Still Small Voice – Nisan 30th 5783, April 21st 2023

Dear Friends:

These are the days of wonder, in which we question and pray.

“They who sow in tears shall reap with songs of joy.”

 Psalm 125:5

Rabbi Carlebach explained  that Instead of reading this verse as, “They who sow in tears, shall reap with songs of joy,” perhaps it should read it, “They who sow in tears and songs of joy shall reap!” Rabbi Carlebach explained that everything has both tears and joy in it. Sometimes, in order to achieve true joy we need to shed some tears; very real, very holy tears.”

Jay writes: “As we are busy here in Israel, we can see the impossibly painful things unfolding without and within, along with the evil intent, confusion disillusion, tears and anxiety. There are few ‘songs of joy’. We are in the throes of birth pangs, or painful cramps, and blood. In the natural when a mother goes into labour, we are assured the baby will soon appear.  Here in Israel, we cry for deliverance, but still it doesn’t come. We can discern the times, but we have to work hard not to judge. We realize as we grope to understand, that we see through a glass darkly. Our Heavenly Father alone is Judge. Together Meridel and I are reading the Prophet Ezekiel, we just read chapter 36; one of my most favorite chapters in the entire Bible. We are left with more questions than answers.”

Meridel writes: “The great historical process of Israel’s Redemption is being played out, and we just happen to be on location at this time to watch up close and personal. Yes, we can actually put dates on some of the verses, and their historical timeframes … for history past. We read of history present and history future and we want all the answers now. But, Israel’s full painful birthing process is far from being over. We work to acknowledge that The Almighty created the nations. Israel’s historical time-frame cannot always be understood. As much as we want the lion and lamb to lie down together, and all weapons forged into ploughs; the Keeper of Time alone holds the keys. May the Lord have mercy upon us all as we work, pray, trust, hope in His Salvation, and rest in His love.”

Holocaust Remembrance Day:

The poignant and legitimate question of an Israeli friend are:  “This day in Israel is a day on which we mourn, honour, remember and pray that ‘Never Again’ will be our reality. A state ceremony is held at the Holocaust Memorial Museum; and every military base, town, city, village, and public institution has a ceremony to mark the event. In schools the children dress in white and a Holocaust Survivor comes to talk to them, although sadly fewer and fewer are still alive to tell their tale of horror. At 10.00, Israel came to a stop. Sirens wail around the country for two minutes. Buses stop at the side of the road as do cars; the drivers and passengers. Everyone stands silently in respect. The single wail of the siren seeps into one’s soul; reminding us all of the 6 million lost. What happened when propaganda convinced entire nations that we were the devil incarnate, the cause of the world’s troubles? Is it the sin of being Jewish …?” 

“We are a people that survives and ultimately thrives but why oh why does hatred haunt our history and follow us even up into today? Why are we the ‘Chosen People’ only to be chosen for all the wrong reasons? Is it because we are different? Is it because we pray differently? In truth too many of us don’t even pray any more. Is it because we eat different foods? Yet again many of us don’t follow the dietary rules. Is it because we look different? Sometimes. Is that reason enough for murder? So why? Again, because we are Jews … ?” By Sheila an Israeli

An Echo comes Back … from another Israeli friend, Orith

“God has to remind me that it doesn’t matter what I myself, my family (dead or alive) and all people; whether I met them or not – think of me. 

What counts is how He sees me, and what He thinks of me. 

He is the Light to my feet and the lamp to my path – Psalm 119:105

He sends angels to protect me  – (psalm 91:11)

He will never leave me nor forsake me – (Deuteronomy 31:6-8)

He supplies all my needs – (Philippians 4:19)

He corrects me, like a loving father, when I need it – (Hebrew 12:6-12)

He answers my prayers – (Proverbs 15:29) He is All in All – God loves me. and this is what’s important. What He thinks of me, how He sees me – for He sees me through the blood of His son, Yeshua the Messiah. Because of this, I am acceptable in the Beloved because He paid for my sin and yours.” 

I hope you enjoy this true story told over British radio, years after the war by a Jew who grew up in a British orphanage. Our hero is a young child, one of the thousands, saved from Nazi Germany by the Kinder Transport Operation.

Chasing the King 

by Dina Cohn

One day a thrilling announcement was made, King George V1 was coming to visit the orphanage. The excited children were instructed to put on their best clothes for the occasion. They lined up outside awaiting the King’s arrival. However, they were let down, when they realized, they were only present to wave to the King as he drove past in his car.  Disappointment filled their hearts. But then, something unexpected happened!  One of the boys broke rank and started to run after the car. He ran as fast as he could, knocking on the bumper until it came to a stop. The side back door opened and the little boy found himself face to face with the King.

King George V1 asked, “What’s wrong son?”

The lad explained: “I had been hoping to meet you to express my gratitude for bringing me to England. However, you see, I’m terribly lonely as my parents are still over there …”

The King listened patiently, “What is your name son?” He inquired. “Where are you from?” Breathlessly the child blurted out the details. “Thank you for your kind words.” The King said before saying, “Goodbye now.” He closed the car door, leaving the little fellow standing there in the middle of the road.

Just a few weeks later, the headmaster of the orphanage called the boy into his office. He was nervous, not knowing what he could have possibly done wrong. To his amazement, the headmaster revealed that the King had been deeply moved by their encounter. He opened a side door and there stood his Mom and Dad!

The man who retold this story, years later,  couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of remorse. “I have spent the last 60 years asking myself why I had not chased after the King.

The truth is, we all have a chance to chase after the King. Do we take the opportunity when it is presented, or do live a life of regret and missed opportunities?

“And the King shall answer, and say to them, Truly I say to you, inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these, My brothers, you have done it to Me …”

Matthew 25:40

This week, may each one reading my letter be encouraged to run after your King and find the COMFORT and answers you need. May Israel be mightily comforted. Thank you for praying for the nation and Jerusalem. 

With love and blessings from Jerusalem,

Meridel Rawlings