Still Small Voice – DAY 35. November 10th 2023

My dear Friends:

“ And God said to Abraham, “do not be distressed over the boy or your slave.

Whatever Sarah says, do as she tells you to do, for it is through Isaac that  offspring shall be continued for you.” 

“And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom she had borne to Abraham, ‘making merry.’ [mocking, making sport]   Isaac. And Sarah said to Abraham, “Drive out this handmaid and her son, for the son of this handmaid shall not inherit with my son, with Isaac.” But the matter was very evil in the eyes of Abraham, concerning his son. And God said to Abraham, “Be not displeased concerning the boy and concerning your handmaid; whatever Sarah tells you, hearken to her voice, for in Isaac will be called your seed.”  Hebrew Bible Genesis 21:9-12 

The root of the word often translated as sport, mocking or making merry, is related to the root word abuse even murder. Some Rabbis teach that Ishmael, Hagar’s son had murder in his heart and his ‘sport’ of Isaac had a sexual connotation even murder. Others say he was a very good marksman and he was shooting arrows at Issac, many years his junior. Whatever he was up to, Sarah saw his ‘evil intent’.

Abraham had NOT heeded the word of the Lord regarding Isaac. “And Abraham said to God, “Oh that Ishmael [my firstborn] might live before You!”

But God said,” No, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son indeed and … I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his descendants after him.” Genesis 17: 18,19. Amplified Bible

When there is a fundamental divide between husband and wife if can be devastating for all involved. This was certainly the case then and continues to be a bone of contention experienced by Jews and Arabs, down the generations until today. This schism is the Biblical source of heartache and agony today and I dare say, the reason for the murderous attack on Israel’s Southern communities, leading Israel to stand up and take authority to wage war against Hamas. This ongoing conflict is a matter of life and death. Israel is fighting for her very existence. 

This suggestion of Sarah’s was very evil in Abraham’s eyes. Wow, that’s strong. It must have been a terrible confrontation. Abraham was a man of awesome kindness and love. Hearing such a thing went against every fiber of his being. But God made it very clear that in this argument, Sarah was right; Ishmael had threatened Isaac. The proper response then and today is not lovingkindness, but banishment. I am sure this is difficult for most Christians to read. Israel is under the Abrahamic Covenant until Father God sees fit to change that.  Isaac is Abraham’s true heir. He was Abraham’s future, and so Abraham and Sarah must do whatever is necessary to protect Isaac. Ishmael must be expelled from Isaac’s home, however unpleasant that will be for Abraham. It cut across the flesh and yes it was very very painful. I doubt that he ever got over it.

This sad state of affairs has visited the Jews continually for the last 150 years in light of Jews returning to the Land of Promise. The descendants of Ishmael – the Muslim Arabs – have repeatedly refused to live in peace with Jews, now Israelis since the State of Israel was reborn in 1948. Israelis are the descendants of Isaac. The significant majority of the Arabs from Gaza, Judea and Samaria have made their unfortunate choice to support Hamas and other terrorist groups that seek to murder and remove Israelis from Israel to create a Muslim state. This is the bad news. I haven’t even touched upon the hostile neighbors that surround Israel, waiting for their clues from Iran before attacking. Israel is presently fighting a 24/7 war on 4 fronts.  I haven’t touched upon the marching Palestinians in world capitals and across the major campuses of American Universities. Then there is the anti-Semitism fueled by major media broadcasters. Israel cannot win this war unless the Almighty steps in.

Now good news is also found in the Bible: “There is hope for your future says the LORD. Your children will come back to their own country…  Ephraim said, “After I turned away from You, I repented…” Jeremiah 32:17,19a.

During our 50  very eventful years in Israel, we had many experiences. At one time while interviewing the Imam of the Golden Dome, he said to Jay on film; “There is no history of Jews ever having been here.” 

That is a lie.  You see, entire Arab lands have chosen to believe this lie. For them, the Bible is only a figment of the Jewish imagination. They do not consider the place of the Christian faith. The stark contrast with these facts is the worship times we had with Christian Palestinian congregations in the West Bank, and Northern Israel. They are a terribly persecuted minority. Also, we experienced the thunderous wonder of worship in the Holy Spirit with Israeli Jews and Arab Believers in Jesus in Tel Aviv and Haifa. You must partake of it to believe! This is the only answer for our future. Tremendous changes are a foot for all people in this region. Please pray to understand this divine miracle of unity, not created by man’s design but from the heart of the Father.

it was Sarah, not Abraham, who protected Isaac from his brother and ensured there would be a Jewish future. Sarah was right, like it or not. Let us find the strength to follow in her footsteps!

Many Christians pride themselves in being under the Abrahamic Covenant, but are they true brothers to the Jews? That is also the call of the Arabs believe it or not. Truth is stranger than fiction.  It is desperately difficult to stand up and tell the truth. The Spirit of Discernment will make all the difference as we open to it in our daily lives. Heeding it could even save our lives in the days ahead.  That has been our family’s cooperative experience more than once, traveling among the nations and living in Israel with two sons serving in fighting units of the Israel Defense Forces.

Oct 7th marked one month since the massacre in South Israel. 1,400 private citizens, and 300 IDF soldiers, were snuffed out that morning. This is how It was observed. Thank you for being a soldier and keeping your watch, no matter where you are. Guard your life, put on the full armor of God, protect yourself from wounding.  I end with this very encouraging video. The LORD God of Israel answers the cries of His people. Enjoy.

Love from Meridel Rawlings

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Photo at top by: Vlad Kiselov on Unsplash