Still Small Voice – August 21st 2022

Hello Friends;

Let’s have a cup of coffee together. You might be very interested in what this doctor has to say about coffee.  

Summer comes to an end this year with many challenges. There is no lack of people, situations or nations to pray for; and pray we must.

“May God arise, and His enemies be scattered. He is Abba-father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, our God who heals the sick. He sets the lonely in families. He leads the prisoners with singing, Praise be to the LORD, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Our God is a God who saves.” 

Psalm 68

Yeshua is Hebrew for salvation, in Greek it becomes Iesous, and is translated to English as Jesus. Yeshua is the original name of the One the world knows as Jesus. It literally means, God is salvation, He is here to answer our every prayer. Jesus is the silent listener to every conversation. He will speak when we stop to listen and hear. He understands every sigh, tear and groan. He will heal every sickness. If you have a prayer request, please email us. We pray over every response. 

Midbar is Hebrew for desert. Israel is a garden set down to flourish in the midst of wilderness all around. Logically, there is no way this ‘garden’ should be here. Midbar comes from the Hebrew word davar, which means ‘to speak’.

What do the two words have in common?

A Voice in the Desert:

Think back to the wilderness moments in your life. Maybe you only have to go back to 2020 when our world forever changed. We were left locked in our homes. During those long hours, days, months and years we all learned many things because I am sure the LORD spoke to us all. Our governments certainly did and continue to make sure they are heard. By way of contrast, the faithful and tender Still Small Voice whispers inside of each of us, but doesn’t push. During those lonely desert times did we listen? How have we changed since then? Did that wilderness experience bring us good out of what was intended for evil?

We learned that the enemy is not a man, or a government. The enemy is Fear itself. Fear that makes us afraid of disease, of others, of authorities and of dying and death. We have all faced death have we not … and lost loved ones? What are we left with after these unprecedented times ?

I think we are wiser and more discerning, and certainly ask a lot of questions. My household was comforted continually by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. We learned to reach out to each other as never before. We cherished the gift of prayer and grew in our communion with the LORD. We became less religious. I personally learned so much more about heaven. It became closer with the loss of my eldest brother and nephew.  We prayed in our finances not knowing how to pay our bills. We missed seeing loved ones and were so grateful that we had opened our home to our son Daniel and his wife and our new grandson. 

Supposedly it is all behind us? We refuse evil tidings of a new plague and new restrictions. We feel the pinch of rising prices and stick to fresh produce from the market. We know only one way to protect our loved ones, and our countries. Because the enemy is going about like a roaring lion. We retreat to that “rock that is higher than I.”  I wake up calling to Jesus: “Just as I am without one plea…” 

Against many hits and disappointments, we have heard the LORD calling us out in this inopportune moment. Because His is the LIFE we choose to follow, we leave next week for a ministry trip. Holland first to speak on Jews in Russia, and then coast to coast across Canada for 6 weeks. We spent years working in Communist countries, and living in the crucible of Israel. We will listen, encourage and pray to strengthen that which remains. Our God reigns, no matter what circumstances look like. Prayer is our privilege, before, during and after the storms of life.

This piece caused me to see myself in light of the crucifixion in a new light.

Shalom, Shalom (perfect peace)  from Meridel Rawlings.