The Handwriting on the Wall

My Dearest Friends:

The cover photo this week is of Prophet Kim Clement. I am sharing his precise prophecies of world events given ten years ago. Please listen with your spirit. Who can deny, ‘these days are dark?’ Everywhere we turn we are assaulted by terrible news in not just one nation, but many nations. I find it overwhelming. Not wanting to send you a negative word, I have decided to skip most of the news and set our sights on the sovereignty of the LORD God! The hour is late. Evil progresses at an alarming rate. These prophecies counter the negative daily news.

“The LORD will make you the head [leader] and not the tail [follower]; and you will be above only, and you will not be beneath, IF [conditional] you listen and pay attention to the Commandments of the LORD your God, which I am commanding you today to observe them carefully.” Deuteronomy 38:13

“I was first to say to Zion,’ Listen carefully, here they are [the Jews who will be restored to their own land.]’” Isaiah 42:27a

“ The latter glory [at the 2nd coming of Messiah] of this house will be greater than the former,” says the LORD of hosts, “and in this place I shall give the ultimate peace and prosperity,” declares the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:9

When praying for Israel, it is important to understand that she has been chosen to sit at the head of the nations. Yes, like other nations, she has failed miserably. Pay attention: Israel is always first, but then watch as the same scenario begins to play out in other nations. Israel is a prophetic barometer of unfolding history.

I am going to share with you a few amazing prophecies given 10 years ago. They are just coming to pass in this day. Pay close attention. Again, the Holy One, our Messiah is wooing His own nation back to Himself. Listen carefully and be amazed. These words concern Israel and the USA. Ask for Holy Spirit’s understanding.

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34:33 – 39:51  “My people have cried out for an answer and I have the answer.” says the Spirit of Life.

45:29 – 47:31 “But my fury has been fulfilled! I have kindled a fire in Zion. They would give Jerusalem to the enemy.”

52:31 – 59:04 “Why would they give half of Jerusalem away? 

“I wish to place in the highest courts of the land, righteousness.”

Lament sung: “Adonai Israel … the Holy One of Israel is listening …”

1:15:32 – 1:20:56 “ISRAEL IS FOREVER! I will turn this around. Israel, Israel, what they have done to your young men and your young children … 

Miracles Among the Nations: by Jay & Meridel Rawlings 

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Good News from Greece:

The Greek Prime Minister announced this week, “My government will not permit anti-Israel university protests.” Greece will DEPORT foreign students who participated in anti-Israel university protests. 9 foreign nationals are set to be deported following their involvement in unlawful protests at Athens Law School. The students were arrested and charged with ‘disturbing the peace, damaging property, trespassing, violating laws on weapons and flares.’  Students from the UK and EU member states, who were detained on May 14th, have been deemed un-wanted aliens and a threat to public order and national security. Greek City Times

Action 4

I urge you to find the website “Action 4” with lawyer Tanya Gaw. Canada is implementing 15-minute cities, many kinds of medically assisted deaths and easy immigration for radical Muslims and Palestinians. Hearing is believing.

Not Such Hidden Heroes; By Sara Lamm

At the beginning of the war with Hamas, I noticed a new trend on social media. Jewish influencers began posting the phrase #WouldYouHideMe. “Would you hide me?” The pre-October 7th version of me would have thought, “Who do Jews need to hide from?” It wouldn’t seem obvious in the 21st century, in a modern and “inclusive” world. But of course, we all know the answer to this question now. In a world where anti-Semitism is on the rise (that’s an understatement) and, in general, there is an increasingly liberal and violent undercurrent in world politics – even in America –  it’s not such a crazy thing to wonder. Would you hide someone else? When you are different from them religiously, politically, or value-wise – would you still have the backs of others? In an ideal world, the modern State of Israel solves this question. Jews did not have Israel to “hide” them during the Holocaust. But they certainly do today. The reality, however, is that not every Jewish person lives in Israel. Not everyone who supports Jews or is being “cancelled” for their pro-Israel, pro-America sentiment can come to hide here either. It’s not practical, at least until the Messiah comes.

So, that leaves us with a new question to answer. What value system do you need to have to metaphorically hide someone else, to stand up against evil, to protect the people around you no matter how different from you they might be?

Who does that? Throughout history, remarkable individuals have risked everything to save others. Though separated by thousands of years, the stories of Oskar Schindler and the prophet Obadiah share a powerful message: it’s of paramount importance to stand up against evil and help others, no matter who they are or where they come from.

In Jewish history, Obadiah stands tall as a remarkable figure. Born an Edomite in the 8th century BC, he embraced Judaism and became a righteous convert, rising to great spiritual heights. Though concise (only 21 verses long), his prophecy contains a timeless message. In the Book of Obadiah, he prophesies against Edom, foretelling the ultimate justice that will befall these descendants of Esau. 

The prophet warned: “Because of the violence you did against your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you, and you will be cut off forever.” Obadiah 16.

Erie: boasts: “We are at war with Israel.” 

From a Christian in Erie: “I must first say that we have enjoyed hearing your ‘mellow’ voice and astute observations for several years now – thank you and please continue!!

An observation – the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest was recently held in Malmo Sweden amid much strife about the Israeli / Palestinian issue. The Irish contestant was ‘Bambie Thug’, a self-proclaimed witch along with her warlock sidekick  (a new low in portraying a national image!!), whereas the Israeli contestant, Eden Golan appeared in an almost angelic dress. Both Ireland and Israel along with twenty-four other countries presented their respective songs  – but it is in the voting that an interesting observation seems to appear – and it is concerning this point your thoughts would be most appreciated.

My point is that on a national basis (for Ireland at least) and reflected in the total of all nations in the Eurovision  – there appears to be a major disconnect between the official national juries and that of the public! Is it that we (the public at large) are being herded down a path not of our choosing by the imposed will of the elites through national channels? But maybe the public is not buying into all of their thinking and plans  at least when it comes to witches and warlocks when compared with angels – namely Israel?” D & O, V. Cork Erie

Intercessors in Scotland:

“My heart breaks every time I see the news from Israel & Gaza & elsewhere, too. We are living in the ‘dangerous times’ mentioned by the apostle Paul and extremely prophetic days as Jay mentioned in last week’s video, World Terror. Sending you our love & blessings from ‘bonnie’ Scotland.” B & S. N. Scotland.

“If you say, ‘We knew nothing of it,’ Surely He who fathoms hearts will discern [the truth]. He who watches over your life will know it, And He will pay each man as he deserves.” Proverbs 24:12

Communicating with heaven on a daily basis is what keeps us praise-filled,

 joyful and strong in the LORD Jesus, Israel’s Messiah. 

In the power of His love

let your light shine …

Every blessing to you and your family,

Love from Jay and Meridel Rawlings.