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Still Small Voice – Sivan 27th 5783, June 16th 2023.

Dear Friends:

“The secret [the wise counsel] of the LORD is with them that fear Him: and He will let them know His covenant. But there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets … Yet these are just parts [fringes] of His ways. The faintest whisper of His voice!”

Psalm 25:14a, Daniel 2:28a

I hunger to hear His voice, and it is usually during the night that I receive my instructions… even directions for loved ones. I must deliver the information in a very gentle manner, as no one likes ‘to be told what to do’. But the Still Small voice is directive, and always right on time, so faithful, positive and ‘can do’. His track record is PERFECT. This is His gift to me, and I we are made rich in Him!

The week dashed by, in a blur because of the incessant activity required of us just now. We are in the process of moving out of our home of 30 years. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers at this time.


The most unexpected has happened. We’ve had two thunderous rain storms this week. Formerly, June was summer, but not this year. We are wearing socks and sweaters and flannelette P.J.’s at night. We must close all of our windows at night because it is so cold up here in Jerusalem. I snapped the above photo as Jay was driving from Jerusalem to Mevasseret Zion.

The Hebrew Corner: 

Olam, = world and forever

“I declare, ‘A world of kindness will be built; there in the heavens You establish Your faithfulness. I will extol You, my God and king, and bless Your name forever and ever.”

Psalms 89:3, 145:1

“The Bible describes God’s dominion over the olam – the world, and using the same word, highlights His dominion in l’olam – infinite and eternal. Olam shares a grammatical root with the Hebrew word ne’elam, meaning ‘hidden’. Jewish thinkers explain that many more worlds exist beyond the physical one that we experience in our everyday lives. These are the upper spiritual realms, including the realm of the angels, that both influence and are influenced by our physical world, specifically through human actions. The higher the world, the more singular it becomes, tending towards unity. At the very top of all of the worlds is the pure unity of God. To the human eye, however, the deeper aspects of our world remain hidden. We struggle to see and comprehend the ways God is directly involved in each and every moment of our lives. The world’s true reality remains hidden from our eyes. Before the world was created only God existed. There was no one to give to. God created the world so that there would be creations capable of receiving what He wants to give. “And God created man in His own image” Genesis 1:27  – Rabbi Tuly

Meridel adds: You and I are offered the privilege of a love relationship with our Beloved Messiah Yeshua – Jesus. As we receive, so we learn to give to others. In this way, we emulate our Creator, and fulfill the purpose of the world’s creation. A loving relationship has to be a reciprocal one of trust. This enables us to receive Salvation, and all that comes with Shalom … only then do we desire to give it away! 


Tim and Martha King and the Rawlings go back to 1980. Tim is the Godfather of our four boys, now [men]. Tim is a friend at all times. He was also instrumental along with us and others in forming the International Christian Embassy and worked as their accountant for 27 faithful years. Today he carries the esteemed title of: Jerusalem co-operates Ambassador/Dean of Students and Staff for The Whole Word Institute. Being a chef, he served Jay and I a duck dinner this week. He informed us: there are 7,000 languages in the world, and only 700 have translations of the Bible, which includes the Old Testament, or First Covenant. 

From Generation to Generation:

Dor v’ dor,  is Hebrew for ‘from generation to generation’: the poignant theme of Bridges for Peace dinner, honoring former CEO Becky Brimmer. She gave 18 action-packed years to this work of supporting and loving Israel in very practical ways. We met, Canadian Peter Fast, her successor. Photos: What’s app.  Caption: Becky introducing Peter to Jay. The Brimmer’s worked along side of Jay at  Jerusalem Vistas in 1990 – 1991.

Daniel Kirschhevel head of Israeli Operations and Roy Kendall formerly of the USA Jerusalem Vistas Board.
Jay with our dear friend Chris Mitchell, Jerusalem’s Bureau Chief for the Christian Broadcasting Network. Chris famously said to Jay in 2017, “You and your sons have pioneered Christian media here, and we at CBN stand on your shoulders.”

The Canadian Church Under Fire:  

“And so [at that time] all Israel will be saved; just as it is written: The Deliverer (Messiah) will come from Zion, He will remove ungodliness from Jacob. This is My Covenant with them, when I take away their sins.” 

Romans 11:22-27, Isaiah 27:9, Jeremiah 31:33

Yes, there is hope for our radical societies lost to the woke world. All Israel shall be saved… and preach the gospel to the four corners of the earth. There is a remnant of the Jewish people living in the Land of Israel right now that are going to have a radical encounter with the living LORD.  Only one Paul went to the nations and turned them upside down. What would it mean if hundreds of Pauls went forth from Israel? But Abba Father hasn’t even made His move yet … In the meantime, we are rapidly approaching the fullness of the gentile age. 

The Buzz Word, ‘AI’:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that he had spoken with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk about A.I., ahead of the development of Israel’s ‘national’ AI strategy. “Soon I will assemble experts to develop a national AI strategy for Israel. Just as we turned Israel into a cyber powerhouse, we’ll repeat that success in AI!”

Musk later responded to Netanyahu in writing, “Thank you for recognizing safety concerns about digital super-intelligence, which affects all of humanity.” June 8/23 United for Israel

Your Responses: 

A Word from Russia:

“Much of the current surge in immigration to Israel has been sparked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of last year. In the 16 months since, over 104,000 Russian-speaking Jews have moved to Israel. About one-quarter fled the war in Ukraine, but surprisingly the vast majority are arriving from Russia and other former Soviet states to escape the economic impact and other uncertainties brought on by the conflict.” Howard Flower, St Petersburg  

A Canadian Mother Speaks Out:

The Prophet Jeremiah, labored to stay restful in the secret place; while living in the thick of national chastening.” 

MANY of us are extremely aware of Israel’s situation as much as we can be. We are praying. Thank you for updating us. We are quiet because Canada has a leader with a hardened heart … (allowed by God for His ultimate purposes, like Pharaoh in the Exodus.) Father God works to free His people from slavery. We have just endured a gay pride week in the schools! Lots of ‘gay’ stories, discussions and projects taught by compliant teachers with haughty principles. We had a lewd bubble dance day for the kids. I think of Noah building an ark while seeing lewdness all around him. I hosted an alternative Robin Hood day for children to learn bush-skills and nature trail activities such as; tracking, making rope from cedar bark, starting a fire from flint and steel, etc.” Ann-ominous

From a former co-worker:

“ I think of you and Jay often. I always love to read your letters and get news of you. Your family unit have been such a blessing to me and many others. God is pleased with you and loves your adoration of Him.“ Alice Ford USA 

“Give me Hand”, Hebrew with English subtitles.

Shabbat Shalom dear friends.

Let us strive to enter into His rest.

Blessings from

Meridel Rawlings.