Still Small Voice – War Day 147

My Dear Friends:

“… although you intended me harm, the LORD intended it for good, so as to bring about the present result: the survival of many people.” Genesis 50:20

Hostage Update: Of the 253 people abducted to Gaza, 134 living hostages remain with Hamas. 31 of them are deceased. Most of their identities remain unknown: the latest includes the stolen body of an IDF soldier killed on Oct 7th.

Contrary Russia: Russia has been one of the only places outside of the Middle East welcoming Hamas terrorists and Houthi Jihadists. Today Hamas and Fatah who make up the political entity of the Palestinian people are calling for reconciliation. It is a pathetic joke. 

Systematic sexual assaults by Hamas terrorists:  On October 7th, Hamas committed “brutal sexual assaults, systematically and deliberately carried out” states the first official report released, detailing that day’s sexual violence. “Hamas’s attack included violent acts of rape, accompanied, by threats with weapons, and in some cases, targeted towards injured women. Many of the rapes were carried out as a group, with the participation of violent terrorists. Often the rape was perpetrated in front of an audience — partners, family or friends — in a manner intended to increase pain and humiliation of all present,” said the 39-page report, written by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, an umbrella of Israel’s regional rape crisis centres.

Sexual violence took place at the Nova Music Festival, and in the communities near the Gaza border, on the army bases that were attacked, as well as continuing abuse of hostages still held in Gaza. The actions targeted women, girls and men. In most cases, the victims were killed after, or even during the rape,” the report said. The true scope of the sexual attacks may never be known because most of the victims and witnesses were killed.

Shari Mendes, who helped identify bodies, examined many mutilated bodies, including women whose breasts were either severed or shot and whose genitalia were mutilated. “This seemed to be a systematic genital mutilation of a group of victims,”  she said.

Chaim Otmazgin, a volunteer for the ZAKA emergency response service was quoted describing finding many of the bodies partially clothed with “severe bleeding in the pelvis and the destruction of sexual organs.” Other rescue workers described finding knives and other objects inserted into genitalia.

“The report, which will be submitted to the decision-makers at the UN. It leaves no possibility of its being denied or ignored. The terrorist organization Hamas has chosen to harm the State of Israel with two clear strategies – taking citizens hostage and using sadistic sex crimes,” said AARCI head Orit Sulitzeanu. “It is no longer possible to remain silent. It is impossible to stand on the sidelines.”  Pesach Benson, TPS Feb 21/24.

A Warning from the LORD: “A troubling war is coming in the North. There will be no food, water or electricity. We must prepare for such days. The issue is not to panic but rather to build good relationships – help neighbours in crisis. (Israel is exemplary.) Our call is to love God and then our neighbour! “  Pastor Gary Aley of the Shabbat English Congregation in Jerusalem shared from a men’s prayer meeting. He went on: “In Philippians 4, Paul first gives thanks for all of the people around him who had been such a strength. ‘Rejoice in the LORD always and again I SAY REJOICE!’ This was written when he was in prison having a hard time! He rejoiced with fellow prisoners. The message focused on the nature of  God’s love: His long-suffering, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness. He keeps Covenant with His children and His land and even the earth itself!”

Prophecy from the Dark Side: Noah Harari, called ‘the prophet’  or spokesperson of the World Economic Forum prophesied his doom on TV the other day. “It’s likely Trump will be reelected. If so, it will be a death blow to WEF and its global agenda!”

Remember:  “The Name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe!” Proverbs 18:10 

Satan’s Tactics: They are written in Genesis 3. Eve was quick to use the name of the LORD God Almighty when answering his queries, but she exaggerated. Then, she listened to him and didn’t shut him up! NOTE: Satan refused to use that Name, which is Above All Names and simply calling the Almighty – god. Then he twisted His words, turning them into a lie. Until today, he deals in half-truths.  AI, (Artificial Intelligence) is on the horizon to change the future of the world by producing a new and altered Bible, as is China. Now is our hour to SPEAK  out the Truth and be counted. The church decides the fate of the nations. We all have a voice, use it without fear.

Initiator for Change:

Learning from our parents and grandparents, Jay and I discovered the secret of giving. Inspired by the Spirit of the LORD, we worked to initiate change wherever we find ourselves. We try to give what we have with a whole heart, time, energy, giftings and funds. It was just that simple. The result over many years is a deep satisfaction. Looking back, we never lacked. One of our sons said, as a child, he was ‘poor’ even tho I taught our boys that we were rich because we were free to live the lives we desired to live.  Today he is one of the biggest givers I have the privilege of knowing. Here is a profound cornerstone of Biblical truth. “For God so loved, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

 Never forget, Father God set the pattern. Try to remember how much we all have been given,  first, LIFE and then each other. Unity of purpose within is the first principle and with those we live with is the second essential in building the Kingdom of God.

