Wake Up!

My dear friends:

In these days, knowing the scriptures helps us to ‘think’ out of the box. Our survival depends upon wisdom, knowledge, and truth from heaven’s perspective. Man does not have the answers. That is not an overstatement. In and outside of Israel people are perplexed, confounded and angry by the savagery of Oct 7th. The world has largely ignored Israel’s greatest ongoing tragedy to date. The country is clearly divided into two camps. One blames the political and military leadership for negligence which caused the disaster, coupled with how the army handled the invasion. The other religious, citizens are largely non-involved, especially by refusing to agree for their sons to serve in the IDF. How can that one attitude alone help to cement a fractured people? One side pays with their lives, the other is paid to sit in Yeshiva? What is your answer? Now an exhausted and depleted nation faces ongoing war in the North with 200,000 Israeli refugees from north and south within their own nation. They need you to stand with them before God as they plead for mercy, because Israel is at war, within and without!

“There is hope for your future,” says the Lord, “and your children will return to their own land. I have heard Ephraim crying in sorrow …”   Jeremiah 31:17-19.

What Really Happened on October 7th 2023?

Produced and Written by Shelly and Daniel Rawlings.

After you view this work, please read and consider this word:

“Israel – woe to their enemies who have infiltrated this nation.  I will show you the traitors in this government going after Netanyahu.  Their coup will not work, he was placed there by Me. All the enemies of My land, your next attack and move will fail.  Israel is Mine. I’m the protector of that land and My people. You will not have the war you wanted.  You will regret your next moves against them. I will expose who paid you and helped you plan these attempts to overthrow My land and My chosen son who is in charge of it. Do you hear Me, Washington?  You will not have what you planned and paid for. Israel is My nation, not yours to decide who gets it or can rule over it. You don’t have that kind of power so back off.  If you don’t, judgment will hit you even harder and more shame and embarrassment will come upon you. Israel is Mine and any enemy that tries to destroy it will be destroyed.”

                                                                          Julie Green, given June 20th 2024.

It will be difficult for Israelis to hear this because of the deep mistrust of their present government and Prime Minister. But this word also speaks of betrayal on a national scale. Bear that in mind as you go to prayer.

Aliyah and its effects:

My first book, Fishers and Hunters was all about Aliyah, and how we were called to go physically to Jewish Communities around the world and warn them very lovingly to return home to Israel. Yes, the end-time return of the Jewish people home to Israel is a mystery. The effect this creates within the nations they exit from is also a pause for reflection and amazement. We witnessed this when 1,500,000 Russian Jews poured out of the former USSR in the 1990s into Israel. Revival burst forth in the former Soviet States. Aliyah and revival go together.“But we see through a glass darkly” Jesus said. 

History traces indelible patterns over time that repeat themselves. Before and during WW11 when European Jews were fleeing to their homeland, in Canada, the Latter Rain Revival broke out In the Canadian West. After the war, revival helped to rebuild the soul of the broken German nation into a powerhouse for good. So we have to pray and listen! It was Charles Spurgeon (150 years ago), who said that at an election you ‘tip out one lot of sinners and elect another’. For the first time, we are seeing religion impact voting decisions. Europe under the heavy influence of the World Economic Forum has voted right. The people have spoken and leaders are scrambling especially in France, Yes there has been a large French Aliyah for several decades now. Watch for revival, it comes in the shadow of revolution.

Watch the video here:

Louis and the Good Book … 

“Now a Still Small Voice spoke to me last night …”   Louis Armstrong

L. Armstrong was loved by a Jewish family who helped him to become a musician.

Shavua Tov, Meridel Rawlings

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