Still Small Voice – Tevet 22, 5783. January 15, 2023

Shalom dear Friends:

The great good news is we are not orphans. We have a Daddy, an Abba in heaven who remains in charge, no matter who is under the allusion that they rule. It is comforting to know the Bible says: “The spirit of the Lord does nothing except He reveals His secrets to His prophets.”

Amos 3:7 

My prayer for you right now is this: “Finally be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark word and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. ”

Ephesians 6:10-12

We only live today, and today, I  pray for you to know His peace which passes all understanding and to be quiet in His love. Only then can we hear the Still Small Voice. You must demand your enemies; panic, worry and fear to leave your mind and heart. Commit your children and grandchildren to the One who knows them intimately, even if they don’t know Him. They are loved from before their conception. Imagine that! Let’s get out of the way and believe God to work.

History Confirmed:

The Mesha Stele, a basalt stone that contains chronicles by Mesha, King of Moab during the late 9th century BCE, was found in 1868 in Jordan, east of the Dead Sea. Scholars had suspected that the writings, in the extinct language of the Moabites, describe events corresponding to the Book of Kings in the Tanach (Hebrew Bible, Prophets and Writings), including references to the Israelite God, the “House of David” and the “Altar of David.” The section that included the historical account surrounding King David was damaged and therefore could not be verified – at least not until now. But, thanks to brand new technology through photographic evidence, researchers have confirmed that the stone indeed does contain references to the biblical King David (2 Kings, Chapter 3), according to an article titled “Mesha’s Stele and the House of David” published recently in the Biblical Archaeology Review. United with Israel Jan12/23


Everyone is talking about Prince Harry’s biography, which sold out in one day across the US; thus forming wise and unwise judgments. It takes enormous courage to stand up against any system of control, says I.  If you think I am joking, try it in your own life. 

In 2005, the UK’s Prince Harry was caught wearing a Nazi uniform to a “fancy dress” party when photos of the incident were published in a UK newspaper. The incident led to widespread condemnation.  His father, who was then Prince Charles sent him to speak with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, serving as the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom. Harry wrote: “Rabbi Sacks at the time, was 51, bearded, bespectacled, with a deeply lined face and dark, wise eyes. He didn’t mince his words.  But right away I could see he was an eminent scholar, a religious philosopher, a prolific writer with more than two dozen books to his name. He’d spent many of his days staring out of windows and thinking about the root causes of sorrow, of evil, of hate. He condemned my actions. He wasn’t unkind, but it had to be done. … I’d arrived at his house feeling shame. I now felt something else, a bottomless self-loathing. But that wasn’t the rabbi’s aim. That certainly wasn’t how he wanted me to leave him. He urged me not to be devastated by my mistake, but instead to be motivated. He spoke to me with the quality one often encounters in truly wise people–forgiveness.”

Trouble in Zion: 

The new Justice Minister unveils a plan to shackle the High Court, and overhaul Israel’s judiciary.The opposition denounces them as a ’gang of criminals’ engaged in a ’political coup’. Jan.4/23. The vote is this week. PRAY it does not pass. Consequently, the country is in an uproar. Israelis of all ages took to the streets on Shabbat Jan.14th to protest the agenda of the new government. Everyone waits with bated breath to see if they will really do as they say and remove the power of the Supreme Court from anything to do with government affairs. Does that sound like a democracy? The vote will take place within days. People are uncertain of their futures, it is like a whiplash.

Palestine-Theatre of the Absurd: 

Christians visiting the Mosque of Omar, formerly the platform of the Jewish Temples are now required by Muslim law to wear ‘Yellow” to identify themselves when visiting the area. 

Another example of paranoia reported in the Al-Hayat paper is: “Israelis recruit and train cattle as spies. On the neck of each cow they hang a medallion with an eavesdropping and recording device, and sometimes even cameras to monitor every detail in their village Khirbet Yanun l.”  An elder added that “settlers also release herds of wild boar to destroy Palestinian crops.” Jerusalem News Service Jan. 4/23(Please pray for the poor Palestinian fed a daily diet of hatred.)

What is Going on in China?

You can find out by going to the WION news service. Seeing the bodies of thousands of elderly, piled in closets and morgues is nothing short of gruesome. Pray for change in China. Riots are real. Let us never forget that our God is merciful. “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rainfall on the just and the unjust.” Matthew 5:45

A Brave New World of Canada: 

Have you been following Canada’s MAID program?  “Need Medical Assistance in Dying?  Call us and we will help you die.” This sickening government program is for anyone 18 and up. It is now extended to “mature” minors, i.e. anyone 12 years and up.”  Their website offers a link to a their coloring book with all they need to know about medically induced death.

Iran’s Underground: 

Reverend Lazarus Yegnezar told Christian World News last week that he was aware of 1,000,000 Christians in Iran. He is calling them to stand up against tyranny. Recently, 500 Iranians, among them Christians, and 70 teenagers and children were killed for protesting against the regime. 

Your Quotes: 

“Thank you for letting us know what you are going through. It is distressing. Jesus will never leave His People. We know from His Word that you have quoted, “My ways are not your ways.” I weep for you. Lots of love and prayers.” Cath Taylor Britain

“Ministry bills are paid … a wonderful update on God’s faithfulness.” C.  Peric, Canada

“I definitely want to get your latest book, Miracles among the Nations, so let me know when and where I may obtain it.  Your writings are anointed.”  Alice Ford, USA

“It is very strange to see how God is working. For me it is difficult to try and understand the ways of God.”  Brigitte Braun, Germany

“It really is very special to be able to walk together – even though geographically distant, but close through prayer. It is a constant recognition that the path is filled with blessings of the Lord … even when many things change. Your “retirement” is surely a very new experience. I never knew it was so difficult. We follow the news every day from Israel in prayers.” W & I Schutz, Finland

“May you see the greater fulfilment of the call of God upon your lives in this new year. Just know that you are both greatly loved.” Pastor Ralph Rutledge, Canada

“May the Lord bless you and answer your prayers 

and make 2023 a memorable year of blessing in your life. 

‘And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:

 ‘Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown’”. 

Author unknown

In His Peace:

Meridel Rawlings.

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