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Thank you letter February 2019

Still Small Voice thanks You! 

Shalom from Jay & Meridel,

Jay is presently in Greece, living with Josh, both are working.  Jay is writing Volume 3 of our story and learning Greek. Josh in high tech can work anywhere. Daniel and I are here in Israel. I am also writing. Jay just sent this to thank you for your help and I share it with you. Love, from Meridel “The  Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am READY to perform My word.

Each year at this time, the hills and valleys around Jerusalem are dotted with white and pink blossoms. They are the almond trees. It is a very beautiful sight, especially after enduring several months of cold and rainy and sometimes snowy winter days in Israel. These trees are a sign to everyone that spring is on its way. But there is also a message in these lovely blossoms. It reminded me of something that happened to us a couple. I was writing this story yesterday for Volume 3 – Timeless Secrets  – Miracles in the Land of Israel and decided to share it with you. Here is the quote,  Photo above: The first almond blossoms in our garden. 

“During the early months of 1980, Meridel and myself were invited to join a Jerusalem prayer group started by Jan Willem and his wife the late Widad Van der Hoeven. It consisted of several international couples and a few single believers all of whom had deep commitments to Israel and strong convictions that the Lord was ready to bless His nation in powerful ways. We didn’t know how but we would soon find out.  It was called the Almond Branch prayer group. We met once a week. We had no agenda but to simply wait on God in prayer and to see what He was saying to any of us individually and or to all of us corporately. The name Almond Branch was derived from the instructions given to the young prophet Jeremiah when he was called by the Lord. Here is how the Bible records it in Jeremiah 1:4-12

4 Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
6 Then said I: “Ah, Lord God!
Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”
7 But the Lord said to me: “Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’
For you shall go to all to whom I send you,
And whatever I command you, you shall speak.
8 Do not be afraid of their faces,
For I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.
9 Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me: Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.
10 See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant.”
11 Moreover, the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” And I said, “I see a branch of an almond tree.
12 Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am READY to perform My word.

In this last verse, the word ready in Hebrew is “shaqad” which means watching, waking, awake, alert, vigilant, anticipating, on the lookout, to care for watchfully. This significance of this reference may be best understood by seeing the difference between “Shaqad” meaning waking and the word “Shaqed” meaning almond or almond tree.  The almond is considered the “waker” in Hebrew thought because it is the first tree to blossom, each year,  always watching alertly to be able to blossom. In a way, this tree heralds that spring is on its way and thus it stimulates all the other trees and plants to “wake up” from winter to enter once again their life-giving destiny.

Little did we know that soon events would happen that would cause us to enter our eternal destiny regarding Jerusalem, Israel and all of our futures.

On July 30, 1980, the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law stating that Jerusalem is the eternal undivided capital of the nation. This reality goes back three thousand years to King David’s time when he moved the Tabernacle to Jerusalem.

However, the Arab oil-producing nations went ballistic when Israel made this move. They then placed an embargo on oil for any country that had an embassy in Jerusalem. They said that if these nations didn’t move their embassies to Tel Aviv then they would be forbidden to purchase oil. With the cold winter in Europe on its way all 13 countries moved their embassies out of Jerusalem. (except Costa Rica)

That was the moment that we opened The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. (ICEJ) on September 20, 1980. This initiative hit the headlines of all major press organizations around the world.  I was the Press Secretary at the time. Praise God. Today the ICEJ is the largest Christian Zionist organization in the world because God Himself was READY at that moment to “watch over and to perform His Word.”  Amen! Please be encouraged because He is always ready to perform His Word for you and yours.

In His Love, Jay.

Meridel invites you…Welcome, come and stroll in my garden.

This 2019 we Rawlings are on the move. Jay and Joshua are working on a new project in Greece. Chris is busy in Helsinki in high tech and very kindly does all of my website work and the work for Change Action Nepal free of charge. David and wife Adi are in Budapest as I write, and Daniel and I and our office staff are here holding the fort.

A garden is a perfect place to still one’s mind and to quiet down. I love to seek out any changes day by day. The fig now has just the tips of new leaves, the roses are in bud, the limes are ripe and the crafty raven hides it’s bread up high in the palm. My garden is a safe place, and habitat of many migrating (photo above: aloe in bloom) birds. I am comforted. What we sowed 20 years ago faithfully bears fruit. The universal law of sowing and reaping. After a walk, it’s easier to relax. I have learned to receive the flowing thoughts of the Still Small Voice; like a young child needing her mother’s reassurance. I am hungry for that ‘life-giving’ voice, even as I awaken first thing every morning. But… yesterday I ran outside! A fire was raging in our tinder dry papas grass located on the eastern border of our property.  While my co-worker and I fought the blaze, a jogger passing below on the fire road called the local fire department. It was scary until the fire was out. Later in the day,  we found a thunderstorm and torrential rains very comforting. We were glad to be dry and safe.  

Today I awoke to crystal clear skies and bright Jerusalem sunshine 14 C.  Come, for a short stroll with me. Surprise! The very first delicate creamy and pink almond blossoms have burst forth after the wild storm. I see them as a gentle reminder of Aaron’s rod that budded. “This shall be a sign to you… and the remnant who have escaped of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward. For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant.” Isaiah 37: 30a, 31, 32a.

May each one of us continue to be fruitful for the Kingdom. Tiny practical help makes it easier to believe that: God’s mercies are new every morning! He helps me too in quiet content.

 I am humbled and blessed because you have blessed us. May you be repaid in ways you need the most as you receive my prayers and blessings from heaven above.   With gratefulness for the HELP! Meridel    

Die leise, feine Stimme – Shevat/Adar 5779, Winter 2019

Schalom liebe Freunde

«Es war das Zeitalter der Weisheit, es war das Zeitalter des Leichtsinns, es war die Epoche des Glaubens, es war die Epoche des Unglaubens, es war die Jahreszeit des Lichts, es war die Jahreszeit der Finsternis, es war der Frühling der Hoffnung, es war der Winter der Verzweiflung, wir hatten alles vor uns….»

Eine Geschichte aus zwei Städten, von Charles Dickens, 1859

Dieses Zitat trifft die aktuelle Situation ziemlich genau. Jay und ich danken euch herzlich und wir beten für ein gesegnetes 2019. Ich bin tief bewegt und sehr ermutigt durch eure liebevollen Antworten. Der Herr segne euch. Euer Interesse, eure Gebete und Reaktionen erfüllen uns mit grosser Dankbarkeit, mehr als Ihr je ahnen könnt. Erzählt anderen Menschen über uns, nehmt die Briefe mit zu Gebetstreffen. «Wir müssen die Werke dessen wirken, der uns gesandt hat, solange es Tag ist; es kommt die Nacht, da niemand wirken kann.» Joh. 9.4 Das Thema, welches in allen euren Briefen auftaucht, ist «Veränderung». Wir spüren es auch hier. Aber anstatt in Panik zu geraten, beobachten wir, beten und arbeiten. 

Foto: David

David Rawlings feierte seinen 50. Geburtstag diesen Januar. Unser ältester Sohn diente in der Spezialeinheit «Givati» in den israelischen Verteidigungsstreitkräften. Er war erst 7 Jahre alt, als er in Israel ankam. Seit seiner Kindheit hat David immer wieder gute Freunde kennengelernt. Als er in der 2. Klasse seiner hebräischen Schule war, fragte er mich: «Darf ich einen Freund nach Hause nehmen?» «Natürlich.» Sein Freund war ein über 2 m grosser, schwarzer amerikanischer Basketballstar, welcher für das Nationalteam von Haifa spielte. David arbeitete über 20 Jahre für Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision in der Filmproduktion. Nun ist er für The Media Line im Einsatz, eine neue Produktionsfirma in Jerusalem. Ihr findet seine Werke auf YouTube.

«Denn wer ist Gott ausser dem Herrn, und wer ist ein Fels ausser unserem Gott? Gott umgürtet mich mit Kraft und untadelig macht er meinen Weg.» Ps. 31.32 Den Eid, den alle Soldaten der israelischen Streitkräfte leisten, beinhaltet: «Nicht durch Macht und nicht durch Kraft, sondern durch Meinen Geist, spricht der HERR.» Sach. 4.6 

Sind wir nicht dankbar für die Bibel, welche uns Richtlinien für unsere Leben gibt. Erlaube dir nicht in Versuchung zu geraten und zu denken, du seist allein. Geliebte, stärkt und ermutigt eure Seele täglich durch das Wort, indem ihr alle Ablenkungen aussperrt. Ich werde ruhig vor ihm und bete oft Gottes Wort zurück zu IHM.

«…Als er die vielen Menschen sah, hatte er tiefes Mitleid mit ihnen, denn sie hatten grosse Sorgen und wussten nicht, wen sie um Hilfe bitten konnten. Sie waren wie Schafe ohne Hirten.» Matth. 9.36

Israel benutzt zwar den gregorianischen Kalender, aber es ist 5779 im hebräischen Kalender bis zum 29. September 2019. Jeder hebräische Buchstabe hat einen numerischen Wert. Was ist die Bedeutung von 5779? Wörtlich heisst es «stampfen und zertrampeln unter einem Pferdehuf» oder «Der Gegner nutzt Konflikte, um zu ermüden und zu schwächen». Nöte sind Israeli, Juden wie Christen, nicht fremd. Hast du schon darüber nachgedacht …»alle Dinge, ob Not oder Segen, den Juden zuerst und dann allen anderen» gemäss Römer 2.9,10. Die Geschichte wiederholt sich. Der Holocaust begann 1933 mit Hitlers Fantasien vom 3. Reich, welches von 1939 bis 1945 Realität war. Die Welt wurde durch Krieg erschüttert und 80-120 Millionen Menschen wurden geschlachtet. WER litt nicht? Wir ermutigen uns mit dem Buch Daniel. Er ging siegreich durch furchterregende Kämpfe, welche die Nationen und Israel erschütterten, und Jesus hat sein Licht auf unsere Zukunft geworfen.

