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Still Small Voice – West Jet Airline: en route Calgary to Toronto.   Oct.1/22  

Dear Friends, old and new: Let’s begin with something from ISRAEL:  Recently, before Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations at the annual opening, we, Israelis were in a state of nervous expectation.  The order of speakers in that august, if impotent, an organisation is – First Presidents, then Prime Ministers and when his turn came the PM walked confidently to the podium and began the speech of his life. He was brilliant, quiet, understated but firm and his introduction opened by telling of his love of country and his family’s Holocaust history. Quietly he brought his discourse to the crux of the Middle East problem and the possible solution. He promoted the idea of a two-state solution but with one essential caveat.  First and foremost a peace agreement is signed and honoured between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Here is his speech.  The religious opposition uses hate speech and fear of the Palestinians to move their agendas forward. Amazingly P.M.Lapid actually called the Palestinian Leadership’s bluff. THEY DO NOT …

Still Small Voice – August 21st 2022

Hello Friends; Let’s have a cup of coffee together. You might be very interested in what this doctor has to say about coffee.   Summer comes to an end this year with many challenges. There is no lack of people, situations or nations to pray for; and pray we must. “May God arise, and His enemies be scattered. He is Abba-father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, our God who heals the sick. He sets the lonely in families. He leads the prisoners with singing, Praise be to the LORD, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Our God is a God who saves.”  Psalm 68 Yeshua is Hebrew for salvation, in Greek it becomes Iesous, and is translated to English as Jesus. Yeshua is the original name of the One the world knows as Jesus. It literally means, God is salvation, He is here to answer our every prayer. Jesus is the silent listener to every conversation. He will speak when we stop to listen and hear. He understands every sigh, tear …

Die leise, feine Stimme – Passah 5777, April 2017

«SIEHE, DER MENSCH» JESUS IN DER ISRAELISCHEN KUNST „ Ich habe völlig neue Dinge über israelische Künstler gelernt – darüber, wie sie Jesus begegnen. Genial!  Und mein persönlicher Umgang mit  israelischer Kunst wird ebenfalls nie mehr derselbe sein. Sehr, sehr hilfreich, Meridel! Ich bin der Ansicht, dass auch für uns Christen der Umgang mit israelischer Kunst im Zusammenhang mit Jesus eher ein Tabuthema ist, weil  wir keine falschen Dinge sagen, oder Menschen verletzen wollen. Es ist ein Privileg mitzuerleben, was in Jerusalem im Bereich der Kunst im Hinblick auf unseren Erlöser passiert. Die Kunst muss wieder eingenommen werden von Menschen, die JESUS lieben. Das dies in Israel passiert, ist wunderbar und erfüllt mich mit Freude.“ Sie können den Rundbrief herunterladen, indem Sie hier klicken