Still Small Voice – 3. Adar 5783 / February 24th,  2023 

Dear Friends: 

Man can be so discouraging at times. Aren’t the wars and rumours of war, along with the hurricanes, earthquakes, and cyclones enough disasters today? Man has the need to impose far greater tragedies of his own making. I am referring now to the judicial reforms rapidly taking place in Israel. Will they result in a better democracy in Israel or a failed democracy? Please stay with me, as I try to  express how we are grappling as a family with the changes. 

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,  

that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;”  

Luke 18:1

I sit down to write, and I am uneasy, restless and wondering. Confusion tries to cloud my mind. The future of my nation (Israel) seems so dark. Has it been hijacked? I resist the  awful sense of heaviness and try to see the pros and cons of Israel’s new government  from both sides.

So, what is happening? The ultimate example of democracy at work is  seen on one side with quiet determined demonstrations. Last week no less than 300-350,000 people found their way to Jerusalem to express their dismay at the actions of our government. They arrived on jam-packed trains, because Miri Regev, Minister of  Transport, refused to put on additional trains. Crowded buses, waited quietly in long  traffic jams up to the city. The crowds walked to the Supreme Court and the Knesset. ‘Not lefties’, as the current coalition labelled them. Israelis of all beliefs, came to vote with their  feet. With and without kippot, left, right and centre, just ordinary families came to express their dismay at what is happening. There was no violence, just proud Israelis carrying flags. If that demonstration was not the ultimate expression of democracy I don’t know  what is. 

What about the intended judicial changes the new government is shoving through? Yes, there are changes needed, and reforms that must be considered and well thought out,  but please … with a gavel … not a sledgehammer.

During his term as President of the  Supreme Court, Aharon Barak made many changes to the judiciary, some of which need reversing, some of which are totally acceptable. The fear of most Israelis is that the changes on the table now are very personal – hardly surprising when the Prime  Minister himself is still indicted! A man who was accused and indicted for incitement to terror is in the position of his Minister of National Security. There are those members of Knesset who do stand up but, not enough. When exceptional Israeli journalist Alon Ben David was given the ‘speak out’ slot on Channel 13 he turned to the real heroes in the current government, heroes of Israel, and asked why they developed feet of clay and are scared to speak out against the travesty taking place before our very eyes. (Thanks to Sheila Raviv for this latter insight.) 

Give us eyes to see:  

We are seeing what we refused to believe would ever come to pass. Our view of Zion is the biblical one, victory over defeat, joy over sorrow, liberation of a long enslaved people.  But, we are missing something. We must put our feet on the ground and ask: “Why is  God allowing everything to go to hell with the speed of light? Is this what it’s going to  take to wake up his People and yes, the Church?” The Church either delegitimizes Israel or makes an idol of her. Where is the middle ground? 

When it comes to Israel, one of my sons astutely noted: “Unfortunately, to many Christians, Israel has become an idol, who can do no wrong. But it’s a type of blindness.  Israel is in the process of becoming a Jewish Iran, because of the stern religious control  that is being put into place through this government.” Just pause and consider that!  

The world in which we live is a broken sin-sick place, and unfortunately, Israel is no different from any other people in this respect. We see a shocking grab for absolute control, which is riding over the backs of the average person. The middle class bears the burden of over-taxation, low wages and the cost of sending their sons and daughters to the front lines for three long years to face enemies on all sides. But what about the enemy right inside our camp and yours? Then as Solhenyitzen so plainly noted:  

“The line between good and evil runs directly through every human heart.”    

A history lesson:  

You can’t see modern Israel, and not look back to historic Germany. Let’s face it, modern  Israel was born out of the Holocaust. History begs the question: what went so terribly wrong in Germany? How on earth did the church in Germany allow satanic evil to worm its way in to rot the foundations to such an extent, that it could silence and crush its voice and actions at that time? 

Do we think, ‘that kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore’? Why do we fool ourselves?  Look at your own nation, I see what’s going on in Israel. We get so sucked in just trying to  ‘keep up’ that we go along, saying nothing, doing nothing … until we cry out and it’s too late. Yes, we can all be lulled into a state of silence. But, in Israel, we are not silent!  

Yes, I’ve been silent. I’ve been an idealistic Zionist, we’ve built our lives on the Zionist dream. How did this present menace grow from within our people? What heavy questions we struggle with. Most people think and hope “it” will just go away. “Ah … I  want to keep my job, I’m going to do whatever I need to do to hang on. Don’t rock the  boat!” That is our human nature speaking and it holds no water when weighed against the call of Jesus and his kingdom. What is the greatest commandment?

Jesus declared, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul  and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself.’”

Matthew 22:37 

It’s not found in ‘being a good person’. I am believing for that life flows from a life totally arrested by the loving power of the risen Messiah Yeshua-Jesus! We are to love him with everything we are and have. We are to live passionately for those around us and dare to stand up and speak the truth in love! God sees what we believe by how we behave!  

“His Lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a  few things, I will make you ruler over many things.’”

Matthew 25:21 

Now for a peek into what is coming, the sound of the abundance of rain is already here. 

A Prophecy by Robin Bullock Feb.1, 2023  

“What I do next I do openly before all peoples and all nations, I will redraw the lines of many nations. We have approached the time of a true revolution in the Spirit.  The Wind of the Spirit has gone out to the four corners of the earth to bring a  revival, the likes of which we have never seen. It is more than a revival, it is renewal and rebirth. It’s going to look like a revolution, not a revival like you might think, but a revolution of belief. It will come on the lips of those you might think do not look like religion says they should look. They will not dress like religion says they must dress. They will not talk the way religion says they must talk. 

The resolution that is coming will be resurrection power. It will raise the dead of this world. These will be resurrection days and hours of the glory of God and it will raise the dead. Those from all walks of life are coming; cowboys, hippies, pierced,  those covered in tattoos … the unacceptable. They will raise a Jesus revolution.  They will look different. They will love one another. So religion will hate them. But religion hated the way prophets came to proclaim the renewal to restore and the revolution to come. 

The prophets are like ‘one crying in the wilderness’, shouting to the people to get  ready for the revelation that is coming. Religion looks at it, and hates it. The sound is different, and so religion seeks to destroy it. Even if it means injuring the revolution to come. 

But, we are now in the arena of decision. Who will decide? Who will believe? It is now in the arena of decision as to What you will believe: religion or the Spirit of  God? It is for you to decide what you believe, but decide quickly saith the LORD  for we are only months away from its beginning.”

– Robin Bullock  

Do not despise your small beginnings, but work with them, expand, break forth, and dare to believe! You can only say what you hear. But I want to encourage you to speak out what you hear and watch God work. 

Next week I will bring you an update on the work of C.A.N. in Nepal rescuing trafficked girls and women. Remember, your support and comments are appreciated.  

Blessings to all, and a heartfelt thank you to each faithful friend.  Because the Messiah gave it all. 

Love from Meridel Rawlings and the family. 

Susan Boyle is a wonderful example of a little village woman who dared to follow her dreams. Everyone laughed at her. But, she stood confident, for she had listened to her heart, no matter what. Enjoy her singing, ‘I have a dream’.