Still Small Voice – Watch, Pray and Speak up!

Shalom My Dear Friends:

The days are severe. Thank you for your prayers. I begin with two eye-opening scriptures.

“ … Amalek was the first of the [neighbouring] nations [to oppose Israel after they left Egypt]. But his end shall be his destruction.” Numbers 20:24

Nor do they [terrorists] lie beside the fallen heroes of the uncircumcised, who went down to Sheol with their weapons of war, whose swords were laid [with honors] under their heads. The punishment for their sins rested on their bones, (DNA) for the terror of these [so-called] heroes was once in the land of the living.”  Ezekiel 32:27

My advisers and I discussed the film, Screams Before Silence. Do we send it to you or not? These souls had NO voice. The film was produced by the former head of Facebook. These first-hand witnesses of Oct. 7th are speaking out. I urge you to listen well. It will help to clear away the noise and confusion. Evil is Evil. Our world reflects this spirit day after day. May Jesus our Messiah hear our prayers for change,  and may we be alert with oil in our lamps – be Light bearers and speak for those who cannot.

Please click the “Watch on YouTube Link below. There is an age restriction so we cannot show the video here.

Psychological Warfare: 

These messages were sent directly to the family members of some of the hostages. There is no depth to the demonic depravity of Hamas.

This psychological torture of an Israeli family by Iranian agents who sent them this message. Their daughter was an IDF soldier taken captive in the Gaza Strip. “This death wreath is to be placed on your loved one’s grave … “ According to Israel’s Bet security agency. World Israel News Staff April 8th 2023

The sister of Liri Albag, kidnapped from the Nahal Oz IDF base by Hamas terrorists, said the family was also devastated by the delivery of a floral wreath, which was clearly meant to be placed on a grave.

@HonestReporting. Congratulations to @AP (America’s Associated Press) for winning a Picture of the Year award. How does it feel to do so on the back of Palestinian photojournalists who infiltrated Israel on Oct. 7 and took photos like the one below of Shani Louk’s dead body in a Hamas pickup?

I chose not to send this ‘popular’ photo, of 2023,  it was just to evil for words. 

Aliyah: by Howard Flower in Russia

Covid could not stop Aliyah and neither can this terrible war halt the flow of Jews coming home to Israel. God’s plan is unfolding according to the ancient Prophets. If Aliyah continues at this rate, the year 2024 will see over 22,000 Russian speakers and 28.380 total immigrants to Israel. 

From One Israeli living in the North:

“The lion roars! I am waiting … can we handle this? Yet the remnant returns despite trouble on every side.  Hezbollah increases its attacks on the North. Nevertheless, we feel so protected and sleep better than ever!”

I have been encouraged to suggest you read Psalm 35 as a prayer over Israel. One reader said: I took out the word “me” or” I” and replaced it with “Israel” and it was very specific and relevant.  When others ask me how to pray for Israel that is what I tell them to do.  

We leave you with this beautiful song because we are sure it will speak to you.

Love in Messiah, Jay and Meridel Rawlings.

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