Still Small Voice – June 25th 2022

From Meridel’s desk 

Dear reader,

By God’s grace, this will be my last letter to you from Israel this year. Our children Daniel and Shelly are living in our home for the next year, and we are going to our cottage in Greece. The sale of our home in Canada helped us buy an old house in Greece AND Josh designed and oversaw the construction of a place to go to rest and write.  Our address: P O Box 47554, 21051 Ermioni, Greece.

Your SNAIL mail will be safe here. It is not in Israel, I am very sad to say. We cannot receive checks as no bank will cash them. You can use this account in Germany. 

Jay Rawlings. T

Frankfurter Sparkasse

Nordend branch – Bergstrasse 29

D 60316, Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

tel 49 69 24 182224    fax 49 69 264 15101,

BANK MANAGER 49 69 26415562 Mirjana’S DIRECT LINE

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   # 162008

IBAN: DE23 5005 0201 0000 1620 08

BIC/SWIFT:      HELADEF1822   

The angels bring your prayers and gifts to us and we are eternally grateful. Thank You! I hope you know that You enable me to send out my work, publish my books and help put food on the table.

We are invited to speak in Holland on Sept 3rd at the Christian Embassy’s Conf. They want us to tell of our years of “fishing” for Jews. We will also by God’s grace, release our latest book: Miracles Among the Nations” Vol. 2 Timeless Secrets. We go across Canada for 5 weeks, Sept and Oct. from Victoria to Halifax.  Jay and I can hardly believe all the LORD has enabled us and our team to do. It is utterly amazing. ALL of the glory to Jesus. YOU have helped the family by helping me.  Jay poured out for Israel Vision, and people support ministries but seldom families. I see it as a kind of short-sightedness. Where would the ministry be without family?  On this journey to Canada, Jay asked me to share the prophetic vision of Canada I received in 1976. It is coming to pass in the last two years.  Canada is now a “post-Christian nation.” It is NOT the nation it used to be. Daniel has pulled together material from over 40 years of media work into a video Jay will show. We are believing all the debt of Israel Vision will be paid off by Dec 31st 2022. Your help is vital. Today Israel is in chaos; war drums are sounding within and without. Jay and I  need rest and look forward to working together in the future, writing and teaching. Invite us and we will come.

A little History:

Because we are going to Holland, we have done a lot of reading particularly about WW2. Jay’s Dad fell near Deventer and a Dutch researcher gave Jay his book last fall when he was there. It tells the stories of farmers and village folk who suffered, joined the underground and even hid Jews and others. They were just 12 miles from the German border. It gave us such insight we could see it!  Also going through so much stuff in my office, my mother’s brother was in Europe in the army in Italy and Holland. I remember his stories as a child, of people so hungry they ate tulip bulbs. My Kibbutz mother, Irit van Esso, was a teenager hidden on a housebound and could only come up on deck at night to look at the stars and breathe fresh air. She wrote her memoirs and gave them to me to write into a book, which I shall do by God’s grace as he permits me. She was a real believer in Jesus, a tiny woman.

While going through our archives, I found a letter from a young 26-year-old farmer saying he was looking after Vic’s grave and would write to him. I don’t know if they ever did, but I find that very touching.

It is our joy to see the children being raised. Yesterday, Shelly, a professional chef, spent all day in the kitchen making a farewell feast for us. Our extended family came and love flowed at the Sabbath table. All praise to our Jesus for creating LOVE enough for us all. We are learning to appreciate each soul for who they are. It was exquisite. There were hugs and kisses all around as we bade farewell. 

This morning, during a quiet moment, Jay and I laid our hands on Daniel and Shelly. They feel unworthy as they take up the responsibility of running the house and keeping up with the little bit of work for Israel Vision, as our donor base is practically non-existent now. The LORD was Present as we have encouraged them to step into their own work, as the LORD leads them. That Eternal Loving Presence embraced us all. No matter, that we feel unworthy when He calls us. We are weak, but Hey is ever so gentle and strong. His mantle so loving yet holy and strong came down over us all. Hallelujah.

Remember please: for those of you who only use snail mail, our address in Greece for the next year will be: Jay and Meridel Rawlings: P O Box 47554, 21051 Ermioni, Greece.

To God be all the glory, great things He has done!

Thank you that we can call you friend.