Heute sind Christen, Juden und sunnitische Moslem das Ziel eines teuflischen Feindes. Israel steht radikal muslimischen Armeen an drei Landesgrenzen gegenüber: Golan, Libanon, Gaza und Iran im Osten. Ein Freund, der kürzlich zu Besuch war, meinte: «Ich habe Angst!» Israel zerstört ganz offen iranische Stützpunkte in Syrien. Der Konflikt liegt offen. Weltweit wird jeder 12te Christ verfolgt, das ergibt aktuell mehr als 215 Millionen, welche Ziel der Zerstörung sind. Nur gerade 160 km von unserem Haus entfernt sterben täglich Menschen. 1500 Christen und Jesiden sind als Sexsklaven in Syrien gefangen gehalten. Kleine Mädchen werden auf den Märkten wie Schafe an ihre Schlachter verkauft. Tausende werden vermisst. Mit dem Rückzug Amerikas droht die Türkei, im Osten Syriens einzumarschieren.

In Israel leben zurzeit etwa 9 Millionen. Beide, Araber wie Juden, sind gesegnet mit Kreativität. Alles in allem ist es ein grossartiges Land zum Leben, ganz besonders im Vergleich zu den bröckelnden arabischen Staaten in der Region. Israels Wirtschaft ist stark, die neuen Technologien fortschrittlich, die diplomatischen Beziehungen wachsen. Die Sicherheitskräfte sind wachsam, jetzt besonders, wenn Amerika seine Truppen aus Syrien abzieht, die demokratischen Strukturen sind gesund, der Glaube lebendig und die Entschlossenheit stark. Preis den Herrn! Das Wichtigste: Israel ist die einzige Nation im Mittleren Osten mit einer blühenden christlichen Bevölkerung. Man sagt, es seien die reichsten Menschen in Israel. Trotzdem gibt es viele Christen weltweit, die kaltherzig gegenüber Israel sind. Warum? Die Geschichte hat gezeigt, dass die Hauptkirchen erstaunlich stumm sind gegenüber den Nöten der verfolgten Juden und Christen. Wo sind die Stimmen, welche sich gegen den radikalen Islam erheben? Bitte sagt mir nicht «Wir sind nicht politisch! Wir wollen damit nichts zu tun haben.» Es ist Zeit aufzuwachen! Was eure Verantwortlichen erlauben, wird euch einholen. Die etablierten Kirchen schweigen und bleiben politisch korrekt. Viele von uns kämpfen um die eigene Existenz.

Feindliche Gebiete für Juden, Christen und moderate Muslime:

Gaza: Viele Menschen in Gaza sind verzweifelt über die schlimmen Lebensbedingungen, physisch wie psychisch, bedingt durch die brennenden Reifen an der Grenze zu Israel. Viele leiden an Atembeschwerden, viele wurden es einfach leid, dass sie dazu gezwungen wurden, «gegen Israel zu demonstrieren», und flohen in die Türkei und hoffen, nach Europa zu kommen. Nur 1300 Christen wohnen noch im Gazastreifen unter den 2 Mio. radikalen Moslems. Sie müssen sich diskret verhalten oder lügen, um Gewalt und Folter mit dem Zweck zur Bekehrung zum Islam zu entgehen.

Palästinensische Autorität: 7% des Haushaltgelds wird an Terroristen bezahlt, welche Israeli getötet haben. 2018 gab es 33 Schiessereien, 17 Messerattacken, 530 geplante Attacken, bei welchen 3000 Terroristen gefangen genommen wurden. Wir haben vor 20 Jahren einen Film gedreht (Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Das Dilemma). Wir haben gefolterte Christen interviewt, um Gewalt unter der Fatah und der palästinensischen Autorität nachzuweisen. Bis heute hat sich nichts geändert unter dem palästinensischen Präsident Abbas, es wurde schlimmer.

Bulgarien: Die einzigen zugelassenen Kirchen sind «NATO Staatskirchen» und Moscheen.

Kanada: Es ist verboten, die ganze Bibel zu predigen und dabei ‘politisch korrekt’ zu bleiben.

Ein Pastor erhielt eine Busse von 100 Mio. Dollar. 

Grossbritannien: Eine weitere Nation befindet sich in einer grossen Krise. Die Brexit Abstimmung, mit welcher Menschen den Wunsch geäussert haben, die nationale Souveränität wiederzuerlangen, wird torpediert durch die Verschwörung von Politikern. Die Stimme der Mehrheit ging verloren. Aufgrund von vermehrten antisemitischen Äusserungen von Jeremy Corbyn erwartet Israel, dass etwa 30% der britischen Juden nach Israel auswandern. In etwa 10 Jahren könnte England ein islamischer Staat werden. Betet für Grossbritannien, der 29. März wartet bedrohlich, wenn die Briten die EU verlassen müssen. 

Nordkorea, Afghanistan, Somalien, Bolivien, Pakistan, Jemen, Iraq, Iran, Türkei, Kurdistan, Ägypten, Saudi-Arabien und Marokko gehören zu den Ländern, in welchen es gefährlich ist für Christen. 

Beobachte und Bete:

Amerika: Die amerikanischen Demokraten haben palästinensische Kongressabgeordnete willkommen geheissen: Rashida Tlaib, von Michigan, welche über Nacht berühmt wurde, weil sie über Präsident Trump geflucht hat, sowie Ilan Omar, Minnesota. Ihre Unterstützer verbrannten eine israelische Flagge auf den Strassen New Yorks. Ihre unverschämte Anti-Israel-Haltung befürwortet eine radikale Veränderung für Amerika, Israel, Palästina und den Islam!

Israel: Man arbeitet daran, die bargeldlose Gesellschaft zu schaffen und braucht die Technologie eines Chips in der Hand. Seid Ihr überrascht? Nicht nötig. Betet zusammen mit uns, wenn wir für Hunger nach dem Lebendigen Wort Gottes beten, überall, aber ganz besonders in Israel.

Foto: Jay 

Jay bliess das Schofar während mehreren Jahren, um den Beginn des Laubhüttenfests zu verkünden. Unterstützt durch die Geigerin und Liederkomponistin Merla Watson, welche in der Internationalen Christlichen Botschaft in Jerusalem empfangen wurde. «Lob wartet auf dich in Zion». Israel ist Heimat, und wir heissen den Herrn, den Gott Israels, willkommen. Jerusalem schmückt sich wie eine Braut, die auf ihren König wartet. Komme bald, geliebter Messias.

Was wirklich zählt!

Sind wir daran interessiert, echte Beziehungen zu bauen? Es kann die härteste Arbeit sein, ganz besonders wenn ein Bruder verletzt ist. Psalm 15 erzählt uns etwas von der Weisheit, die David erhielt. Hier haben wir einen Mann, der Ablehnung kennt. Warum nennt ihn Gott «einen Mann nach dem Herzen Gottes»? Sind wir aufmerksam zu unseren Nachbarn, oder sind wir am tratschen und reden schlecht über sie? Nutzen wir jemanden aus? Klagen wir Freunde an, verhöhnen, blamieren oder beschämen wir sie, oder werfen wir ihnen etwas vor? Verwechsle diese ethische Haltung nicht mit der Haltung gegenüber denjenigen, die einen Rachefeldzug geben uns ausüben. Natürlich müssen wir uns schützen vor Gefahr und Verlust, aber vor allem müssen wir unsere Herzen schützen und unsere Gedanken überwachen. Wir sollen mit reinen Herzen für diejenigen beten, die uns ausnutzen. Wie oft täglich wäschst du dir die Hände? Wie oft täglich wäschst du deine Gedanken und Absichten deines Herzens? 

Der Heilige Geist hat mit aufgefordert, das Abendmahl täglich einzunehmen. Ich nehme daran teil, nach Jay, und bringe unsere Kinder, eines nach dem anderen, dann die lebenden Eltern ihrer Frauen, dann ihre Frauen, Kinder (unsere Enkel). Und… da geschieht so viel mehr. Es ist, wie wenn man in Lebenswasser schreitet und lernt, zu entspannen und hinausschwimmt in die reinigenden und erfrischenden Tiefen. 

«…in der Nacht, in der er verraten wurde, nahm er das Brot…» 1. Kor. 11.23 STOP!  An diesem Morgen sprang mir das Wort VERRATEN entgegen. Ich sah sofort, wo Verletzung am Werk war. Wer wurde nicht schon verraten? Wir gehören alle dazu. Welche Schäden tragen wir immer noch mit uns herum und verewigen sie sogar? Können wir loslassen und alle Nebenwirkungen vergeben, die uns zugefügt wurden? Können wir uns einbringen und seinen Fussspuren folgen? «… und er dankte und brach es.» v. 24 Ich bin auch einverstanden mit dem Weg, den er vor mir gelegt hat. Es kann Tränen geben, gefolgt von tiefem Frieden! Oh, die Reichtümer seiner Weisheit. Es ist Arbeit, aber es ist unser Vorrecht, in den Riss zu treten für uns selbst, unsere Familien, Freunde, Gemeinde, Stadt, unsere Nation und die Nationen. Wenn wir es nicht tun, wer tut es? Das sind unsere ersten Früchte. Wir haben zu lieben, als wären wir nie verletzt worden. Ich bin dankbar, dass die Hoffnung sich erneuert! Halleluja.

Wir danken euch, dass ihr auch 2019 mit uns einsteht. Gott wird ein gutes und fruchtbares neues Jahr schaffen! Lasst uns in Kontakt bleiben. Bitte schreibe dich mit deiner Email Adresse ein und du wirst meine Briefe online erhalten.  Danke für eure Stimme und Hilfe, möge der Herr eure Gebete segnen!

Meridel Rawlings, Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion 9079079 Israel


Photo of the Western Wall above by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Pieni hiljainen ääni – shevat/adar 5779 talvi 2019

Shalom kallisarvoiset ystävät!

Oli viisauden aika, oli typeryyden aika, oli uskon aikakausi, oli epäuskon aikakausi, oli valon aikakausi, oli pimeyden aikakausi, oli toivon kevät, oli epätoivon talvi, kaikki oli edessämme … Charles Dickens: Kaksi kaupunkia 1859

Mielestäni tämä sitaatti summaa nykytilanteen varsin osuvasti.

Myös Jay liittää mukaan kiitoksemme ja rukoustoivotuksemme siunatusta vuodesta 2019. Teidän rakkaudelliset reaktionne tekevät meidät nöyriksi ja hyvin rohkaistuiksi. Lähetämme teille siunauksia. Teidän tukenne saa meidät jatkamaan; yksinkertaisesti juuri niin. Olemme kiitollisia mielenkiinnostanne, rukouksistanne ja reaktiostanne – enemmään kuin mitenkään voitte tietää. Kertokaa muillekin meistä ja viekää kiertokirjeemme rukouspiireihinne. Niin kauan kuin on päivä, meidän tulee tehdä lähettäjäni tekoja. Tulee yö, jolloin kukaan ei voi tehdä työtä. Joh. 9:4 Useimmista kirjeistämme löytyy sana ‘muutos’. Aistimme sen täällä. Panikoinnin asemesta me seuraamme tilanteita, rukoilemme ja teemme työtä.

