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Remember the Tentifada in 2011?

TROUBLE IN ZION For those of you who did not get our video updates on, I am sure you will find this of interest. “Behold, I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the ends of the earth. Among them the blind and the lame, the woman with child and the one who labours with child together,A great throng shall return there. They shall come with weeping…”Jeremiah 31:8,9a. In spite of her neighbours with their ongoing lies and continuous attacks, paradoxically, Israel IS Noah’s Arc for Jews according to the Almighty. They began to return home in the 1880’s. No nation wanted Jews. If you doubt this, do a little checking, (Canada included!) The situation only grew worse during WWII. Poor Jews returned to Biblical Zion with weeping weakened by disease and malnutrition just as the Prophets perceived and faithfully penned. This is what makes Israel absolutely unique! Oh, how we love to work to encourage any we meet, to come and take their rightful place here in history…this has always …

Christmas & New Year greetings from Meridel

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year dear friends! With joy, I write my last Still Small Voice letter for 2017. Above is a photo taken at the Mandala Center on the shores of Galilee. This location rests within the biblical fishing village of Mary of Magdalene. The painting above represents the time when Jesus stood still in the midst of a moving throng of humanity and demanded: “Who touched me?” Luke 8:44a. A woman with a flow of blood for 12 years, dared to reach out and touch the tallit on Jesus’ prayer shawl. No one noticed, but He did! She had to come forward in front of all to receive her healing. Let each one reading this letter do the same. Come, reach out, push through until you touch Him. You hold the keys to your life, for only you can allow Jesus to renovate your life. Take this step now. Jerusalem The unusual photo Rt. taken by my nephew Paul Chobaniuk from Vancouver, is of the S.W. corner of the Temple Mount. In this place the Almighty said 45 times …

Die leise, feine Stimme – Passah 5777, April 2017

«SIEHE, DER MENSCH» JESUS IN DER ISRAELISCHEN KUNST „ Ich habe völlig neue Dinge über israelische Künstler gelernt – darüber, wie sie Jesus begegnen. Genial!  Und mein persönlicher Umgang mit  israelischer Kunst wird ebenfalls nie mehr derselbe sein. Sehr, sehr hilfreich, Meridel! Ich bin der Ansicht, dass auch für uns Christen der Umgang mit israelischer Kunst im Zusammenhang mit Jesus eher ein Tabuthema ist, weil  wir keine falschen Dinge sagen, oder Menschen verletzen wollen. Es ist ein Privileg mitzuerleben, was in Jerusalem im Bereich der Kunst im Hinblick auf unseren Erlöser passiert. Die Kunst muss wieder eingenommen werden von Menschen, die JESUS lieben. Das dies in Israel passiert, ist wunderbar und erfüllt mich mit Freude.“ Sie können den Rundbrief herunterladen, indem Sie hier klicken

Made in Israel

Israel today, in spite of continual attacks, war, terror and prejudice is a miracle of survival.  Israel has not only survived for seven decades and overcome great obstacles, it is now one of the most fertile countries on earth. Israeli innovations, especially in medicine and agriculture have impacted the quality of life for a huge part of humanity.  “Made in Israel” traces how Israeli inventors have become world leaders in start up companies. Now Israel is becoming known as the “Scale Up” country as more an more innovations are birthed, nurtured and blossomed via Israeli companies.  PS, We are close friends with Chris Mitchell, CBN bureau chief here in Jerusalem and he has authorized us to run this movie. Over the years he has used excerpts of our productions for their 700 Club TV show that is broadcast world wide.