Silence on Sexual Abuse by Migrant because of Poltical Correctness

12 young girls were assaulted in the midst of a party?  The question that begs to be asked is: “How is this possible in broad day light in a public area?”
Where are the chaparones, where are the parents? Where?

With the whole world in an uproar over the issue of immigrants, look at this!
Compassion is one thing, and wisdom is another, but it is time for a reality check.
Telling the truth of what can be expected from people who have come out of war zones, not properly vetted, can make all of the difference. Our youth are at risk when those in postions of authority are painfully nieve.

The world watched yesterday Canadian Prime Minister met with the US President.
Mr. Trump is belittled because of his  temporary ban on immigrants from 7 war and terror infested nations, Syria being one of them.
Well, Mr. Trudeau has taken another posture. But, as these leaders gave their press conference in Washington DC, little did we know of the firestorm Trudeau left behind in Canada. A Syrian refugee came to Canada “because of the children” he said. He came into Canada from Lebanon. At a  friendly, family, fun party this newly arrived
Muslim pedophile sexualy abused 12 girls. These girls have been forever altard.
Sadly, vital details of this assault were withheld in newspapers and main line media.
No parents were contacted, nothing was said in favor of the children. In fact, there was criticism that the pedophile’s name was relased? Really… Mr. Trudeau is presently having an anti-Islamophobia law  passed in the Canadian Parlialment. I urge my readers to stand up in the face of fear, and criticism when it come to speaking for those who have no voice… These 12 girls ravaged by a Muslim immigrant belong to a long list of hundreds of others… In Europe and Canada these Muslims are being protected from the top on down.