Valokuvassa vanhin poikamme David, joka palveli Israelin puolustusvoimien erityisjoukoissa, Givatissa. Hän vietti 50-vuotisjuhliaan tammikuussa.
Sillä kuka muu on Jumala paitsi HERRA, ja kuka on kallio paitsi meidän Jumalamme? Hän on Jumala, joka vyöttää minut voimalla ja tekee minun tieni nuhteettomaksi.[Englanninkielinen käännös kirjoittaa: tekee minut täydelliseksi] Psalmi 18: 32-33 RK

Kaikkien Israelin armeijan asevelvollisten vannoma vala kuuluu: ”Ei väellä eikä voimalla, vaan minun Hengelläni, sanoo Herra Sebaot.” Sakarja 4: 6 RK

David johti 20 vuoden ajan Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Visionin videotuotantoa. Nykyisin hän työskentelee yrityksessä nimeltä The Media Line a News Prod. House. Hänet tavoittaa sähköpostiosoitteella

Eikö niin, että olemme kiitollisia Raamatun monista opasteista ja merkkipaaluista, jotka auttavat meitä vaelluksellamme. Ettehän salli ajatustenne harhailla tuntemaan, että olette yksin… Rakkaat lähimmäiset, rohkaiskaa ja ruokkikaa sielua päivittäin Raamatulla. Sulkekaa pois kaikki häiritsevä. Minä hiljennyn ennen kuin ryhdyn lukemaan Raamattua. Usein lausun täysin yhtäpitävästi Jumalan sanan mukaisia rukouksia takaisin Hänelle.

“Kun hän näki kansanjoukot, hänen tuli sääli, sillä ihmiset olivat nääntyneitä ja hylättyjä kuin lampaat, joilla ei ole paimenta.” Matteus 9:36 RK [Englanninkielinen käännös käyttää sanoja: uupuneita ja kiusattuja.]

Israelilaiset käyvät kauppaa gregoriaanisen kalenterin mukaisesti, mutta aina syyskuun 29. päivään 2019 asti on vuosi 5779 heprealaisessa kalenterissa. Jokaisella heprean kielen kirjaimella on numeroarvo. Mitä vuosiluku 5770 merkitsee? Kirjaimellisesti se merkitsee: ‘polkea tai painaa hevosen kavion alle’ tai ‘vastustaja käyttää konfliktia kuluttaakseen ja heikentääkseen’. Vaikeudet ja hankaluudet eivät ole tuntemattomia israelilaisille, juutalaisille tai kristityille. Oletteko mietiskelleet tätä: Tuska ja ahdistus jokaisen ihmisen sielulle, joka tekee pahaa, ensin juutalaisen, sitten myös kreikkalaisen! Room. 2: 9

Historia toistaa itseään. Holokausti alkoi oikeastaan vuonna 1933 Hitlerin unelmasta Kolmannesta valtakunnasta. Se toteutui täysimääräisesti vuosien 1939-1945 aikana. Maa kärsi sodan kourissa ja 80-120 miljoonaa ihmistä tapettiin. KUKA ei olisi kärsinyt? Rohkaisemme itseämme Danielin kirjalla. Hän eteni voittoon hurjien taisteluiden kautta. Nuo taistelut vaikuttivat kansakuntien ja Israelin historiaan. Jeesus luo valoa tulevaisuutemme ylle.

Nykyään kristityt, israelilaiset ja sunnimuslimit ovat paholaismaisen vihollisen kohteina. Israelilla on vastassaan radikaalit islamilaisarmeijat kolmella eri rajalla: Golanilla, Libanonissa, Gazassa ja Iranissa idässä. Eräs ystävämme kävi hiljattain luonamme ja tunnusti: ”Pelkään.”
Israel hyökkää avoimesti iranilaisten rakentamiin kohteisiin Syyriassa. Konflikti on peittelemättä näkyvissä. Koko maailmaa ajatellen yksi kahdestatoista kristitystä on vainottuna. Tämä merkitsee 215 MILJOONAA ihmistä, jotka ovat tuhonuhan kohteina! Vain 160 kilometrin päässä kodistamme ihmisiä kuolee päivittäin. Syyriassa on 1 500 kristittyä ja jesidiä seksiorjuudessa. Tuhannet ovat kadoksissa. Yhdysvaltain vetäytymisen myötä Turkki uhkaa tunkeutua Syyrian itäosiin.

Vastakohtana voi todeta Israelin nykyisen väkiluvun lähenevän yhdeksää miljoonaa. Sekä arabit että juutalaiset ovat luovuuden siunaamia. Kaiken kaikkiaan Israel on hieno paikka elää, etenkin lähialueilla oleviin, murentuviin arabivaltioihin verrattuna. Israelin talous on vahva, sen teknologia loistavaa ja sen diplomaattinen ulottuvuus laajentuu. Maan turvallisuusjoukot ovat valppaina, etenkin Yhdysvaltojen Syyriasta vetäytymisen vuoksi. Israelin demokraattinen kulttuuri on tervehenkistä, Israelin usko elävää ja perussisu vähentymätöntä. Ylistys Herralle! Kaikkein tärkeintä: Israel on ainoa Lähi-idän maa, jossa on kukoistava kristitty väestö. Heidän sanotaan olevan Israelin rikkaimpia. Silti monet muut kristityt eri puolilla maailmaa suhtautuvat Israeliin kylmäkiskoisesti. Miksi? Historia on osoittanut, että keskivertoseurakunta on pysytellyt hämmästyttävän vaitonaisena juutalaisiin ja kristityihin kohdistuvan vainon aiheuttaman ahdingon suhteen. Missä ovat radikaalia islamia vastustavat äänet? Ettehän vain sano: ”Mehän emme ole poliittisia! Emme halua sekaantua asioihin.” Tajuatteko, että on aika havahtua! Se, mitä johtajanne sallivat, valtaa teidätkin. Vakiintunut seurakunta pysyttelee vaiti ja poliittisesti korrektina. Moni meidän joukostamme taistelee omasta olemassaolostaan.

Juutalaisille, kristityille ja maltillisille muslimeille vihamielisiä alueita:
– Gaza; osa sen asukkaista on varsin stressaantuneita. He ovat eläneet poliittisesti ja fyysisestikin saastuneessa ympäristössä jo kahdeksan kuukauden ajan, sillä autonrenkaita on ollut tulessa sikäläisellä Israelin vastaisella rajalla. Monet kärsivät hengityselinongelmista. Sairaiden on pakko ‘osoittaa mieltään’ Israelia vastaan, tai he pakenevat Turkkiin ja pyrkivät pääsemään Eurooppaan. Ainoastaan 1 300 kristittyä on jäljellä Gazassa yli kahden miljoonan radikaalin muslimin keskuudessa. Näiden kristittyjen on pakko vaieta tai valehdella välttyäkseen kidutukselta ja käännytykseltä.

– Palestiinalaishallinnon alueet; 7% heidän kansallisesta budjetistaan maksetaan terroristeille, jotka ovat tappaneet israelilaisia. Vuonna 2018 oli 33 ampumavälikohtausta, 17 puukotushyökkäystä, 530 suunniteltua hyökkäystä, jotka torjuttiin. Yhteensä pidätettiin 3 000 terroristia. Teimme 20 vuotta sitten filmin Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Puun ja kuoren välissä). Haastattelimme kidutettuja kristittyjä todentaaksemme Fatahin ja palestiinalaisviranomaisten väärinkäytökset. Mikään ei ole muuttunut palestiinalaisten presidentti Abbasin hallintokaudelle; asiat ovat kääntyneet pahemmiksi.

Bulgaria; ainoat sallitut seurakunnat ovat tukea saava NATO-valtionkirkko ja moskeijat.
Kanada; koko Raamatun saarnaaminen on kiellettyä, mikäli haluaa pysyä poliittisesti korrektina. Eräälle pastorille langetettiin 100 miljoonan dollarin sakot.
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta; on yksi syvässä kriisissä oleva kansakunta lisää. Brexit-äänestys, jolla kansa osoitti haluavansa saada takaisin kansallisen itsemääräämisoikeutensa pyritään nyt ryöväämään pois juonittelevan parlamentin välityksellä. Äänestäjien enemmistön ääni on kadonnut.

Jeremy Corbyn johdolla tehtävien, lisääntyvien antisemitististen hyökkäysten vuoksi Israel ennakoi, että 30% Britannian juutalaisväestöstä muuttaa Israeliin. Britannia saattaa olla 10 vuoden kuluessa islamilainen valtio. Rukoilettehän Iso-Britannian puolesta, maaliskuun 29. päivä pilkottaa jo, ja silloin Britannian täytyy erota EU:sta.

Pohjois-Koreaa, Afganistania, Somaliaa, Boliviaa, Pakistania, Jemeniä, Iraqia, Irania, Syyriaa, Turkkia, Kurdistania, Egyptiä, Saudi-Arabiaa ja Marokkoa pidetään kaikkein vaarallisimpina maina kristityille.

Seurattavaa ja rukoiltavaa:
Amerikan Yhdysvallat; Amerikan demokraattinen puolue toivotti tervetulleeksi palestiinalaisen kongressiedustaja Rashida Tlaibin Michiganista. Hänestä tuli hetkessä kuuluisa kirottuaan presidentti Trumpin ja Minnesotaa edustavan Ilan Omarin. Tlaibin kannattajat polttivat hiljattain Israelin lipun kadulla New Yorkissa. Heidän räikeän Israel-vastainen näkökantansa puoltaa hyökyvää muutosta Amerikan, Israelin, Palestiinan ja islamin suhteen!
Israel; maa pyrkii kohti vailla käteistä olevaa yhteiskuntaa. On alettu soveltaa käteen asennettavaa siruteknologiaa. Oletteko hämmästyneitä? Älkää olko. Liittykää vain kanssamme rukoilemaan ja anomaan elävää Jumalan sanan nälkää joka puolelle, mutta erityisesti Israeliin.

