Still Small Voice – October 2017


Dear Friends,
Shalom and Hag Samach, Happy Holidays ring out all over the Land of the Bible – Israel during this season of the New Year, 5778; which arrived on Sept. 21st – 23rd with the blast of shofars and trumpets and don’t forget, prayers of repentance. Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, was very different for us this year. We were called up to Galilee to nurse my dear friend, Irene Bredlow. She fell and broke her hip, so we cared for her post-op until other arrangements could be made. Irene and I have been friends since nursing school back in Canada 1960-1963. We are here to be a blessing, What ever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might…” yes LORD!

Years ago the LORD spoke to Jay and I and said, “When others are fasting you will be feasting, and when others are feasting you will be fasting. When they are weeping you will be laughing, and when they are laughing you will be weeping.”  That is pretty much a description of our lives lived with a prophetic edge. Our ‘flow’ just does not go with the norm; because it is usually one or two steps ahead.


My sister Jan see photo top right and right; is here from Vancouver Canada along with her son Paul. Paul knows Israel, having given two years of his life filming and editing for Israel Vision. Thank you Paul. It has been our joy to take them all over Israel. Today they are busy celebrating with thousands of Israelis and foreign guests in the Jerusalem March.


I took them to the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem to see the intense preparations for the Feast of Tabernacles. It is hectic and colorful, with what you would recognize as Christmas decorations for the succahs. In the photo left we see branches of willow, palm, and myrtle with the yellow etrog. They become an offering, waved before the Lord… from the east to the south, west and north. It is an ancient Biblical injunction. Our family came for dinner in the succah Jay and Daniel put up, but it was so dark the photos didn’t turn out. Five days into the Feast, we were rained out by cloud bursts. What JOY after enduring a scorching hot summer. In minutes the heavy layers of dust were scrubbed from one end of the nation to the other. This is the wonderful promise of the latter rain. The prophet Joel saw it by faith and wrote: “I will send the former and the latter rain in the first month…” This out pouring of rain is a promise of God’s Spirit to also be poured out upon this nation dying of thirst… ALL nations Father!

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has stated that the International Christian Embassy is a valuable asset to Israel, and welcomes the pilgrims with open arms. The Embassy has branches in 179 nations. When we opened it In 1980, as co-founders we worked by faith and could not have envisioned this mighty outreach. Over 4,000 souls came to the Biblical dinner in Ein Gedi. Jay and I enjoyed walking among the peoples, even from the Cook Islands. It is thrilling. The, message we heard was: “Unbelief is the unforgivable sin.” Pause and think of that! When a man prays God works! WHO is the watchman in your family? WHO is the watchman in your neighbourhood, theatre, old folks home, police station, prayer meeting, university, factory, school, government office, library, gas stations, malls and post offices? WHO? I encourage you to pray for the outpouring of God’s Spirit in your nation and couple it with your prays for God to bless Israel and the Rawlings. Oh that the nations would wake up and see our strategic place in the earth at this time of history. Oh that the church would wake up and see. Oh that the world wide Jewish community would heed the warnings being given… it is time to worship.

South African friends set up a seminar for us to give an update on the ongoing work in Nepal. We showed portions of the film CAN – Change Action Nepal and gave and answered their many questions about the intricate work of rescuing traficked souls. Funds have not come in for us to return this fall, so we wait…

At the VIP reception this year Jay interviewed several dignitaries from the nations; among them Friends in the Finnish government. Each life is so valuable and perfectly placed. Tonight Jay will host our Israeli neighbours at the inspiring “Israeli Night” which is always lots of fun. It is a time when Christians say “thank you” to these hard working, tough, inspiring Israelis who refuse to ”give up”. Daniel and Paul have been out filming during these exciting days.

We have been commissioned to create a film for the History Channel on the 100th year anniversary of the brave place the Australian Anzac troops contributed historically in their stand in Beersheba in 1917. It is directly linked to the deliverance of Jerusalem out of 500 years of bondage from Islamic hands into British hands. History is a sure time clock and assures us that Almighty God IS never late, and watches over His will to perform it. He of course uses the nations, it is important to understand the importance of our democracies in today’s mad mad world…

The Palestinians are trying to steal the spiritual heritage of Israel… they have the UN in their pocket and as a result also the Temple Mount and the Western Wall and the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron now guess what it is they want? They want the Dead Sea Scrolls. Do not shrug you shoulders or smile, or think, “It serves those Jews right!” No, beloved… the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Be awake! What is he trying to steal from you and yours?

David, photo right, Australian lost his bike shop to a hostile take over in June. But the LORD has a better idea. He just signed a contract with an Israel Media Firm to be their production manager. We are all very grateful. Here he is making the mashed potatoes to complete our turkey dinner. Yes, it was the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles spent in our succah. We Canadians also celebrated none other than our Canadian thanksgiving with roast turkey and all the trimmings. How the LORD loves the families of the earth. We all had a ball!

It is our privilege to listen carefully for the Still Small Voice. speaking into our lives. Jay and I and sons love our lives and count it a ‘calling’ to serve; in what ever capacity the LORD calls us to. Often it is a call to wait, pray and listen… then act!

My best partners have not heard from me for I have been run off of my feet, hosting, touring, nursing, shopping and cooking to keep the tribe cared for. Kindly be patient and thank you your letters make all of the difference. Please KNOW THAT and do not weary in well doing of our behalf.
Photo right: Nephew Paul Chobaniuk, son David, sister Janice. Every blessing from Israel, in His love,

Jay, Meridel, David, Chris, Josh and Daniel.

Dr. Meridel Rawlings, Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion, 9079097 ISRAEL