  • We isolate the pain.
  • We find the root cause of the damage
  • We then deal with it and take control over it.
  • We disconnect our wills from our abusers.
  • We choose life
  • We go on to live as the joy of life springs forth.

It sounds simple but it the hardest work you will ever choose to be involved in. Make no mistake, I can do nothing without the power of the Holy One working through me in these seminars. I give all of the glory to the LORD God of Israel.

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Dr. Meridel Rawlings has worked in a variety of capacities creating educational, informational and inspirational media tools to help people understand various aspects of healing from abuse.

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