Valokuvassa Jay, joka puhalsi monena vuonna shofariin ICEJ:n Lehtimajanjuhlien avajaisjuhlallisuuksissa. Lehtimajan juhlien järjestäminen oli kanadalaisen Merla Watsonin näkynä saama ajatus. HERRAN neuvo pysyy ikuisesti,
hänen sydämensä ajatukset polvesta polveen. Psalmi 33:11

Kaikkein tärkein!
Valitsemmeko kestävien ihmissuhteiden takomisen? Se saattaa olla kaikkein vaikeinta työtä, etenkin, jos lähimmäinen on tullut luokatuksi. Psalmista 15 luemme Daavidin saamasta viisaudesta. Hänhän tiesi ja tunsi mitä hylkääminen oli. Miksi ajattelette Jumalan kutsuneen häntä ‘oman mielensä mukaiseksi mieheksi’? Puhummeka me ystävällisesti naapurillemme, vai juoruilemmeko ja piikittelemmekö hänen mainettaan vahingoittaen? Hyödymmekö toisista kaikin tavoin? Syyttelemmekö, mustamaalaammeko, väheksymmekö, häpäisemmekö tai moitimmeko ystävää? Ei sekoiteta tätä eettiseen koodin siitä, miten tulee menetellä niiden suhteen, jotka harjoittavat kostotoimia meitä kohtaan. Meidän on tietenkin varjeltava itseämme vaaralta ja vahingolta, mutta ennen muuta meidän tulee varjella sydämemme ja pitää ajatusmaailmamme kurissa. Meidän tulee rukoilla puhtain sydämin niiden puolesta, jotka kaikesta huolimatta käyttävät meitä hyväkseen. Miten monta kertaa päivässä pesemme kädet? Miten monta kertaa päivässä pesemme sydämemme ajatukset ja aikomukset?

Pyhä Henki on kutsunut minua viettämään ehtoollista päivittäin. Nautin sen Jayn jälkeen tuoden mukaan lapseni yksitellen, heidän vaimojensa elossa olevat vanhemmat sekä vaimot ja lapset – meidän lastenlapsemme. Ja… niin monet muutkin seikat. Tämä tuntuu kuin astumiselta elämän veteen, oppimiselta rentoutumaan ja uimaan syvyyksiin sekä puhdistumaan että virkistymään.

”… Herra Jeesus sinä yönä, jona hänet kavallettiin, otti leivän,” 1. Kor. 11: 23 SEIS! Ensimmäisenä aamuna sana ‘KAVALLETTIIN’ hyppäsi sivulta. Näin välittömästi, missä kohdin loukkaus teki työtään. Kukapa ei olisi joutunut petetyksi, kavalletuksi? Tämä koskee meitä kaikkia. Mitä vammoja yhä raahaamme mukanamme noiden petosten jäljiltä, ja aiheutammeko peräti niitä? Voimmeko päästää irti ja antaa anteeksi niihin liittyvät kärsimämme vammat? Voimmeko käyttää tahtoamme ja seurata Hänen jalanjäljissään? 1. Kor. 24 jatkaa: ”kiitti Jumalaa, mursi leivän…:” Jae 24 myös valitsee sopeutumisen siihen polkuun, jonka Hän on minulle osoittanut. Kyyneleitä saattaa virrata, ja niiden jälkeen seuraa hiljainen rauha!
Oi, Hänen viisautensa rikkautta. Tämä on työtä, mutta on meidän etuoikeutemme seistä muurinaukossa rukoillen itsemme, perheemme, ystäviemme, yhteisöjemme, kaupunkiemme, kansakuntiemme ja maailman kansakuntien puolesta. Jos me emme rukoile, kuka sitten? Tämä on meidän ensihedelmäämme. Meidän tulee rakastaa ikään kuin meitä ei milloinkaan olisi satutettu, loukattu. Olen kiitollinen toivon heräämisestä uudelleen. Halleluja!

Kiitämme teitä vielä siitä, että seisotte rinnallamme vuonna 2019. Jumala on valmistelemassa hyvää ja menestyksellistä vuotta!
Pidetään yhteyttä tänäkin vuonna 2019. Lähettäkää sähköpostiosoitteenne ja kirjautukaa netissä olevan kiertokirjeeni tilauslistalle osoitteessa

Kiitos sanoistanne ja avustanne! Jumala siunatkoon teitä – niin kuuluu rukouksemme.

Meridel Rawlings: Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion, 9079097 ISRAEL.

Meridel Rawlings: Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion, 9079097 ISRAEL.

Photo of the Western Wall above by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Still Small Voice Shevat/Adar 5779 Winter 2019

Shalom Dear Friends,

“It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, …”  The Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, 1859

I think this quotation sums up our current situation quite accurately. Jay joins me in sending you our thanks and prayers for a blessed 2019. I am humbled and deeply encouraged by your loving responses. We send blessings to you. Your support keeps us working, it is just that simple. We are grateful for your interest, prayers, and response, more than you can ever know. Tell others about us and take our letter to your prayer meetings. “ I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” John 9:4 The one common theme in most of your letters is ‘change’. We sense it here also. Instead of panicking, we watch and pray and work. Photo: Our eldest son David Rawlings served in Special Forces unit ‘Givati’ in the Israel Defence Force. He enjoyed his 50th birthday in January. “For who is God, except the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” Ps. 18:31, 31 The vow all IDF soldiers take is: “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the LORD.” Zechariah 4:6 For twenty years David led film production in Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision. Presently employed by The Media Line a News Prod. house.

Aren’t we grateful for the Bible filled with guideposts to help us along our pathway? Don’t allow yourself to be tempted into thinking you are alone. Beloved, encourage and feed your soul daily from the Bible. By shutting out all distractions. I quieten myself before reading the Word. Often in complete agreement, I pray God’s Word back to Him.

“…But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary [harassed] and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.” Matthew 9:36

Israelis do commerce using the Gregorian calendar, but it is 5779 in the Hebrew calendar until the 29th of September 2019. Each Hebrew letter has a numerical value. What is the significance of 5779? Literally, it is: ‘to stamp or trample under a horses hoof…’  or  ‘the adversary uses conflict to wear down and weaken.’ Trouble is no stranger to an Israeli, Jew or Christian. Have you considered this…” all things, whether trouble or blessing are to the Jew first and then all others according to Romans 2:9,10. History repeats itself. The Holocaust really began in 1933 with Hitler’s fantasy of the Third Reich, which was fully implemented from 1939 to 1945. The earth convulsed in war and 80 to 120 million were slaughtered? WHO didn’t suffer? We encourage ourselves in the Book of Daniel. He walked in victory through fearsome battles that affected nations and Israel’s history, and Jesus has shone the light on our futures.

Today Christians, Israelis and Sunni Muslims are the target of a diabolical enemy. Israel faces Radical Islamic armies on 3 borders: The Golan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Iran in the East. A friend visited recently and confided, “I’m afraid!”  Israel is openly striking Iranian build up sites in Syria. The conflict is out in the open. Globally 1 in 12 Christians are persecuted, which translates into 215 MILLION currently being targeted for destruction! Just 100 miles from our home people die daily. 1,500 Christians and Yazidis are caught in sexual slavery in Syria. Little girls are sold in local market stalls like lambs going to their slaughter. Thousands are missing. With the US withdrawal, Turkey is threatening to invade E. Syria.

By way of contrast: the current population of Israel is nearing nine million. Both Arabs and Jews are blessed with creativity. All in all, it is a great place to live, especially in comparison to the crumbling Arab states in this region. Israel’s economy is strong, its technologies formidable, its diplomatic reach expanding. The security forces are vigilant, especially with the US pulling out of Syria, its democratic culture healthy, its faith vibrant and its grit undiminished. Praise God! Most important: Israel is the only nation in the Middle East which enjoys a thriving Christian population. They are said to be the richest people in Israel. Yet many other Christians around the world remain very cold-hearted towards Israel. Why? History has proven that the mainline Church has remained stunningly silent on the plight of persecuted Jews and Christians. Where are the voices raised against Radical Islam? Please don’t tell me: “But we are not political! We don’t want to get involved.” Do you realize, its time to Wake up! What your leaders permit will overtake you. The established Church remains silent and politically correct. Many of us fight for our very existence.

Hostile Territory for Jews, Christians, and moderate Muslims:

Gaza: Some of Gaza’s people are so distressed by the polluted living conditions politically and physically due to 8 months of burning tires on the Gaza Israeli border.  Many are ill with respiratory problems. Sick of being forced to ‘demonstrate against Israel’ they have fled to Turkey, and are trying to get into Europe. Only 1,300 Christians remain in Gaza among a Radical Muslim population of over 2 million. They have to keep silent or lie to escape torture & conversion. 

Palestinian Authority: 7% of their national budget is paid to terrorists who have killed Israelis. In 2018 there were 33 shootings, 17 stabbing attacks, 530 planned attacks stopped when 3,000 terrorists were arrested. We created a film (Between a Rock and a Hard Place – 20 years ago). We interviewed tortured Christians to prove abuse under Fatah or the PA. Today nothing has changed under Palestinian President Abbas, it has gotten worse. 

Bulgaria: The only churches permitted are sponsored ‘NATO State Churches’ and mosques.

Canada: It is forbidden to preach the whole Bible and remain ‘politically correct’. One Pastor is fined 100 million dollars.

United Kingdom: Yet another nation in deep crisis. The Brexit vote by the people who chose to regain national sovereignty is in the process of being robbed by a conspiring parliament. The voice of the majority of voters has been lost. Due to increased anti-Semitic attacks led by Jeremy Corbyn, Israel expects 30% of British Jewry to immigrate. In 10 years the UK will likely be an Islamic State. Pray for Great Britain, March 29th is looming when Britain must leave the EU.

N. Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bolivia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco are considered among the most dangerous nations for Christians.

Watch and Pray:

The United States of America: The American Democratic Party welcomed Palestinian Congresswomen: Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who became famous overnight for cursing President Trump and Ilan Omar of Minnesota. Their supporters burned an Israeli flag on the streets of New York recently. Their brash anti-Israel stance advocates sweeping change for America, Israel, Palestine, and Islam!

Israel: is working to bring in a cashless society and has begun to employ the ‘chip in the hand’ technology. Are you surprised? Don’t be. Join us in prayer as we call out for a hunger for the Living Word of God everywhere but especially in Israel.

Photo: Jay blew the shofar for many years at the opening ceremony of the Feast of Tabernacles. The Feast was envisioned by Merla Watson of Canada. “The counsel of the LORD stands forever. The plans of His heart to all generations.” Psalms 33:11

What matters most!

