Still Small Voice. DAY 42- Coming Home – November 17th, 2023.

Dear Friends:

Israel is in the throes of tremendous physical and spiritual change. They are having to rethink everything. This war will not only change the landscape, of nations, it will change Israel. It has abruptly forced her into a new chapter of her prophetic journey into the last days. It is all about coming home.

But, first, a praise report from Greece; 38% drought ridden, we live in this area. We have prayed for rain, believing and hanging on for change. We woke up this morning to a mist filled valley, and heavy clouds over the sea. The rain is presently pouring down, softly and steadily. It is the soaking kind and that is exactly what we need. We can’t just ask for rain, and not pray for the Greek Orthodox peoples of Greece. Our task is to also believe for the government and minorities here. Yes, Israel of course is our first call, because we are all the SALT of our nations.

Now I will simply share from my time in the Word this morning. The Bible, has so many depths-deeper than the ocean. One can never finish understanding. Let us begin:

“They will fall by the edge of the sword, their infants will be dashed in pieces and their pregnant women will be ripped open.”  Hosea 11:16

Instead of sword, use the words, rockets, automatic guns, grenades, knives and go-pro cameras on the Hamas helmets. 22 communities were pillaged in South Israel on October 7th leaving 1,400 souls not only dead but mutilated in indescribable ways. Yes, Israel was asleep at the switch. Faith in their High tech, military intelligence and government were shaken to the core! Yes, a terrible reminder a reality check which is calling the nation to ‘come home’ back to God’s safety plan.

“Yet, I have been the LORD your God since you became a nation. (In Egypt and again in the Holy Land in 1948.) And you were not to know any God except Me. O Israel, return [in repentance] to the LORD your God. You have stumbled and fallen [visited by tragedy] because of your sin.” Hosea 14:1

We couldn’t take such tough truth, if it was not also wrapped up in mercy. Yes, our God is a God of mercy. Jesus came to show us  the heart of Father-God. Pay attention to His hatred of hypocracy, and misuse of the scriptures. Especially by the leaders, those who taught Bible. He was filled with mercy for anyone who  believed, cried or called thus touching Him. Take courage for your own life and the lives of your household and beyond. We are the keys in His hand to open locks.

“My companions are kindled together [for my nation of Israel.]”  Deut. 29:23

Picture dry kindling carefully placed to start a fire. Strike a match and it bursts into flame. Just watch what God is doing in and through Israel.

“For I am God not man, the Holy One in your midst [ who will not revoke my covenant.] I will not come in wrath nor enter the city [in judgment]. They will walk after the LORD [in obedience and worship.] Who will roar like a lion. He will roar [summoning them]… and His sons will come (home) trembling from the West.” Hosea 11:8-10 Note: It is God who is roaring through His people here.

Many things are happening simultaneously? When Israel declared war on Oct 7th, hundreds of thousands of men showed up, countless volunteers among them. A hunger for God burst forth and thousands of secular boys requested their own ritual-fringed garment, only worn by the orthodox. It looks something like a light sleeveless undershirt, with the tassels hanging out as a sign of holiness. They wanted this assurance of protection. These tassels (tizitz) are prayer reminders. It is a sign of the heart attitude of return and coming home to Abba. 

The other amazing development was also movement in the opposite camp among orthodox young men, formerly kept at a distance from secular Israel and the IDF. Today, thousands have forsaken their study halls to join the IDF. They are asking to serve in any servant capacity that will assist the war effort. This has never happened in Israel’s modern history. Tired of being kept ‘out’  of modern Israel by their religious superiors This is their cry to come home.

Thirdly, Aliyah continues. Jews are returning from the 4 corners, including the US. Howard Flower in St Petersburg recently affirmed that 300 French Jews made their way to Israel. Defying human logic, they choose to come home. YES, the LORD God of Israel is moving His children to review His Eternal Covenant with them. He has never left them. Israel is the missing key unlocking the door to this mystery. 

The end of the puzzle is found in the words of the prophets.

“Afterward the sons of Israel will return (come home) [in deep repentance] to David their king – the Messiah  and they will come trembling  to the LORD and to His goodness and blessing in the last days.”  Hosea 3:5, Jeremiah 30:9, Ezekiel 34:24. 

Yes, of course we mourn the loss of every innocent civilian, be they internationals, Israelis or Palestinian. We pray. Now is the time for Gazan’s to finally have a way opened for them to find a new path to life. In this matter, Israel is no different. Pray for it. As for the hostages, there are no assurances of anything. We pray. 

Lest we, living outside of Israel lift our heads in pride, let all of my readers ask:“What is the state of my nation today?” Israel is the first fruits of everything heaven does. Never forget that. Thank you for trying to understand how the Almighty is working with this people. No, Israel is not the church, it is something apart, and yet we know that one day there will be one fold. Messiah said so. We will all come home to Him. You have your work set out for you, which is intercessory prayer.  I bless you for your overwhelming response. Thank you to my helpers, Jay Rawlings, Chris Rawlings and Myrtha Schumacher. 

 Love from Meridel Rawlings

Children’s star (and the boy himself) Yahely Watson (the son of Ariel Watson), in an exciting cover to rescue the kidnapped Israelis.
We wish you a speedy return.
Yahlee Watson
(Cover by Rami Kleinstein)