Still Small Voice – Av 5th 5783/July 23, 2023

Dear Friends:

“The heaven declare the glory of God, the firmament shows His handiwork.”

Ps 19:1

Look up! Your redemption is one day closer. This beautiful inspirational painting is by Shelly Bandel in Canada, before she married our youngest son Daniel. 

Israel is in the midst of a crisis. We are beseeching friends around the world to stop what you are doing right now and pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem. We want to see, “Thy Kingdom come as it is in heaven …” A week of intense protests are behind us. Today, the parks of Jerusalem are filled with little silver tents, occupied by protestors who have come up from all over the land. The 3rd and final vote for the “reform” takes place tomorrow. Roads are blocked, tens of thousands of soldiers have refused to serve reserve duty, 1,100 pilots have refused to serve this new government and tomorrow the entire nation will go on strike if this reform is passed. Last night Mr. Netanyahu received a pacemaker. Yes, the stress is costing everyone dearly! 

Retired US attorney Professor Emeritus, Allan Dershowitz said, “These reforms will make Israel into a Democracy like Canada, New Zealand and Australia.”  Israel Unwired July 22nd 2023.

Jesus said: “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on the earth? No, I tell you but rather division … You hypocrites, [play actors. pretenders]! You know how to analyze and intelligently interpret the appearance of the sky [to forecast the weather],  but why do you not intelligently interpret this present time? I say to you, you will not get out of there until you have paid the very last cent.”

Luke 12:51,56, 59.  

When we pray let us ask Jesus to allow us to see things from His perspective, in light of this time in history. First, we must encourage ourselves in the LORD with songs and hymns and spiritual songs! Then we need to make sure our own lamps are filled with oil, and that we are living in a vital honest love relationship with the Master of our souls and our families!  LISTEN for the Still Small Voice and obey. Ask your sister WISDOM, “What do I do with my finances?” Don’t waste time!

There are mighty plans afoot for the city of Jerusalem. One Israeli said, “It is going to be like New York.” The intense build-up here is unbelievable. Thousands of cranes are seen all over the landscape, “building up Zion”. It is unrecognizable compared to the city it was just 5 years ago. The pressure, dialogue, confusion, unrest and disruption are mind-boggling. Many funds are coming to the country to pay for these upheavals. Is it thanks to America?  In concert with this distress which we all suffer under, on the other hand, the Government plans to bring in sweeping change faster than anyone can imagine. Sadly, a Spirit of Fear motivates and rules ordinary Israelis. 

The final vote for the “reform” takes place tomorrow in the Knesset, on the 24th of July. What really undermines one’s peace is knowing that this first reform law to be passed, is just the beginning of what is coming. Unwise members of Mr Netanyahu’s government spouted some of their proposals off in January of this year. It was like throwing oil on hot embers. The Reform hasn’t even started yet!

We are all of the very firm conviction that nothing will turn this new government aside from its ultra-religious sense of destiny now that they are in power. Nothing! So, let us keep our eyes open and watch and pray. BUT never forget: we can rest knowing that it is all in Father God’s hands, and yes, He does sit in the heavens and laugh at the machinations of world leaders. For His alone has the Power and Glory, and He grants it to who He will for a specific time and season to accomplish HIS purposes. We trust HIM above all.  Let Him Judge! Change is upon us!

In closing, please pray to “Our Father” today and tomorrow. We want to be found working with heaven, not against it. “Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.”  All over Israel ordinary people are fasting and praying.

Shvuah Tov – A blessed week,

Meridel Rawlings and Family in Jerusalem.

Friends: It is now Monday afternoon July 24th 2023: The Knesset has voted in favor of the change I have been writing about. 54 to 0. The opposition showed their great disfavor by not even showing up, abstaining completely. None of us ever dreamed that we would see this day.

“It is good to praise God, to sing hymns to Your name, O Most High.”

Psalms 92:2