Do we choose to forge viable relationships? It can be the hardest work of all, especially if a brother has been offended. In Psalm 15, read the wisdom David received. Now, he was a man who knew what rejection was. Why do you think God called him “a man after his own heart?” Do we speak kindly to our neighbor; or gossip and snipe at his reputation? Do we take advantage of ‘the other’ in any way? Do we blame, discredit, disgrace, shame or reproach a friend? Don’t confuse this code of ethics with how to deal with those who have a vendetta against us. Of course, we must protect ourselves from any danger or damage, but most of all we must guard our hearts and keep our thought life in check. We must pray for those who despitefully use us with a clean heart. How many times a day do you wash your hands? How many times a day do you wash the thoughts and intents of your heart?

The Holy Spirit has invited me to take daily communion. I partake first, after Jay, I bring my children one by one and the living parents of their wives, followed by their wives and children, (our grandchildren). And… there is so much more. Its like stepping into the waters of life and learning to relax and swim out into the depths, both cleansing and refreshing.

 “…on the same night in which He was betrayed He took bread…” 1 Cor. 11:23b  STOP! That first morning, the word BETRAYED leapt from the page. Instantly I saw where the hurt was at work. Who hasn’t been betrayed?  We all qualify. What damage do we still lug around from those betrayals and even perpetuate them? Can we let go and forgive the collateral damage we have suffered? Can we engage our will and follow in His footsteps? “and when He had given thanks He broke it.” Verse 24 I also choose to agree with the path He has set for me. Tears may flow, followed by quiet peace!  Oh, the riches of His wisdom. This is work, but it is our privilege to stand in the gap in prayer for ourselves, for family, friends, community, our city, our nations, and the nations. If we don’t do it who will? This is our first fruits. We have to love as if we have never been hurt. I’m grateful that Hope springs new. Hallelujah!

We thank you again for standing with us in 2019. God is making it a good and prosperous year!

Let’s communicate in 2019. What is your email? Please sign up for and share my cyber letter.   Thanks for your voice and your help and May God Bless you is our prayer!

Meridel Rawlings: Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion, 9079097 ISRAEL.

Photo of the Western Wall above by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash

Our World Christmas 2018

Dear Friends, this is an email from a friend of mine Susan…

Good Morning Prayer Warriors:  As we walk fully on into our Joyous Christmas Season and the revealing of Christ, it is difficult to understand the stark realities that Meridel and Jay Rawlings witness every moment of these days.  We have read that there will be wars and rumours of wars before His return, however, to be living in the midst of this prophesied chaos, must be mind-bending to say the very least.  Meridel and Jay are standing obediently where the Lord has asked them to be at this time in History.  Meridel expresses her concerns so eloquently and succinctly.  We need to listen and be praying for our World as never before, our leaders and for our dear friends,  Jay and Meridel as this unfolds, literally on their doorstep.  Lord, Your Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.    Ps. 122.  Ps. 23.    Pray without ceasing Ps. 91.

Jay and Meridel, we love you and bless you and join you in Praying for Christ to be revealed as Messiah to His people, not only in Israel but around the Globe…  His Plan, His Timing and His Heart for all mankind.  The tide is rising.   Be Blessed, Amen, Love Susan

Photo by Caleb Stokes on UnsplashJust a quick note from me Meridel before Christmas. Events are moving quickly here in our area of the world. Israel now is battling conflicts on four fronts. To the East just 7 km from us: Radical Palestinians in the Palestinian Authority are trying to reimpose an uprising. To the North East, the Syrian and Iranian armies stockpile weapons from Iran, under the protection of Russia in Syria. To the North West Hizbullah tunnels dug into Israel under the Israeli border are being destroyed by Israeli troops. They give a passage from Lebanon into kibbutzim (Israeli farms) and civilian areas. Then on the South West, riots continue on the Gaza border!

Israeli soldiers are deployed in each area. This last week we have had three drive-by shootings, which have killed several civilians, a baby and soldiers. Lebanon has stockpiled more missiles than 95% of the nations on earth… hard to get your head around that one, and all aimed at Israel. Syria is in the firm control of Russia and Iran. The US has a presence to the East in Syria with the Kurds, which Turkey wants to attack. Now the Americans are pulling their troops out of Syria which paves the way for Ezekiel’s prophecy Gog & Magog in Ezekiel 38-39.

The UN recently proved inept in refusing to acknowledge Gaza’s Hamas a terrorist Organisation. I believe the direct result of this has been the blatant murders on Israelis, standing at bus stops last week.

I suggest that for good factual news on Israel stay tuned to the 700 Club, Their news coverage on Israel is current and factual.

The Catholic Orthodox Church in Ukraine took back their authority from the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, severing all Russian control. It is known that Putin has given power to the Russian Orthodox Church to control her peoples.

We just viewed a program on CANADA and her experiment in post-nationalism… in other words, the Canada we knew no longer exists with Radical Islam welcomed. We listened to moderate Muslims speak out on how unsafe they feel now that Radical Islam has been loosed. This is a terrible situation and I wonder if voices are countering this insanity. This is making Canada an unsafe neighbor for the USA. Imagine having to build a wall between Canada and the US? Insanity.

We are grateful PM Theresa May made it through the Parliamentary vote but she needs miracles, favor, and changes to make it through with Brexit.

Pray for Princes William and Harry for they are going to be used mightily by the LORD in the coming days.

Pray for the revelation of Messiah to come to Israelis in every walk of life. I asked Jay, “WHAT is it going to take for Israel to see their Messiah? He said one word, “The anti-Christ.” Father have mercy upon us all.

Our government has hiked the price of electricity, heating oil, meat, milk, and bread by 8%… the majority of the middle class are living a very circumspect existence as salaries are dreadfully low here and prices are among the highest in the world.

Pray for us all, please. Except the LORD build the house, (nation) they labor in vain who build it.

Every blessing now as you celebrate the birth of the Messiah.

Meridel Rawlings

Dr. Meridel Rawlings 2018

Dr. Meridel Rawlings 2018


Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Pieni hiljainen ääni… Kislev 23, 5779 / joulukuu 2018

Rakkaat ystävät!

Kehotan siis ennen kaikkea anomaan, rukoilemaan, pitämään esirukouksia ja kiittämään kaikkien ihmisten puolesta, kuninkaiden ja kaikkien vallanpitäjien puolesta, että saisimme viettää rauhallista ja hiljaista elämää kaikin tavoin hurskaasti ja kunniallisesti. Se on hyvää ja mieluista Jumalalle, meidän pelastajallemme… 1. kirje Timoteukselle 2:1-3

Presidentti George Hubert Walker Bush pääsi ajasta ikuisuuteen 94-vuotiaana marraskuun 30. päivänä 2018. Koko perhekuntamme vaikuttui hänen elämäntarinansa äärellä. Hän kunnioitti vanhempiaan ja sanoi: ”Äitini opetti minua olemaan kerskailematta ja asettamaan aina toiset etusijalle.”

Valokuvassa Jay ja Meridel Rawlings

Bush syntyi vuonna 1924 ja hänet kasvatettiin kunnioittamaan Jumalaa ja maataan.
Pearl Harbourin tapahtumien jälkeen tämä nuori, juuri lukion päättänyt ja 18 täyttänyt nuori mies liittyi armeijaan tuolloin nuorimpana merivoimien sotilaana. Hän suoritti 58 lentokomennusta. Japanilaisten ilmatorjuntatulen osuttua hänen lentokoneensa se syttyi tuleen. Ihmeteltävällä tavalla miehistö suoritti pommitustehtävänsä ennen hyppäämistä ulos koneesta Tyynenvaltameren yllä. Bush oli sydänjuuriaan myöden murtunut tajutessaan kahden toverinsa kuolleen, koska heidän laskuvarjonsa eivät auenneet. ”Miksi en minä?” hän itki. Ihmeenomaisesti amerikkalainen sukellusvene pelasti hänet vedestä neljä tuntia myöhemmin. Hän palasi välittömästi taistelemaan.

Näimme filmiltä miten hän luki ensimmäisiä rakkauskirjeitään Barbaralle, josta myöhemmin tuli hänen vaimonsa 73 vuoden ajaksi. Heidän perheessään oli 6 lasta, 17 lastenlasta ja 8 lastenlastenlasta. Perhe oli keskeinen asia heidän elämässään. Robin, heidän vanhin tyttärensä kuoli nelivuotiaana kuuden kuukauden syöpätaistelun jälkeen. Isän rakastava kirje pienelle tyttärelleen ilmaisi väkevästi isän syvän menetyksentunteen.

Bush oli opiskellut Yalessa vain kaksi ja puoli vuotta ja lähtenyt yksin Teksasiin. Yhdessä vaiheessa hän maalasi öljytynnyreitä elannokseen ennen kuin siirtyi öljyteollisuuden pariin. Vailla kenenkään taustatukea hän pyrki nelikymppisenä Teksasin kuvernööriksi. Hän toimi myös Yhdysvaltain YK- suurlähettiläänä, sittemmin CIA:n johtajana, Yhdysvaltain Kiinan suurlähettilään ja Ronald Reaganin varapresidenttinä kahdeksan vuoden ajan.

Sitten Bush valittiin presidentiksi yhdeksi kaudeksi. Siirtyessään Valkoiseen taloon hän kirjoitti: ”En halua tuottaa minkäänlaista häpeää tälle viralle.” Hän oli maailmanhistorian kannalta ratkaisevan keskeisessa asemassa tarkasteltaessa Amerikan selviytymistä Kylmästä sodasta. Hänen kauaskantoiset ja viisaat päätöksensä tekivät maailmasta paremman paikan. Hänen lempinimensä oli ‘hellä herrasmies’. Hän todisti Berliinin muurin murtumisen ja koska hän ei toitottanut tätä voittoa Michael Gorbatsovista, Bush pystyi myöhemmin saamaan aikaan ydinasekiellon. Henkilökohtaisen vaikutusvaltansa turvin hän sai 40 kansakuntaa taistelemaan yhdessä Persianlahden sodassa, kun Saddam Hussein oli sytyttänyt Kuwaitin öljylähteet tuleen. Puolen miljoonan vahvuiset joukot taistelivat miljoonaa irakilaista vastaan vapauttaen Kuwaitin. Bush lopetti sodan lyhyeen ja sai 90 %:n kannatusluvut; saavutus, johon kukaan toinen Yhdysvaltain

presidentti ennen tai jälkeen ei ole yltänyt. Hänet tunnettiin huomaavaisuudesta ja henkilökohtaisista huomionosoituksista kaikkia hänen elämäänsä vaikuttaneita kohtaan. Hän oli kiitollinen saatuaan etuoikeuden palvella maataan ja kutsui presidenttiysvuosiaan upeiksi. Hävittyään presidentinvaalit Bill Clintonille, Bush puki sanoiksi viimeisenä unettomana yönään presidentin virassa sydämensä tuntoja näin: ”Sattuu, sattuu, sattuu. Olen epäonnistunut presidentti. Jätän kuitenkin arvion palveluajastani historioitsijoiden arvosteltavaksi.”
Oi, kunpa Jumala antaisi meille enemmän hänen kaltaisiaan johtajia tähän nykymaailmaan. Rukoillaan ja pyydetään suurisuuntaisesti, että maailmastamme tulisi ilon täyttämä!

