Still Small Voice – June 19th 2022

Dear Friends:

I feel the following life-giving words belong to those suffering from the ongoing effects of the vaccine. Mind you, the doctors call it ‘long COVID’. Having not had COVID but after taking the 2nd vaccine in early February 2021, I had an immediate negative reaction. Fluid poured out of my nostrils after 15 minutes and continued for some time. Seven months later, I was stricken with debilitating weakness. imbalance and exhaustion. 8 months later to the day, I woke up with weakness in my right hand. I couldn’t turn on my electric toothbrush or open a cupboard door. I was hospitalized for a week in Neurology, and given daily tests, and 3 MRIs. Nothing!  But one of my Drs. came to me privately and said, “We’ve had many such cases.”  I am allowed my personal experience. I have a brother who died of a massive heart attack a month after the 3rd dose. I had never heard him complain of heart trouble or needing heart meds. Yes, this is my experience and opinion. In spite of the damage inflicted, let us always turn to the LORD in our need.

“He restores my soul. (My life) …” Psalm 23:a

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? 

The everlasting God the LORD, 

Creator of the ends of the earth.

 He does not grow weary.

 He gives strength to him who has no might, 

He increases power.

Even youths grow weary and tired

 and vigorous young men stumble badly.

But those who wait for the LORD,

Will gain new strength and renew their power.

They will lift up their wings like eagles.

They will run and not grow tired.”

Isaiah 40:28-31 NIV

Why not take a moment and pray those scriptures with me? It takes repentance, time and rests to HEAL in Jesus’ Name!  His blood covers every blood cell and organ, cleansing us body soul and spirit. Let us pray for one another.

Today in Helsinki Finland, our son Chris and his wife Terhi and family are celebrating. Our twin grandsons, Youni 5 minutes older than Liam were ‘Confirmed’ this morning in a 15th Century church. Later, family and friends flocked to their homes for a feast!  We sent our blessings to the twins and their exemplary parents.  I share with you, what I wrote to them: “Scholars feel that David was 15 when he was secretly anointed by Samuel to be king over Israel. They say that at 19 he killed Goliath, who was 9 feet or 3 meters tall. David was the bravest warrior in the land. How and why? It did not just happen …”

My son Daniel pointed out: “God chose David. His family had rejected him. He was God-taught and became a formidable shepherd-hunter-protector. He defied the fierce cunning of wild beasts. He killed a lion and bear saving the lambs!”

Do you have severe realities today? David’s victory was short-lived. He was forced to learn survival strategies and escape time and again from King Saul who not only degraded his name but sent his armies to murder him. We say he was insane. The Bible says an ‘evil spirit’ sent from God troubled him. Believe it or not friends!  I believe in the Bible.

David was robbed of his wife, defamed and made a castaway. These were the KEYS, chosen in the furnace of affliction to make him a fit leader. David learned that his life depended upon listening for, hearing and obeying the Still Small Voice. The Father’s invisible words of succour and direction taught him to discern and trust, knowing his life was in constant danger. God gave him the victory over time. He became the Shepherd of Israel and loved to worship. The fruit of his life is the Book of Psalms. Jesus is a descendant of David. In like manner, He gave us the ultimate gift: His life! Imagine? 

For survival, David learned beyond a shadow of any doubt; “I have an Enemy! It is Satan.”  He first moved into Saul and then used him to torment David. Satan has never been human, he is so jealous, having lost his position of the Prince of worship and sen out of heaven to hell! He never had a human body or blood. He despised David’s relationship as an earthly son of the Heavenly Father. David was, after all, ‘man after God’s own heart.” 1 Sam13:14  Also a man of flesh and blood.

Jay and I have had the privilege of raising four precious sons. In the long process, we lost three babies, two sons and a daughter;  waiting for us in heaven. I have given the following poem to our sons and grandsons. One of our grandsons is only 14 months, so his turn will also come.


How do you measure the worth of a boy?

  With his hair all tousled and curled?

You either see him through the eyes of God

Or through the eyes of the world.

The world says, “Educate him well:

All knowledge to him impart.”

But God says,” That’s not where it’s at!

I think I’ll look on the heart.”

The world says “Enter into sports

And with all your life pursue.”

But God says, “Seek my Kingdom first

The rest will be given to you!”

The world would like to make him think

That happiness comes from fame.

But God says, “That real joy in life

Comes only through Jesus’ Name!”

The world says, “Think only of ‘me and mine’

Others needs you wouldn’t recall.”

But God says, “To be great in My Kingdom

You must be the servant of all.”

The world says, “Accumulate money

Until vast sums you control.”

But God says, “What does it profit a man

To gain the world but lose his soul?”

“Encourage your son to trust in God’s word,

To know its value and worth.

Better to be great in the sight of God

Then applauded by men on earth.”

“Let my life be His constant example.

Teach him to know the ‘Perfect Plan.’

For a little boy is the only thing

God can use to make a man!”

Barry Walkup 1979

Take a moment for reflection. Try and slow down on the inside. Take inventory of your thoughts and intentions. May the God of all Peace overshadow you today.

From Israel with loving-kindness:

Meridel Rawlings.


We are coming to Canada in September and October 2022. It is an Israel Vision Tour. But, I have been encouraged to make myself available to offer anyone interested, a one-time-only counselling session of 45 minutes. Ask for our schedule. I hope to help and encourage you on your way. My Work Book ‘Healing for the Family’, will be available on my website. In preparation, you may choose to read Stain Remover, available on Amazon.


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