Still Small Voice – 21st Iyar 5783, May 12th 2023

Dear Friends:

It is guaranteed; there is never a dull moment in Israel! 

Yesterday, we celebrated the covenant – brit or circumcision of our youngest family member, Gabriel Victor.  Gabriel means ‘Messenger of God’. The angel Gabriel came to the prophet Daniel to show him what must come to pass in the End Days, and appears again to Miriam – Mary announcing the favor upon her to give birth to the coming Messiah. ‘Victor’ is one of the names of Messiah. Daniel and Shelly’s second son is named after his Great Grandfather Victor Alloway, a Canadian soldier who fell fighting in Holland for the liberation of Europe. 

Fifty friends joined us here in our garden, on the outskirts of Jerusalem to celebrate and rejoice over the great goodness of the LORD. We gathered just after 12 noon when large menacing booms filled the atmosphere overhead. They were indicative of Israel’s Iron Dome taking out rockets sent from Gaza, falling within just a few kilometres of us. They were aimed at the world-famous Hadassah Hospital. A few guests did not venture out, too afraid to leave the protection of their homes and bomb shelters. This is our daily reality. All proxies of Iran, Islamic Jihad and Hamas want us to go to war with Gaza, then the Hezbullah will attack from Lebanon, and Syria from the East. Israel bides her time, and will not be pushed into war. 

My sister sent this: “I wanted to let you know that the churches all across the world are praying for Israel right now.  The church is being called to bless Israel.  My church is a little bit behind but we are being faithful personally and have joined with others that are praying.  I just wanted you to know.  I hope that encourages you.” 

God bless the Christians who are awake and on their feet concerning the vital place Israel must play in the earth. Now, I will share a prophetic word, given years ago, which is still as timeless and meaningful today as the day it was first uttered. Then we will balance it with the Word, and hopefully share a few poignant insights into the very special moments in the garden with our dearest friends and family.

There is a delicate yet powerful relationship that must exist between Christians who will stand and fight in the Spirit of God and the Israelis who are living out the actual physical battles on the ground here. This word clearly speaks of both.

“The nations are itching. The nations are hungry for war. The nations are crying for war. “Give us blood !” they say. “We want blood.” 

“Have you not had enough blood says the Spirit of God? Blood from children? And what has happened to my shepherds throughout the earth? Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Christ saw it. The shepherds have scattered. Where are my shepherds? They have run from the intimidating force that prods, saying:”

‘Give me a man. Come, come and give us a man that we may fight and show you our strength.’”

“But the Spirit of the LORD says, ‘I have young men and women like David and they do not  want to hide under the armour of Saul. There is a new way and yet there is an old way. I Am the stone for this generation. That stone is my son, that stone is the rock, Christ Jesus. That stone shall be given to the Davids of this generation. It shall bring down the force of hell that is crying from Russia, Syria and Iran and from all over the world crying, give us blood. X4 But the Spirit of God says, NO, there shall be no world war yet. For I have yet to show you the manifestation of a rock in the hand of a generation that shall bring down the voice of hell. This is my will. Look for it for it is coming says the Spirit of God.’” 

The late Tim Clement

We believe this clear prophetic word speaks of the intricate partnership between the believing church and Israel. May one and all take courage and keep on!

Covenant of the Land and People of Israel:

Meanwhile, while the war was being waged in the heavens above us, Jay welcomed our guests to the garden’s serenity heavy with the scent of roses. He reminded us all where we had come from and where we are going. His words fell like a healing balm to our raw emotions and anxious thoughts.

The Land and the People:“I will establish my covenant, everlasting promise between Me and you and I will multiply you exceedingly through your descendants … for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you. I will give you a possession, all the land of Canaan … your part in the agreement is you and your descendants after you shall keep and obey the covenant throughout their generations. This is a sign … every male among you shall be circumcised; it shall be a sign, symbol, memorial of the covenant between Me and you … a sign in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.”

Genesis 17:1-12

It is a blood covenant. When tiny Gabriel gasped in pain two weeks ago at his brit, we could not but shed a few tears. Yes it is a painful exercise, but God wants men who can give over the lusts of the flesh in favor of His ways to stand faithfully and bless protect their wives, families and nation. It is very serious. Consequently, Israel is alive and well today. Jay went on to share this glorious promise to the nation:

“Thus says the LORD who has given the sun for light by day and the fixed order of the moon and the stars for light by night … the LORD of Hosts is His Name: If this fixed order departs from before Me says the LORD, then the descendants of Israel will cease from being a nation before me forever, thus says the LORD!”

Jeremiah 31:35,36

I believe that we were all warmed and encouraged by the sweet fellowship. Many of Daniels’s old buds were here. I sat with Gal and Eliyah, whom I watched grow up with Daniel from the age of three. Eliyah is now the father of five-month-old Tomer, and Gal and his wife Sivan will soon be parents. Gal hugged me like a mother and wouldn’t let me go. The bond between us is family. Friends from our Haifa days came and are planning a reunion of the old guard of 47 years. Yeah! Tim the god-father of our sons came and is still going strong at age 77. Daniel and Shelly are moving to Greece at the end of May and have this time to also say farewell to their lifelong friends. Chef Shelly had led Mom and Dad and Daniel in preparing a sumptuous feast for the event, right down to two giant freshly bakes hallot, Shabbat breads.

Buds for 33 years

Thank you for your prayers, dear friends. We will never be forsaken. Never underestimate the power of your prayers and tears. 

Shabbat Shalom dear friends: 

 From the Rawlings garden to your home!  

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