Dear Friends;

“Hear this, you who trample down the needy, and do away with the poor of the land … I shall make that time like a time of mourning for an only son [who has died.]” Amos 8: 4,10e.

Our cover photo this week was taken on Israel’s 76th Independence Day.

The people in the photo are lying down because of missiles coming into Israel from Hamas that day. How tragic it all is. Our Prime Minister is under fire from within the nation because of the reality of never ending pain the people have had to endure since Oct 7th 2023. He is wanted by the International Court. I

quote: “There is no comfort. There is life, but the wound will remain until the end of our lives. Our War of Independence has not yet ended – it continues even now.” Unquote

I cannot apologize for the heaviness of my last few Still Small Voice letters. Let us HEAR what the Spirit is saying. Let us heed the warnings. History has much to teach us all, past, present and future.  My generation, called the silent generation, along with the younger generation and their children today are having to face the unimaginable! Many of you are asking “How do I pray in these dark days?”

Daniel and Shelly Rawlings produce a hard-hitting weekly blog. Here is a personal word about the Israel Shelly grew up in and the contrast to the Israel of today.

From: Choose Love Not Fear News

Date: Tue, 14 May 2024 at 22:03

Subject: The Most Heartbreaking National Memorial Day in Israel’s History


The Most Heartbreaking National Memorial Day in Israel’s History

Dear subscribers,

Yesterday was the most heartbreaking national Memorial Day in Israel’s history. Every year, in Israel, we take a day to remember the fallen soldiers and victims of terror attacks that occurred over the years. I will never forget the first time I lost a family member to an attack like that. I was 4 at that time.

This year, I could feel the shattered energy all over my body. Thousands of mothers crying to the heavens, trying to understand why their child was the one. Thousands of women, children, elderly, and men who were tortured, raped, killed, and kidnapped. Innocent people who met their gruesome and horrific demise. People who waited, and no one came to save them for more than 8 hours. Thousands of families who have yet to comprehend what has happened to them. Thousands who have become refugees in their own country.

A whole country in anguish. Too traumatized to even realize what has happened to them. Just trying to get by, just trying to survive. Not to mention the subject that is barely being discussed: dozens of people who took their own lives because life became too unbearable to handle.

All thanks to the unresolved events of October 7th and the ongoing war. So many parents and family members have no clue about the whereabouts of their loved ones. Shattered, broken, no escape, nowhere to hide. The government has yet to start a commission of inquiry. Yet to investigate the events, yet to display any kind of justice to its people or give anyone peace of mind.

The country is still at war, missiles still falling, whole cities evacuated, leaving very few behind to live inside a battlefield. Even on the news, the reporter is vague, not telling a mother in grief the entire truth, even though she admits she knows it!

Absolute torture. I can’t even imagine what the families of the victims are going through. Cemeteries were full of conflict, full of anger. Ministers of the Knesset who came to the cemeteries to say a few words were kicked out by aggravated masses. The families know, the public knows, everyone knows by now. It’s becoming more prevalent that there are traitors from within, and they’re all around us.

Dr. Jay Rawlings spells out the day of TERROR  in the following video.
It is prophetic and was created by Israel Vision 9 years ago.  View it because it is worth your time, more so today than ever before.  Many of us are living with compromises that we never imagined possible, at the time this warning was first given.

Also making their contribution are sons, David and Chris Rawlings, who produce a family version of Israel Vision. You may view it on

A response to the film, Screams Before Silence,

This powerful film was presented on May 3rd Still Small Voice.

“Liebe Meridel: The movie “Screams before Silence” was very impressive and powerful, but at the same time I had to protect myself so that all the horror wouldn’t weigh too heavily on my heart. It’s hard to believe that something like this could happen. It doesn’t get any more demonic than that. I am so sorry that so many Jews had to go through this terror. The traumas were probably programmed. It is my deepest concern and prayer that of these people may come to believe in the living God and his Son, the Messiah, through this event. Surely the Almighty is waiting for His chosen people.” M.S. Switzerland.
To see my blog on the film click here:

The Military Operation in South Gaza:

The news out of Gaza is an eye opener. Over 800,000 Gazans were moved by Israel out of harms way before the Rafa operation. This was accomplished in less than 4 weeks. The  enormous list of Gazan casualties was faked by Hamas and the WHO who have publicly said as much! Lies, lies, lies.

Israel has lost a staggering 282 soldiers to date and thousands have undergone amputations, leaving them with mutilated bodies. In spite of this horrifying fact, rocket fire continues from Rafa into South Israel and from Hezbulloh in the North.

Recently, the IDF found the bodies of three Israeli hostages. The father of the daughter expressed his profound relief. He is relieved now that her body lies in the family grave plot. “She can no longer be hurt.” He said sadly.

The IDF has uncovered 700 tunnel shafts in Rafa, 50 lead into Egypt. There may still be up to 120 living hostages? Hamas boasts 30 IDF soldiers among them? They could be anywhere in the Middle East. The Sinai is controlled my Bedouin tribes who smuggle drugs, slaves and weapons into and out of Gaza. Where is the Egyptian government? Where is the Egyptian intelligence in this?

In closing, on the confirmation of the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Sunday’s helicopter crash, Israelis breathed a sigh of relief. This person, a virulent

Keep up your prayers for a beleaguered people, Israel. We thank you!

Every blessing from Jay and Meridel Rawlings.

And in closing: YES, I sent this before, but we dream of Eden!