Still Small Voice.   Hanukkah – Christmas. Kislev 23, 5783 – December 17/22

Dear Family of Still Small Voice;

The rush is on … so I will keep this short. In fact, I am sending you a very special investigative teaching on the early life of Miriam – Mary on two mp3 recordings. It is very easy listening as Clare Pfann, co-founder of the Jerusalem University opens the life of Miriam – Mary from as a teenager and up to and including the birth of Yeshua – Jesus. I suggest that you listen to this wonderfully illuminating teaching as you continue your preparations. This way I am not taking you away from cooking, driving to shop or picking the kids up, or perhaps, while you wrap up your Hanukkah and or Christmas gifts.


But first, a little harsh news: Dec. 9/22.The United Nations took yet another swipe at the Jewish state when it voted 149-6 that Israel should accede to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and dispose of its nuclear weapons cache. Indeed, it is Iran that should be the main concern of the international community. Only five countries – the U.S., Canada, Liberia, Micronesia and Palau – voted with Israel against the resolution. There were 26 abstentions, including several from the European Union as well as India. Ukraine was notably absent. 

I noted: NOT one nation in Europe stood with Israel. Is history repeating itself? Keep your eyes open. Do we even know that Israel alerts the world of the danger of rogue nations? Nothing was done, which is typical is it not. Because Israel lives in the vicinity, they took authority and bombed the secret facilities for nuclear reactors in Iraq, Syria and Iran. Israel is a watchdog nation. keeping us safe. The fruit received for this is hatred, nothing but misinformation and vitriol. Consider please and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 

Eight Israelis who had been praying were shot at bus stops near the Western Wall, and two more while riding on a bus. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Dec. 16/22.

Let’s Explore the Life of Mary:

Years ago I read Shalom Asch’s exquisite book “Mary”. I found it riveting. He explains that Mary was from a very dedicated and devote Jerusalem Jewish family active in the Temple. Many of these dedicated families were under threat of persecution and even extinction by mad king Herod. Quietly many of them fled to Northern Israel and literally hid out among their own in the small villages. He suggests that one of those villages is indeed, Nazareth. This is where Mary was chosen by the angel Gabriel.  

My email is: 

Your response to Still Small Voice is certainly encouraging. We have been privileged to have found an excellent Spanish translator, a Professor of English at the University of Havana, Cuba. He has already put “Stain Remover”  my book on generational sexual abuse with steps to health,  into Spanish. He has completed “Love My People” the first volume of a trilogy by Jay and I. Presently he is working his way through volume 2, “Miracles Among the Nations.”  I am putting your gifts towards this translation work. Thank you. Here is a note just received from him.


“Hi Meridel and John; that transfer certainly will help my family to cope with the difficulties we are facing here; so, thanks for your efforts on that. I hope you and your family are fine with health and faith; that is what shall keep us marching on God’s Path with joy for life. Again, thanks and God’s Blessings! A hug from Havana for you!”  Edelso Cuba.

“I‘m sorry that I haven’t been commenting on your SMV letter.  I didn’t know to do that.  Yes, I do get them, and I read them.  You are a real blessing.  Thank you.”  Karen Evans Australia

“Your faithful, Still Small Voice emails are informative. It is turbulent times that we are living in throughout the world. And here in Canada I believe things are a lot worse than we even realize. But we will pray: Your kingdom come to the whole world and Your Will be done in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” May God continue to use you to further His kingdom. You have had an amazing witness and testimony all these years.” Colleen Peric Canada

“Thank You for Your Still Small Voice letter, 11th/12/2022. I sent the message to friends & forwarded it to True Finnish intercessors for Israel. ” Pastor Kirsi Toivola Finland

We have good news:

In him was life, and the life was the light of all people. 

The light shines in the darkness, 

and the darkness did not overcome it. 

John 1:3,4,5

A very joyous Hanukkah

to our Jewish family and friends 

as they light the first candle on Sunday, December 18th.

Love from Jay and Meridel Rawlings.