Still Small Voice May 2017 – Lest We Forget

This May in Israel is a time for look back and remembering our history, for pausing today to consider the price in blood paid over the land of Israel, and then to look forward and rejoice in the good promises of the Eternal Book concerning this Land of Israel and her peoples.

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again  be two or be divided into two kingdoms.”  Ezekiel 37:21-22 Hebrew Bible.

This eternal word is for the Jewish people, represented by the olive tree to the left. 20 years ago we transplanted this olive tree in our garden, an ever present reminder of this verse. What promise in the Bible are you making your very own today? This spring, I found a sprouted olive seed  under the tree;  I tenderly transplanted and nurtured it. Photo right. Here it is, already with two branches, and full of life. This year, the olives, pomegranates and figs are loaded with fruit. Harvest time will be amazing. Jay and I gratefully acknowledge that our greatest contribution has been parenting our four sons, who now nurture many others.

Lest We Forget.…

Here in Israel, Holocaust Remembrance Day is a sober fact of our on going history. We take time to look back and remember. It begins in the evening with sirens calling all Israelis to stand at attention and reflect upon  that sickening era of Nazi history. Millions of Jews today bear the invisible wounds, affecting their children and children’s children. We have 5 grandchildren with great grandparents who lived and died through that era. For many others of us, we had fathers, uncles, and grandfathers who served in the Allied Forces of WW2.  Today in Israel 250,000 Holocaust survivors remain living testimony to the atrocities…

I suggest you could help to educate  your family by taking them to see the film, Bag of Marbles, which tells the true story of a Parisian family who survived. The second, The Zoo Keeper’s Wife,, also a true story that takes place during WW2 in the Warsaw Zoo. This nail biter keeps one of the edge of their seat the entire two hours. To learn even more read: The Hidden Children by Jane Marks a Bantam book, #0 533 40936 0.

Yom Ha Zikaron, Remembering the Fallen

The following week, again the sirens called  out to us all. This time to remember the 24,544 fallen solders of Israel’s many wars along with civilian victims of on-going terror, ranging in age from babes in arms to the elderly. We light memorial candles that burn for 24 hours. During that time, we share in the testimonies of family members from all walks of life, weeping with those who weep.  This year, there was enormous activity in the heavens above us. The unrest, the thunder of jets and helicopters was unnerving. Iran steadily and stealthily stock piled deadly weapons near the airport in Damascus, which Israel destroyed. They were earmarked for Hezbollah in Lebanon to be used against Israeli civilians. Also Hamas lobbed a rocket into Israel. Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. This is after all is said and done, a war zone, please remember that when you pray.

Israel’s 69th Independence Day began at sunset on May 2nd, we are now living out our 70th year… The streets were filled with young and old alike, dancing to Israeli songs of yesteryear and rejoicing!  Our sons headed for the Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda market to enjoy community dances of joy and  the glorious sound of victory. David, still a film maker, creates a short film every year for one of the communities helping us all to appreciate in visuals the price paid for the land.  Adi, his wife, choreographed a dance her students performed at nation’s the Mount Herzel.

Jay and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary… Jay says: “Meridel still makes my heart race!” Yes, we left the good life in Canada in 1969. No regrets!

Very seldom are we all together as a family.  Our second son Chris joined us from Helsinki Finland for the many remembrances and celebrations. What a joyous time we had. Our favourite past time was ‘talking’! Photo Lt: David, forefront, Josh standing, Chris, Jay and Daniel. How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!… for there the LORD bestows his blessing even life forevermore. Ps 133 v. 1,3b.

Finally dear friends, a call to prayer.

I promised to keep you updated on Jay’s progress. He is NOT doing well. He will be readmitted back into the Share Tzedek Hospital on May10th for a full review of his heart history. Now, because there is no ‘sinus’ beat in his heart, (this beat is also called the pace maker of the heart) he cannot be a candidate for the procedure known as,  an ‘ablation’. For more detailed information, you could go on line. You can appreciate that as a family we are concerned and keep a continual prayer watch.

His cardiologst said that again they have to stop and restart his heart, hoping to obtain a regular beat. This will be the 4th try. We are asking our Father in Heaven for a new heart.

We thank you for your emails and letters of interest and yes, we need your  prayers and support as never before. Because the Israeli economy is so strong, it makes the CD and US $ very weak just 2.5 shekels to one Canadian $ and 3 shekels for one US $. It makes paying the basic bills very tough on people in our situation. Thank you to all who choose to give us a hand.

Every blessing to you,

From Meridel, David, Chris, Josh and Daniel Rawlings