Still Small Voice – 17th Adar 5782 / February 18th, 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem Friends:  

“You are my refuge and my hope in the day of disaster.”

Jeremiah 17:17

“Canada, a Divine Reversal is at hand. The Dawn of your Salvation if at hand.” 

Amanda Grace, Arc of Safety

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.”

George Orwell

The battle for souls is fierce. Satan is on the warpath. Strife and division seek to invade every mind, heart and home. Jesus is our Rock in this storm. His words are eternal: “Do not judge by appearance [superficially and arrogantly], judge fairly and righteously.” – John 7:24 Amp.

‘To Judge’ in this sense means ‘to discern’ or look through a matter carefully.“… the mocking insults of those who insult You have fallen on me.” -Ps 69:9b. God is the ONE hated here, and his children are put on trial by wicked men.

The German word for hatred is hass. It has a powerful accusatory sound. It makes me think of a deadly snake spitting venom.  Irrational Hatred against the very thought that there is ONE we will all answer to is simply unacceptable to the rulers of this world and those who are deceived. The followers of the LORD who dare to question the authority of ruthlessness and take a stand against it are not to be tolerated. This is the war!

I am studying the Book of Daniel. King Nebuchadnezzar demanded everyone in his extensive kingdom, to fall down before his image “…at the moment you hear the sound [of the instruments] you are to fall down and worship …” Daniel 3:5

Daniel and his three friends dared to stand tall. Their example is written for us all. The air is being let out of Mr. Trudeau’s balloon. He so longs to be a potentate like Nebuchadnezzar. I smile at the words of Senator John Kennedy, an American lawyer and politician who has served as U. S. Senator from Louisiana since 2017. This week his comment concerning Mr. Trudeau was this. “To be a smart ass one must be smart, or they are just an ass.”

What is being played out in Ottawa, has gone viral, inspite of  Mr. Trudeau and big media’s lies. The CRY for Freedom  is a breath of fresh air. Feb. 17th was the 7th day 5,000 marched around the Parliament buildings. On the 7th day they blew shofars for 7 minutes and invited all across Canada to join in. When they started this march they had NO idea that the 7th P.M. Trudeau called on Parliament to vote in favor of the Emergencies Powers Act. The wind of change is also blowing in Ireland, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, and the U.K. People are literally gasping for air the world over. The Truth has been unmasked, and sadly this is not a pun, for darkness hates the Light.

Oh, how the Elite salivate with lust to rule all nations and all peoples. It is an ancient Evil, going back to the beginning of time. The drama in Canada is a dress rehearsal for what is coming. The powers of Evil are fuming, but their time for world domination is not yet. They believe the magical day is Feb.22.22 but they are mistaken. We still have a little time to shine and be fruitful. But the global pattern is being set into place. But our God created Time never forget that. This is still HIS world and we are HIS children. Truth and justice will yet shine through this darkness of tyranny, bullying and thievery.

In 1975, the Spirit of God, opened a portal over Canada to me. I saw and felt the horrors of this time. I experienced the fear, intimidation, control, darkness and losses that took place in Canada. I shared this awful experience with my husband Jay as it unfolded at that time. At the conclusion of the three day experience, the LORD showed me the map of Canada. I saw a hand painting it red from top to bottom, with very broad brush strokes. I heard: “BUT, My blood shall cover first!

A dear old friend in Australia writes: “The test of a real person, prophet or seer is determined by whether what they say comes true or not.”

This my Father’s world. (Click the text to see the video)

While we were sleeping this is what just happened.


Friday Feb. 18. 2022

“Dear Mama, 

I watch Israel Vision all the time, God bless and strengthen you all. We WON the court case against the trafficker of hundreds of children. He is in jail.

Several of our girls are in college and one is studying in Bible College for her BA.  I continue to believe for our own property. (We founded Change Action Nepal with Indira several years ago when we made a major film. You can see it on YouTube. Israel Vision – CAN.) Your daughter, Indira Ghale”  

We are willing to make a world class video on this tremendous victory as a warning to all pedophiles. We need finances. Israel Vision is currently financially strapped. Our media team is well able but we are unable to move. Will you help? Send checks to Israel Vision.

The Middle East:

The Ukraine is a smoke screen for what is going on all around Israel. Just hours ago Iran sent a Shahed EUV killer drone to Israel. It was shot down by US Forces in Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq. Russia only has two military bases outside of Russia, both are in Syria. Another squadron of jets and bombers have just arrived in Syria, doubling Russia’s air power. War games are being played by Russia in their Syrian port on the Mediterranean as I write. A triangle is being build between the Ukraine, Syria and Iraq. Israel is the target. Read Ezekiel 38? The stage is being set.

U.S. – Iran:

The U.S. is about to close a deal giving Iran immunity from attack? Why? Iranians are master negotiators, Americans are not They are stalling for time. This nonsense is buying time for Russia’s underhanded work in Syria and Iran.


On Ukraine’s eastern front, Russian bombs hit a kindergarten in Donetsk. No one was hurt. 3,000 Israelis have been evacuated home, 10,000 more are to come. This does not count the 70,000 Jews wanting to leave.  Aliyah was up 29% in 2021. The Jewish Agency works with the gov’t of Israel and Christians to help Ukrainian Jews come home.

– Director of Christian Friends of the Jewish Agency for Israel. 

Ukrainian pastors are strongly united in leading prayer for God’s intervention.


ONLY For Canadian Citizens: you may want to sign this letter and send it to our parliament to STOP the passing of the Emergencies Act. Details at end of letter. This Act, if passed will freeze the bank accounts of any citizen who supports the Truckers for Freedom. The government will also abscond ALL digital currencies owned by any citizen who refuses to comply. If the Emergencies Act is approved in Parliament, it must THEN be passed in the Senate.  Here are the senators: . Email addresses are first name (dot) last name, at 


“Israel Vision’s promo just out on YouTube is beautiful.You two have done amazing things in your ‘time in office’!  And it’s not over yet: I remember, and quote it to myself every now and then!  Ps 91:14  ‘In old age they will still bear fruit; healthy and green , they will remain …”. (Daniel Rawlings created this video.) 

Liz, Canada

“Great interview. SMV Feb.13/.22. Thanks for sharing. I Will publish it!” 

Kirsi, Finland

“I put our engagement photo on my husband’s funeral program. I want to recognize him I get to heaven.”

Marit, Norway 

“You are a communicator Meridel. I admire your energy.” 

Liisa, Finland

“When my next pay check comes in I will get 6-bytes to view Still Small Voice online.” 

Christopher, Australia

Now is the time to pray with our eyes wide open.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:17

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