Arab Muslim Israeli defends her country

Dear friends:

Last week, I sent out a plea to pray for the people of Gaza being herded to the Israeli Gaza border to try and breach it. Their leaders are to blame. I continue to call for prayer for the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Its time to learn the truth about Israel inspite of the media blitz to the contrary.  Israel is like the Garden of Eden and the poor souls on our borders are dying for want of some life, some chance for their futures. Some little piece of hope, but alas it remains IMPOSSIBLE with a complete change from the leadership down. The leadership is hell bent of Israel’s destruction.  Take a moment and listen to this very brave little woman. Why brave? Because many Muslims are not happy with her free speech and joy of freedom that why. This is a believe it or not.

Kindly pass along to your prayer group. Why is it so many churches ignore the importance of Israel as a nation and people? Can you answer that?

Do pray into God’s high and holy will for ALL peoples.  Let us love what God loves… ALL people!

Every blessings from within the safe guard and shadow of Israel.

Meridel Rawlings.