Bush vanhemman päästyä eläkeikään, hänen poikansa presidentti George W. Bush ja Bill Clinton lähettivät hänet useille hyväntekeväisyysmatkoille onnettomuusalueille eri puolille maapalloa. Hän keräsi miljardi dollaria hyväntekeväisyysjärjestönsä Points of Lightin kautta. Sekä republikaanit että demokraatit arvostelivat ja hyljeksivät jokaista, joka teki yhteistyötä ‘toisen leirin’ kanssa. Kun eräs reportteri kysyi Bushilta: ”Miksi suhtaudutte ystävällisesti kilpakumppaniinne Clintoniin?” Bush vanhempi vastasi: ”No, pidän itseäni isänä, jota hänellä ei milloinkaan ollut.”

Hänellä oli kyllin suuri sydän, joten hän kykeni olemaan tekemisissä entisen poliittisen vastustajansa kanssa. Hän pystyi siunaamaan ja palvemaan häntä, ja yhdessä he pystyivät vaikuttamaan miljoonien kärsivien ihmisten elämään kaikkialla maailmassa. Se on toimivaa viisautta ja armoa!

Ollessaan yhä virassa presidentti Bush vieraili Israelissa. Olin hepreankurssilla paikallisessa vastaanottokeskuksessa lähellä kotiamme. En milloinkaan unohda miltä tuntui, kun rehtori ilmoitti: ”Huomenna presidentti Bush tulee vierailulle.” Kerrottuani siitä aviomiehelleni Jaylle hän kehotti minua ojentamaan lahjana videon ‘Gates of Brass’ (Vaskiportit). Se oli esitetty Israelissa ensi kertaa vuonna 1986, joten se oli ajankohtainen. Se kuvattiin tapahtumapaikoilla Neuvostoliitossa. Siitä tuli äänitorvi ääntä vailla oleville venäjänjuutalaisille, joille ei annettu lupaa muuttaa Israeliin. Jay teki kopion presidenttiä varten ja liitti siihen henkilökohtaisen viestin. Tiesin päässäni ja sydämessäni, että tämä oli HERRAN meille tarjoama hieno mahdollisuus. Olin innoissani – ja peloissani samalla kertaa. Kirjoitan kuitenkin tämän seuraavan kertoakseni teille miten helposti menetämme meille valmistetun siunauksen. En kuunnellut pientä hiljaista ääntä enkä aviomiestäni. Koska itsetuntoni oli nollilla, en kyennyt tarttumaan tilaisuuteen. Lintsasin enkä mennyt oppitunnille. Kyllä, inhosin itseäni silloin. En vain pystynyt kohtaamaan niin tärkeää henkilöä. Ihan järjetöntä, tiedän kyllä. Jänistin. Pahoittelen ja kadun tietysti tottelemattomuuttani ja Jumalan meille osoittamien armollisten suunnitelmien menettämistä siinä hetkessä. Miksi moinen tilannekauhu? En ole varma. Joskus me vain pilaamme tilanteen.

Kysymys: ”Onko tällaista koskaan tapahtunut kenellekään teistä?”

Isä Jumalalla on hyvät suunnitelmat kutakin meitä kohtaan; ihania, kauaskantoisia suunnitelmia. Ja kun kaikki on valmista, olemme itse ainoita, jotka voimme estää omaa elämäämme. Kaikki ne suuret lahjat, mahdollisuudet, tilaisuudet ja kohtaamiset, jotka Pyhällä on meitä varten, me voimme tärvätä ne. Miksi? Koska meillä on sanomattoman valtaisa lahja: vapaan tahdon valinta. Voimme valita tottelemisen ja olla avoimia mahdollisuuksille tai sulkeutua niiltä. Miten Sinä valitset?

Valokuva: Dan ja Josh siunasivat minua antaen 77-vuotislahjaksi elämäni ensimmäisen parin Adidas-lenkkareita!

Kadun luonnollisesti uskonpuutettani. Tuotin HERRALLE, itselleni ja aviomiehelleni ja Jerusalem Visatasin työlle pettymyksen. Olemme vain yhtä vahvoja kuin heikoimmat hetkemme. Minun oli kohdattava puutteellisuuteni ja päätin olla tottelevainen, kun minua pyydettäisiin tekemään jotain vaikeaa. Oma selitykseni: olen luonteeltani sulkeutuva, pidän paljon yksityisyydestä. Julkisuudessa oleminen ja ihmisten kohtaaminen lukeutuu itselleni kaikkein vaikeimpiin asioihin. Mutta arvaatteko mitä? Se EI ole pätevä syy tai selitys. En halua enää milloinkaan päästää taivaallista kohtaamista valumaan läpi sormien.

Olen vailla sanoja yrittäessäni kirjoittaa rukouskirjettä. Eläminen hyvin lähellä Lähi-idän mielettömyyttä on välistä hermoja repivää. Mitä enemmän näen ja kuulen, sitä hiljaisempi minusta tulee. Elämme lopunaikoja. Käsillä on kestäväisyyttä ja selviytymistä vaativa aika. Rukoilen päivin ja öin, sillä maailma näyttä olevan kovin poissa oikealta tolalta. Israelia ja ympäröiviä arabimaita sekä maailman eri osia koskevat uutiset ovat hirvittäviä. Lausutaan Kaikkivaltiaalle Hänen antamiaan lupauksia; sellaisia psalmista 2 ja Matteuksen luvusta 5 löytyviä. Rukoilettehan maailman johtajien puolesta, ei vain silloin, kun olemme heidän kanssaan samaa mieltä. Pyytäkää Pyhää Henkeä vierailemaan kaikkien näiden johtajien luona. Emme ole täällä tuomitsemassa tai valittamassa. Rukoillaan, että esiin nousee jumalisia johtajia.

Olen iloinen voidessani kertoa, että tuorein kirjani ‘Erasing the Indelible Stain’ (Pysyvän tahran poistaminen) on menossa oikoluettavaksi. Se on opetusta mahdottomien, sukupolvia kestäneiden vääryksien, rikkomuksien aiheuttamien tahrojen parantumisesta. Tuoreet epigenetiikan tulokset osoittavat miten esivanhempamme vaikuttavat meidän DNA:hamme. Tulokset osoittavat Kirjoitusten paikkansapitävyyden, sillä niissähän todetaan isien syntien ulottuvan kolmanteen ja neljänteen polveen asti.

Käytän kirjassani esimerkkeinä todellisia elämänvaiheita, joista minä ja muut ovat selvinneet. Emme ainoastaan selvinneet, vaan selitän, miten me olemme oppineet kukoistamaan! Kerron lukijoille suurella vaivalla saavutetuista voitoistamme. Kirja ei sovi heikkohermoisille! Lahjoituksenne auttavat sen julkaisemista.

Olen innoissani, sillä Chris, Daniel ja minä suunnittelemme jälleen lähtevämme Nepaliin vuoden 2019 maaliskuussa. Menemme opettamaan nepalilaiselle perheellemme viestintätaitoja. Chris opettaa tietokonetaitoja ja CAN-projektin (Change Action Nepal – muutos, toiminta, Nepal) nettisivujen ylläpitoa. Chris loi nuo sivut ja on ylläpitänyt niitä vuosia. On aika saada nepalilaiset tekemään tuo työ itse. Daniel ja minä filmaamme haastatteluja ja viemme henkistä tukea Indiralle, joka vastaa tuosta työstä. Chris on päättänyt tehdä elämäntarinastani filmin.

Kiitos lahjoituksista tälle äärettömän vaikealle, mutta hyvin tärkeälle työlle, jolla pelastetaan ihmiskauppaan joutuneita tyttöjä ja poikia. Tarvitsemme varoja ostaaksemme heille kodin. Tarvitsemme rahaa myös lentolippuihin ja majoitukseen. Olettehan anteliaita! Olemme itse laittaneet likoon kaiken liikenevän. Autattehan meitä tekemään mahdottomia.

Siunaan teitä vuoden 2018 ollessa lopuillaan. Vuosi on ollut monivaiheinen meidän perheellemme. Kaikkein huikeinta olivat viime kuussa aviomieheni erikoislääkärin lausumat sanat: ”Jay, sinulla on kaksikymppisen sydän!” Millaisen sanomattoman suuren lahjan olemme ilmaiseksi saaneet Messiaaltamme, joka maksoi kaiken. Hänen armonsa ja Jumalan Sanan kiistämätön todistus ja voima tekevät meidät nöyriksi. Kerrottakoon uusille lukijoillemme, että Jaylle tehtiin avosydänleikkaus kesäkuussa 2017.

Tiimimme ja perheemme lähettävät yhdessä siunauksia teille Israelista nyt hanukan ja joulun aikaan. Juhlitaan VALOA! JOS emme niin tee, pimeys lisääntyy. Miksi? Koska pimeys on yksinkertaisesti valon poissaoloa. Meidän tehtävämme on saada aikaan muutosta. Meillä kaikilla on merkittäviä tehtäviä suoritettavana.

Te olette maailman valo. Niin loistakoon teidänkin valonne ihmisten edessä, että he näkisivät hyvät tekonne ja ylistäisivät Isäänne, joka on taivaissa. Matteus 5: 14, 16

Harkitsettahan lahjoituksen tekemistä tähän työhön. Se on varsin hyljeksittyä.
Voitte kirjoittaa šekin Meridel Rawlingsille tai Still Small Voicelle. Kirjeet tulevat nekin perille. Nettisivuillani on myös PayPal -tili.


