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Canada May Propose Defining Boycott of Israel a ‘Hate Crime’

Dear Friends: Thank you for remember Jay, Daniel and I as we continue on our intensive tour across Canada. We received this word: “You are digging river beds everywhere you go, you will experience much grave and mud, but keep digging, for I will send the river!” Canada is in greart conflict… see below and please pray. Every blessing: Meridel Rawlings Canada May Propose Defining Boycott of Israel a ‘Hate Crime’ May 11, 2015 The pro-Israel Canadian government may be planning to include boycotts of Israel as a hate crime, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported Monday. It said that such a move would target organizations such as the United Church of Canada, Canadian Quakers, campus protest groups and labor unions. It also would raise legal questions under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadian Prime Stephen Harper is unarguably the most pro-Israel head of any government in the world. He sounded like an echo of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his visit to Israel last year. Recently-retired Foreign Minister John Baird in January signed an agreement with Israel to …

The Still Small Voice in Kathmandu

On April 25, 2015 @ 11:40 a.m. a killer 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal, half way between Kathmandu & Pokrah. Here are photos shot by Chris Rawlings of areas before they were destroyed. David filmed on human trafficking. Lt: Chris. Rt: David, Indira and I. 1 million people live in Kathmandu. The ‘Old Town’ of 11th century pagodas and temples were leveled. Narrow ancient streets, shops & homes were destroyed. Download the newsletter here.

Israel, beware of Obama’s Iran deal

Obama’s defense of his framework with Tehran is illogical, and American platitudes for Jerusalem may yet revert to accusations of warmongering. (article reposted from Haaretz by Ariel Ungar. Photo by AFP) It is obviously refreshing to hear solicitude for Israel oozing from U.S. President Barack Obama in his interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, in contrast to his nastiness following Netanyahu‘s election win. Gone were the accusations that Israel spied on the negotiations with Iran and gave the information to the enemy – U.S. Congress. Gone, too, were the trumped-up charges of Israel stealing nuclear material. Obama even warned Iran not to mess with Israel, which would have been reassuring had Obama’s director of National IntelligenceJames Clapper not removed Iran and Hezbollah from the terror threat list after the latest assault on Israel’s Golan Heights by these reformed citizens and indirect beneficiaries of American intelligence.

The Season of Redemption

Dear Friends and Partners: With Passover falling this Friday evening April 3rd: it becomes a high holy day. It is also the 3rd blood moon to occur  this Hebrew year 5775 sequentially on a Biblical Feast. Enjoy the letter. We have amazingly good news. You can download the newsletter here. Hag Samach Pessach! A blessed Passover. Every blessing.

Happy Purim !! – Meridel is Traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal to reflect on her past with old friends from 46 years ago

God willing tomorrow, I will fly to Nepal on a film expedition with our sons David and Chris. We plan to retrace some of my steps of 46 years ago. Kathmandu was ruled by a god-King in those days. I remember, friends and I had enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at the famous Yak and Yeti Hotel. While relaxing in the lounge around the circular fire place we met mountain climbers and tiger hunters. It was a time when such hunting was permissible. A very sophisticated evening unexpectedly turned into a Divine encounter in the Spirit of God. I will tell it all on camera. The result was “my eyes were opened and I realized as never before, truths about the Lord God of Israel. Download newsletter

Evangelical Christians Release Historic Statement Regarding Sexual Abuse in the Church

Recent allegations of child sexual abuse and cover-up relating to Sovereign Grace Ministries, and the subsequent public statements made regarding this tragic situation have distressed and alienated many professing Christians. On July 17, 2013, individuals representing a wide spectrum of evangelical Christendom have joined together and released a powerful public statement entitled, A Public Statement Regarding Sexual Abuse in the Church of Jesus Christ (included below). Individuals ranging from Michael Reagan (son of former President Reagan), Paul Young (author of “The Shack”), Diane Langberg (clinical psychologist and author) Jonathan Merritt (faith and culture writer), and Julie Clinton (president of Extraordinary Women) are just some of the signers of the statement. Continue reading