“Tell B’nei Yisrael ( The sons of Israel) to bring Me gifts; you shall accept gifts for Me from every person whose heart so moves him.”  Exodus 25:2

Rabbis Machlis’ wife, Henny, renowned in Jerusalem for her unparalleled acts of kindness, conveyed a profound lesson to her daughter, illustrating the essence of true wealth. She said: “If you have $100 and you give $10 to someone in need, how much do you have left?” Your intuitive answer might be $90, but Mrs. Machlis taught, “In essence, you retain only $10.” While this might initially seem perplexing, her explanation reveals a deep truth. The remaining $90, she pointed out, “will be spent on daily necessities or other transient things. However, the $10 given to charity is an everlasting investment in humanity and in one’s spirituality.” The Hebrew word for contribution, terumah, is derived from the word ram which means elevated. This underscores the message that our own lives are uplifted and elevated through the act of giving. When we give to others we are receiving. Giving is not merely a one-way act of parting with our possessions. Instead, it’s an uplifting experience, enriching our lives and sealing lasting value in our actions. 

Rabbi Mirvis, former Chief Rabbi of the United Congregations of the UK, tells a story about a visitor to the home of businessman and philanthropist Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Boldly he inquired, “What are you worth? Could you please clarify what you possess?”

Undisturbed by the audacity of the question, Rothschild retrieved a ledger labelled ‘Tzedakah’ (charity) and began to calculate some numbers. The visitor, puzzled, remarked, “It seems you misunderstood my question. I didn’t ask about your charitable contributions, but rather about your personal wealth.”

Rothschild replied with clarity, “Your question was not lost on me. As a mortal, my time on earth is finite, the only assets I can carry into the hereafter are my acts of kindness. What I truly ‘possess’ are not the material things I will leave behind, but the charity I distribute. This is the only legacy that will endure.’”

Israel sent 12,373 trucks of aid to Gaza: Since October 21st.×400.png

Son Of Hamas in Israel condemns Oct. 7th massacre

Prayer Alert from a Jewish Believer in Northern Israel:

1. Roads to the Northern border are closed.

2. Other roads used for national unity since Oct 7th are to be closed. The unity of the nation is threatened.

3. Evacuees from the southern and northern borders must now leave the hotels they were given for refuge. The government paid for their accommodations and support. They can return home as early as March and are to complete that move by July. They are being compensated for their losses as well. Feeling unsafe, not everyone wants to return. Hotels have been booked for the holidays, years in advance. Passover this year is on April 22. Hotels need to clean up and renovate for their in coming guests. If the evacuees refuse to return to their homes on the borders, where will they go? Just today the news tells us Iran has ordered Hizubbah to step up their bombings and violence into Israel.

4. Dissension among the families of the hostages grows. The group that pressured the government to free the hostages at any price and as soon as possible is becoming militant, moving in the direction of a new political party. A small group has split off and are stating: that they do not want to insist on the IDF going in to save the hostages and possibly dying in the attempt. They don’t feel that they can continue to expect the parents of the soldiers to give their sons and daughters up to save who might be dead bodies. The anger between these two groups escalates into hatred and street fights.

5. The next issue was the Humanitarian Aid pouring into Gaza. The hostages live on 1 pita a day, with no medical supplies nor care, in cages in damp tunnels with little air. Meanwhile, here in Israel, our terrorist prisoners receive full medical support, three meals a day with beef and fish and warmth and beds. Some in the government and many of the hostages’ families are demanding that this supply stop at the Egyptian gate and food be reduced in the Israeli prisons. The disagreements are within governmental discussions and prison guards.

These issues are splitting the nation and the wonderful unity that was apparent in the last 4 months is eroding. They create open portals to Satan. Yes, our LORD is all powerful but voicing our prayers aloud must be our call.  Pray for a spirit of repentance. For change to occur, this is essential! Groups from our congregations that travel south to the areas attacked by the terrorists, need to go on the offensive and talk openly about Yeshua and His Salvation. Praying in other tongues without ceasing breaks strongholds. This is elementary warfare. We the people of Israel, will not survive a civil war.  Orith Cunningham 

Rabbi Kadoori names the Messiah:

My dear Friends, the LORD Jesus Himself, establish, strengthen, and settle you and yours in these uncertain days. We Rawlings are on our prayer watch every day, sending this with Messiah’s  Love and Peace.

Meridel Rawlings

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