Lähetämme runsaita siunauksia täältä kodistamme teidän koteihinne näin valonjuhlan aikaan!

Picture of Jerusalem above: Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Still Small Voice – Kislev 23, 5779, December 2018

My Dear Friends:
Shalom…loving greetings from Israel.  Jay and I (photo Lt) thank you for your friendship over many years. At this Hanukah and Christmas time, we celebrate the wonder of Light. I have lit my Hanukah lamps, you are lighting your Advent wreaths, and millions of lights decorate trees and homes all over the Western world. The Light of the Bible is the greatest threat to Fundamentalist Islam. Two hundred and fifty million Christians are at risk; in danger of being snuffed out. Israel is also fighting Fundamentalist Islam on 4 fronts… it is a time of encroaching darkness. Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where Christians are SAFE. I am thinking of Jesus in the Garden very much alone. This was the moment of a cataclysmic war between darkness and light. Twice He asked his disciples; What? Could you not watch with me one hour? Matthew 26:40 Pray that you enter not into temptation. Why do you sleep? Luke  22:40, 46.  John witnessed His intense loneliness, sorrow, and agony. And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God and Messiah whom you have sent. John 17:3 His glorious birth in Bethlehem was introduced by signs in the stars and hosts of angels singing praises. For there is born to you this day in the City of David a Saviour who is Christ [Messiah] the Lord. Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men! Luke:11,14.

Hannukah candles

Hannukah candles

We cry for change and life support to flow into wounded lives threatened by encroaching darkness.

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men; for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour. 1 Timothy 2:1-3.

President George Hubert Walker Bush, at age 94, left the world a legacy of faith and servanthood. Our entire household was captivated by the unveiling of his life’s story. Born in 1924, he was taught to honour God and country. He gave honour to his parents, and said, “My mother taught me; ‘never brag and always put others first.’” He was the youngest naval pilot in the US Navy and flew 58 missions in WW2. When Japanese anti-aircraft fire hit his plane, it burst into flames. Amazingly the crew completed their bombing mission before bailing out over the Pacific. When he realised that his two comrades died because their parachutes didn’t open. “Why not me?” he wept. A US submarine miraculously rescued him and he went right back into combat. Because he had faced death he knew how to live life to the full.

We watched footage of him reading his first love letters to Barbara, later to become his wife of 73 years. Their family of 6 children, 17 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren took centre stage in their lives. Robin, their first daughter died at the age of 3 after a 6 month battle with cancer. His love letter to his little girl poignantly expresses his deep sense of loss. He completed his studies at Yale in just two and a half years and struck out for Texas on his own. At one point he painted barrels to keep body and soul together before he got into the oil business. Not one to back down, later he ran for Governor of Texas. He was the US Ambassador to the UN, later head of the CIA, US Envoy to China and Ronald Reagan’s Vice President for eight years.

George W.H. Bush was elected President in 1989. Upon entering the White House he penned: “I don’t want to bring any dishonour to the office.” He was instrumental in world history as America evolved out of the Cold War. His far-reaching and wise decisions made for a better world.  His nickname was: a gentle gentleman. He was one of the Fathers of the unification of Germany and witnessed the collapse of the Berlin Wall. He refused to laud this victory over Michael Gorbachev. Later he was able to introduce a successful ban on nuclear arms. Through his personal influence unified 29 allied nations to fight in the Gulf War, when Saddam Hussein set Kuwait’s oil wells ablaze. Half a million allied troops faced one million Iraqis and liberated Kuwait. He promptly ended the war after two weeks and won approval ratings of 93%; a feat no other U.S. President has ever accomplished before nor since. He was known for his thoughtful and personal notes of appreciation to anyone who touched his life. He was grateful for the privilege of serving his country and called his Presidential years, amazing. When he lost the Presidency to Bill Clinton, that last sleepless night in office, he dictated his heartfelt feelings: “Hurt, hurt, hurt! I am a failed President. However, I leave the verdict of my service to the historians to judge.” Oh, that God would give us more leaders, with egos in check in today’s world. Let’s pray and ask largely that our world may be redeemed from hatred and destruction, the path the nations walk today.

In retirement, his son President George W Bush sent him and Bill Clinton on many mercy missions to disaster areas around the globe. He raised one billion dollars for his charity Points of Light.  Both Republicans and Democrats criticised and ostracised each man for working with the ‘other’. When asked, by a reporter: ‘Why’ do you have this friendship with your rival Clinton?”

The senior Bush replied; “Well, I think I am the father he never had.”  He was large enough of heart to reach out to his former political opponent and not only bless and minister to him; but, together they made a difference in the lives of millions of hurting souls worldwide. That is wisdom and grace in action!

When President Bush visited Israel, while still in office, I was in Hebrew School in our local Absorption Centre.“Tomorrow President Bush will visit us.” the principal announced. When I told my husband, he encouraged me to take him a gift of our film Gates of Brass, premiered in Israel in 1986, (cutting edge at the time.) Filmed on location in the USSR, it became a voice for the voiceless Soviet Jews, prisoners on Zion; forbidden to immigrate to Israel. This film brought Jews and Christians together in major cities worldwide to hold protests outside of Soviet Embassies. The gates of the USSR opened and 1,200,000 Soviet Jews came home to Israel from 1991 on. Jay prepared a copy for the President along with a personal note. I write the following to share with you just how easy it is to miss the blessings prepared for us. I did not listen to The Still Small Voice, nor my husband. I could not rise to this occasion. I played hockey and simply didn’t show up for class. Yes, I was disgusted with myself at the time. I just couldn’t face meeting such an important person. It’s crazy I know. I got cold feet. Of course, I regret my disobedience, and missing God’s gracious plans for us at this time. Question: has this kind of thing ever happened to you, when you work against yourself?

Father God has good plans for each one of us. Wonderful far-reaching plans and when it is all said and done, “I” am the only one who can hinder my life.  Many of the precious gifts, opportunities, and encounters prepared for me; can be hindered and missed by me. Why? Because my Creator gives us all the awesome gift of ‘free will choice’. I can choose to thrive or shrivel into the circumstances I was born into; to believe and obey or falter and disobey, I can open to ‘life’ or close down. Isn’t it exactly the same design at work in each one of us? Of course, I regret my lack of faith. I disappointed my LORD, myself, my husband and the work of Jerusalem Vistas. We are only as strong as our weakest moments. I had to face my fears and made a decision to be obedient and persevere in situations that are very hard. I have NO excuse.

Just to touch upon our current situation here in Israel. There are no words. Foment is going on internally and all around us in the Muslim world. We are attacked within and without. It leaves me speechless. I write a prayer letter and overnight the situation has yet another dimension… Living so close to insanity in the Middle East is nerve-wracking. The more I see and hear and learn the quieter I become. We are in the last days, it is a time of endurance and overcoming. Our world is spinning out of control. The news is abysmal. Let us pray the Almighty’s promises back to Him, like Psalm 2 and Matthew 5. Let us pray for godly leaders to be raised up. Pray for Jerusalem and all believers where ever they are. Help someone living in a conflict zone.

I am happy to report that my latest book: Erasing the Indelible Stain continues into the editing stage. It is a teaching on healing the impossible stains or in-prints from generational iniquity. The latest cutting-edge research in Epigenetic’s can now trace how our DNA is marked by our ancestors. It proves the validity of scripture which states; ‘the sins of the fathers visit to the 3rd and 4th generations.’ In this book, I share real-life encounters that I and others have survived. I carefully explain how we learned to thrive!  Our hard-won victories are worth more than pure gold, for they bring life! It is not a book for the faint hearted!

Sons Chris and Daniel and I plan to revisit the Change Action Nepal family In March 2019. Jerusalem Vistas and your financial support enabled us to make a film for them in 2016. We helped them incorporate and register with the Nepali government. Our work now is to help them in the art of communicating with the outside world. Chris will teach the computer savvy, how to update the Change Action Nepal website. He built it and has maintained it for years; now its time to raise Nepalis up to do this work. Thank you for your donations to this incredibly difficult yet vital work of rescuing and educating trafficked girls and boys who still need their own home. Friends be generous! Please help us to do the impossible. We need the windows of heaven to open and pour out a blessing. Enable us to help them.

2018 has been a momentous year in the lives of our family. The most thrilling news was when my husband’s cardiologist said last month: “Jay, you have the heart of a 20 year old!” What an unspeakable gift of love.

Now, celebrate the LIGHT! IF we don’t, darkness increases. Why? Because darkness is simply the absence of light. Jesus promised: You are the light of the world. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5: 14a, 16.

Kindly make checks payable to Meridel Rawlings or Still Small Voice. Our mail is safe. Avail yourself to my letters and articles on my website:  The Pay Pal is safe and reliable.

Shalom from the Rawlings home to yours.

Picture of Jerusalem above: Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

The Spoiler – Destroyer – Leviathan

Still Small Voice – Kislev 5779 /Nov 2018

Dear Friends,
This year is quickly drawing to a close. I pray you to have no regrets. But if you do, this letter may be of help. Winter has touched down here in Jerusalem, and we are so happy about the pouring rain. Lightning puts on quite a spectacular show followed almost immediately by pealing claps of booming thunder. We Israelis give praise, praying for a ‘heavy’ winter. for also brings a measure of protection. The photo was taken at 7 am this morning when the sun broke through the clouds after a night of heavy rain.

This letter gives you a ‘handbook’ on the warfare that we all face. We know that we are in a knock down drag out battle. Many of you will have experienced severe devastation, and it is always at the hands of one or more human beings. Here I introduce you to a spiritual force by the Biblical name of Leviathan. We must be wise to the strategies of our enemy number one! I know you will do your homework and apply what you learn here. Whenever I give this teaching, the response is immediate. It already exists on in German, Norwegian and Finnish. Here it is now in English. Tell your friends.

Because it is lengthy, I suggest you print it out and put it in your Bible. Take your time to study it in 3 or 4 sittings. Pray as you go. This information is vital for your spiritual and physical well being.

