Still Small Voice – WAR Day 13 / October 19th, 2023

Dear faithful friends:

Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. I have not called you servants, I have called your friends.”

John 15:15

I LOVE that, and am comforted many times during the day and night, knowing this personally. I highly recommend: “Why not invite Yeshua – Jesus to be your friend?”

In this time of war …

Stress and pain bring out the best and worst in us all. I read a good word about ‘not bringing the war into your home.’ That is our work. Fake news is rampant, and slick media people in Qatar with every technology at their fingertips, write for Hamas. Oh yes, perpetuated lies have started. Pray for the Spirit of discernment.

News Source and Consequences of Pain:

We stay in close touch with loved ones in Israel. We get news from the Source, which is Israel. One characteristic that Israelis seem to have in common is frankness and honesty. But, after hearing the news we find ourselves struggling with impatience. Then comes the argumentative and combative confrontation. Some of us slip over the edge. It is the work of ‘peacemakers’ to bring back a sense of peace. Humor helps enormously along with instant repentance and forgiveness. The atmosphere lightens up immediately. Thank goodness we have family with us right now. The teenagers keep us engaged and light, their antics put us in stitches of laughter. Our best times are often spent enjoying a meal around the kitchen table. We often break out into breathless hysterics because of the antics between three generations. It is such a gift to have our son Chris and his wonderful family to love and hold, share the pain and tears, and enjoy the beauty of Greece, at this most painful and stressful moment in our history.

I take a moment to thank each and every reader for your precious prayers: they are like ointment poured forth. Your positive response be it moral, financial, or verbal in prayer helps in the midst of a worldwide phenomenon called Jew hatred! 

From Heaven’s View:

Actually, all of heaven is a spectacular world! Look it up and read about it for yourselves. Can you visualize the Throne room of the Potentate of the Universe? Father God knows ALL of history. Our place is to fill those golden bowls on His altar with our prayers of sweet incense until they overflow. (The prayers of the saints?) Under His altar, is this hidden and protected place. Treasured here are the souls of those from generation after generation down through the annals of time who have died at the hands of despots because of who they were. Joining them are Jews who bear the mark of the LORD whose they are because of His Eternal Covenant with them. Their unified cry is: “How long oh LORD GOD!”

Many Christians are confused about God’s mercy, because of a doctrine that does not include the First Covenant, the Old Testament, which is Eternal. Christians are not the only kids on the block. Everything we love and cherish came from the Jew. Never forget it. “To the Jew first …” Paul declared. At this point in history, Israel cannot see Yeshua – Jesus. But never forget that Jews are under the Abrahamic Covenant, whether they believe it or not, it is also an Eternal Covenant relationship, created by the Father. Are you going to argue with Him? I didn’t think so. Pray and stop judging! Of course, there are innocent Palestinians and are they any less loved? NO! Pray and don’t judge. It will all come clear in time. Be careful.

”All who have raged against him will come to him and be put to shame.”

Isaiah 45:24b

The Grim Face of War: 

I find it most interesting that directly from Egypt, Moses was instructed to lead his people across the Sea, rather than go into the land of the Philistines just a 10 or 12-day march. Why? They had a poor slave mentality and were no match for what they would face. The Spirit of Murder was already deeply rooted among the local inhabitants in Philistia, even back, 4,000 years ago. Remember when Israel was leaving, Amalek came out to attack the women and children who were walking behind men. The Bible tells us very clearly that this spirit has never changed. Israelis, (Jewish slaves at that time) were instructed from the beginning, to carefully follow the guidelines, even when fighting for our lives and land. Even when the Canaanites chose war over peace, they were instructed to engage in warfare with compassion and mercy. Today, as well, Israel shows tremendous restraint when dealing with enemies, and regrets the loss of life. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said in 1973 at the Yom Kippur War, “It is more difficult for me to forgive Egypt for making us kill their soldiers than to forgive them for killing our soldiers.” 

Moses was instructed to go to war, God knew the hearts of this enemy. I don’t know if you understand how Midian used sex to try and destroy Israel. It was yet another foe just as deadly.

“Moses spoke to the people, saying, “Let men be picked out from among you for a campaign, and let them fall upon Midi-an to wreak the LORD’S vengeance on Midi-an.”  

