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Still Small Voice – A Blessed Easter!

My Dear Friends; I desire to bless my readers by centring this letter on Messiah Jesus. I keep learning from HIs life, and I trust this is also your experience as you walk on.  Tough Lessons:  We have all been here to one degree or another. The tempter waits to attack each person who confesses Jesus as LORD!  Especially, in those down times when we are feeling cut off, weak, alone and desperate. In that moment, we must TURN our eyes to heaven, trusting in the Word and in the LOVE of our Abba Father and Jesus. This is our secret weapon; our high tower, our hiding place, strength and shield. Hang on!  The answers will come if we are willing to WAIT and be still. Jesus was desperately hungry after His fast. Satan the tempter waited to attack. “It is written …” Is how Jesus replied to every temptation that alone tells us how important it is to know the Word of God and hide it in our hearts, so that we do not …


What is the question each living person needs to ask? “Who are you LORD?” What was the unexpected answer heard by a blind and bewildered, Saul, later called Paul, set on his course to murder ‘believers of The Way’ in Damascus?: “I am Jesus!” was the answer. This was the begining of a transformation that made Paul perhaps the greatest Apostle in history. Today our world is bankrupt. Manipulative government  leaders seem powerless to stop the wars, which create havoc in millions of lives. People of faith believe that the only hope is the coming of the Prince of Peace, The Messiah. Download Jay Rawlings’ Jerusalem Vistas Spring Newsletter here.