Numbers 31:3

FACTS: Israel’s Army

Sent by an Israeli.Every missile dropped from Israeli planes requires a chain of command. Israel is not a terrorist nation nor are we the Gazan version of ISIS. We do have a highly organized army. Every bullet, every missile, and every piece of equipment has to be accounted for. Meanwhile inside Gaza, over 500 of Hamas rockets launched have fallen inside of Gaza causing untold damage. The loss of life is horrific, our hearts go out to the ordinary people of Gaza. We have to defend ourselves, they leave us no choice. A recent Israeli video clip caught The IDF filmed a conversation between two members of Hamas at this site. The misfiring of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket misfired and landed on a hospital with horrendous results; blaming Israel.

Did you know that 3 days ago, Hamas raided a UNWRA depot (UN facility in Palestinian hands) and confiscated fuel and medicines sent into Gaza by Israel? UNWRA tweeted the fact, sent a communique, and then retracted it because UNWRA hires 99.9% Palestinian workers, everyone except the Director. They are scared of their fate in the hands of Hamas and  ISIS too. Did you know that the funding provided by YOUR government doesn’t go to the people of Gaza? It is also commandeered by the ruling class, ISIS in Qatar for fighting troops.

Brainwashed Palestinian Kids:

King Abdullah of Jordan has uninvited President Biden, who visits Israel today. It’s true the US has have spoken long and hard, with President Sisi of Egypt Sisi Both have made it very clear; they will not accept any refugees from Gaza, not even one. President Al-Sisi is, was and probably always will be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Jordan and Egypt cannot risk importing terrorists. History tells us that this minute dot of land is a crucible of hate. (Gaza)

“Our living room is the war room”:

A week before that fateful day for Israel, October 7th, Shabbat, the Lord told me to start praying for Israel.  I told my husband, I didn’t really know what to pray but I muddled through and started to listen to the Holy Spirit’s directions. Then things blew up. You sent the info, and I got educated fast. Thank you so much for your links. 

We got your Still Small Voice Blog and felt the wrenching cry of Israelis: We should have left when we had the chance.” We have been praying, especially in the light of feeling an opportunity was missed. God has a purpose for ever Israeli in the land. 

We are continuing to pray for Israel every morning in our living room.  We are calling it our war room.  A friend joined us yesterday.  Together we listen to the Holy Spirit and pray accordingly. Yes, I have the list: army protection, freedom for the hostages, good intel, swift retaliation to silence all attacks even FAKE media and finally, this will not escalate into World War III.  

The Lord gave my husband a vision of Jesus down on his knees among the rubble of Gaza weeping.  Then he was given the scripture before the battle of Jericho in Joshua 5:13-15. Josh asks the man with the drawn sword: “Are you for us or against us?”  The answer was. “Neither, I have not come to take sides but to TAKE CHARGE!”  I am the Commander of Yahweh’s armies.”  Josh knew this was no angel and he threw himself down and worshipped the Living God.  He was instructed to take his shoes off just like Moses did at the burning bush.  The Lord spoke to us that He grieves and intercedes for ALL souls involved. He has not forgotten those who are pawns under Hamas control. We pray confusion against the commanders of darkness and release angel armies to take charge and direct the army of Israel and go with them just like they went with Joshua’s army to Jericho.  We shared with our Church what the Lord had shown us. We all prayed. Unfortunately, you are correct. “Most Christians don’t know how to pray for Israel,  because they are just uneducated concerning the history of Israel and the hateful neighborhood”. Now we understand that thIs is precisely where we can help and give understanding of how to pray and battle for souls over this region of the world.

NOTE: If you would like to be in touch with this couple, contact me at my email, see below and I will send it to them.

A most unlikely hero: 

“Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your Name we give glory. But who am I and who are my people that we should be able to offer this? For all things are from You and from Your hand we give to You.”

Love, from Meridel Rawlings

UPDATE about GoFundMe: through SMV, we have received $2,500.

We will see that these funds are delivered personally to broken families in Israel.

David our eldest in Jerusalem will catch some of it on his video blogs. Stay tuned.

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