May you carry it’s truths into your own life first, and then the lives of your families and communities. I’m praying for you. I teach from personal experience with the full support of my husband. If you have questions email me:


 Ruler of the Spirit World 

Troublesome times are upon us all. World events are being shaped to fit the Bible narrative. A new level of warfare is required to live peacefully. I encourage you to hold fast to your faith, hope, families and friends. All that we love is being threatened. But we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us and called us according to His purposes. I want to help you equip yourself for this battle against the dark heart of this mysterious being titled Leviathan. I am talking now about the spiritual force, unseen to the natural eye, which the Bible describes in detail. He enters the Biblical drama with his intrusion right into the perfect Garden of Eden. He also appears in the oldest book, the Book of Job, and we meet him again nearing the final battle of the ages in the Book of Revelation. He especially attacks what the LORD God prizes the most; the crown of His creation, man and woman. All human beings are the chosen targets of his attacks. We are aware of evil influences present in the vulnerability of leaders. Entire nations are under the manipulation, graft and corruption of a few individuals. Common citizens get ground under the wheels of so called progress. This is one reason for the rise of migrants world wide. 

The enemy I seek to describe affects us all. He has from the beginning of time, singled out the Jewish People and nation of Israel. His work is to thwart the plans of the Almighty.  He revels in spilling their blood. Just look what has happened in Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen and across Africa. Christians, women and children are prize targets. Leviathan hates women. You may be surprised to know that globally 90% of all abuse is against women. The ultimate question is, Where is the place of safety?  

In antiquity, Job described this monster, Leviathan in the form of a large sea creature of unknown identity. I will quote scripture with details of its cunning character and deadly physical prowess. We are no match to deal with this cunningly evil prince; this demon spirit. He rules the darkness; he is absolutely opposed to the promises and principles of the LORD God Almighty. This is the war we are born into from the very beginning of time.

 Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field.  Genesis 3:1 

This creature, coined the serpent, may have been a beautiful creation in the beginning of time in order to seduce Eve and Adam into believing his lies. He was capable of stealing away the blissful relationship of perfect trust that our human parents, enjoyed with their Creator. It did so by sowing doubt. The classic insinuation was that God was selfish in His parental guidance, warning Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Has God indeed said? insinuates there has been a cover-up, a mistake. Leviathan dares to counter and question the Word of the Highest Authority, right inside of the Garden of Eden. He was attacking the very character of God, who was the only Authority until this moment.  His evil works are exactly the same today when he counters us. He separates us from the love of God by sowing doubt, despair and unbelief into our minds. We are well able to grow stronger by first, isolating his insinuating thoughts. Then be aware of what is happening to our thought life if KEY. When we identify the source of the negativity, we can resist it as separate from ourselves. Neither do his superimposed thoughts resemble the Word of God Almighty. He sows disunity. One needs to ask for the spirit of discernment to withstand and overcome these invisible kinds of mental and spiritual attacks. Leviathan is not me! Repeat after me: “Leviathan is NOT me!” With experience, and using the Word of God, which is quick and powerful, we will comprehend when our enemy is interfering, or should I say attacking.

 It is vital that we all be alerted to the schemes he works up to engage each one of us. He hits below the belt and uses someone in ‘our garden’ to speak smooth words of worldly wisdom sowing doubt, which leads to a failure of faith. We can actually fail in holding on to the good promises of God in our lives, with the blessings we enjoy and often take for granted. Lack of attention can be the reason we fall to the ground under a dark authority.

We are all familiar with the sufferings of Job. Let’s see what he learned about Leviathan.

Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook, or snare his tongue with a line, which you lower? Can you put a reed through his nose, or pierce his jaw with a hook?  Indeed, any hope of overcoming him is false. Shall one not be overwhelmed at the sight of him?  Who can open the doors of his face, with his terrible teeth all around?  His rows of scales are his pride shut up tightly as with a seal;  One is so near another that no air can come between them.  Strength dwells in his neck and sorrow (despair) dances before him.  His heart is as hard as stone, Even as hard as the lower millstone. He makes the deep boil like a pot. He makes the sea like a pot of ointment.  On the earth, there is nothing like him, which is made without fear.  He beholds every high thing; He is king over all the children of pride. see Job 41:1-31

Let’s pause here: What comes to your mind, when you read these characteristics? I think of a crocodile or alligator. A creature one would never get too close to, let alone take on as an opponent in battle. What we fail to realise is that we are his enemy. His work is to make us the enemy of God  Almighty. Just as he has become an outcast from the Almighty’s Presence; Leviathan seeks the same shame and rejection for you and me.

I vividly remember a time in my life, when I was left torn, bruised, broken and bleeding. At one point I felt I was dying. I awoke from a Caesarian section to discover that our baby girl was dead. Later details revealed that the doctors in a particular Canadian hospital decided that our ‘Judith Joy’ was to be doomed to a ‘post-partum abortion’. That simply means, that because I was deathly ill, they assumed she was damaged and not worthy of life. She was not even suctioned when taken from my womb but left on a stainless steel table until she died fifteen minutes later. Her autopsy later proved that she was a completely normal child. It was suggested that we sue the obstetrician in charge, but we were too broken to do anything. What dark grim days we lived through. I learned that throughout history many mothers have experienced this kind of agony. I did not pass away even though I was willing to die in my child’s place. I lived and instead, had to spend several years contending with the negative impact with her death. Although my husband and I have also experienced the death of many hopes and dreams in our lifetime; the love of Jesus, and love for each other has sustained us to continue on. The death of a vision can sometimes lead to the resurrection of the same vision but in another format.

Why not take a moment to jot down some of your memories. What have been your greatest challenges in life? What about losses and failures? We will initially deal with them at the end of this teaching.


Multiplied Biblical promises are given to the nation and people of Israel because they were first designed in the heart of God. Their existence was His idea alone, not mans. They have been the prime target of Leviathan from their moment of conception with the call of Abraham, to this very day.  The proof is that living here in the Land of Israel, we have not had one day of peace. We are a nation of ‘watchmen’ in order to survive. Similarly, true believers are also a prime target of Leviathan. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter what you call yourself; Leviathan is out to destroy your soul. This Evil is colour blind and is a master at using ALL religious programs. Life teaches us that Evil-Leviathan will encroach upon any life. For those of us who believe in the goodness of a Living Saviour, we are given tools to fight back and recover. But, never forget, Leviathan is a spoiler. He hates all of mankind and his work is to ruin the awesome plans of our Great and loving Saviour for you. The Word promises: Thus says the LORD God, When I have gathered the house of Israel from the peoples among whom they are scattered and am hallowed in them in the sight of the Gentiles, then they will dwell in their own land which I gave to My servant Jacob. And they will dwell safely there, build houses and plant vineyards; execute judgments on all those around them who DESPISE them. Then they shall know that I am the LORD their God. Ezekiel 28:25,26.

The Jewish People were driven from their homeland 2,000 years ago, just as the Biblical Prophets warned. They were scattered to the four corners of the earth. It was only, one hundred and forty years ago, that again the Biblical clock began to tick. Once again, Bible Prophecy slowly began to unfold to the ancient nation of Israel in new ways. From the  1880’s on, suddenly, the first Jewish souls returned to their ancient homeland from Poland, Lithuania, and the Baltic States. This began the historical and sequential waves of ALIYAH or the Jewish ingathering as promised by all the major Prophets. My daughter in law’s family were among the very first to return. They had been kept as surfs, by a Lord  Gordon in Lithuania, who at the time of Napoleon gave them all his surname. 

We know the modern nation of Israel was born on May 14th, 1948. Here God was shouting to the entire world that He is alive and well and working behind the scenes. The response of seven Arab nations, who detested the thought of a Jewish State; launched a war with the battle cry of “We will drive the Jews into the sea.”  We celebrated Israel’s 70th birthday this year, and President Trump withstood world opinion to declare that Jerusalem is indeed Israel’s capital. How many nations were glad about it? Just pause and consider the hatred heaped up against this tiny people and nation. 

We see evidence everyday of the Almighty at work, and we also see evidence of Evil working overtime to thwart His great plans, not just for Israel, but for all nations, for mankind as a whole. My husband and I have personally witnessed 50 years of Bible Prophecy being fulfilled here in Israel. We were called to make Israel our home and return to our Jewish roots. The LORD told us to publish the good news of the fulfilment of His Prophetic Word to Israel and Jerusalem.  My husband, Jay has documented it through 150 film documentaries and hundreds of television programs. Our four sons were raised here and many times have thanked us for their blissful childhoods. The entire world has witnessed the Word of Almighty God coming to pass right here in the physical land mass we know today as Israel. According to the Bible, we expect that the culmination of all things will also be played out in the nation of Israel, at the return of Messiah.

We all watch Leviathan battling among the nations to dominate our leaders and ruin our homelands. Yet we may not be aware of the spiritual warfare going on. In that day the LORD with His severe sword, great and strong, will punish Leviathan, the fleeing serpent. Leviathan that twisted serpent, And He will slay that reptile that is in the sea. Isaiah 27:1

King David had a revelation of God as a warrior for he cries in Psalm 17:13, Arise, O LORD. Confront him, cast him down. Deliver my life from the wicked with Your sword.

We read about Jesus having a sword in the Book of Revelation to deal with the back sliding church.  Revelation 2:16. Repent, or else I will come to you quickly and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth. Here He is dealing with counterfeit ‘Christians’.


The other people group on the globe that is continually sought out for destruction, discouragement, and disunity is the Church, the body of Messiah, composed of born again believers. Both people come from the same source, the Creator of heaven and earth. It is now time that our eyes were opened to the battle raging on all sides over both peoples.

Now a great sign appeared in heaven; a woman (Israel) clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried in labor and in pain to give birth. And another sign appeared in heaven; behold a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. She bore a male Child (Messiah) who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne.  Then the woman fled into the wilderness, (Israel was a wilderness when the first pioneers began their return in 1880.) where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days.  And war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood… And the dragon was ENRAGED with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Messiah. Revelation 12: 1-9.

Jesus is the heavenly Child born to the nation of Israel. And as such He promises to return to bring justice, as the Lamb of God, for it will be perfectly just. …in righteousness He judges and makes war. Out of His mouth goes a sharp sword that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. Rev 16:11d, 15.

Today, the warfare is ever increasing and we are coming to the culmination of all things. Everyone in Israel is feeling the heat. The Rabbis call this time, “The time of the footsteps of Messiah, and plainly speak of the End of Days.” Let us learn how to fight and conquer, right now.


Here is his strategy. First, this enemy is opinionated. He has strong political views, that filter down to state and church government. This is where you come in. He will struggle to gain authority and power over others to usurp them and sit in their place of authority. If we are to persevere, we must learn to execute biblical warfare. This dark ruler intimidates so that his authority in unquestioned. Beware and be awake!

Secondly, he has total belief in himself, and puts himself first above all others. He must be obeyed. He longs to be the final authority – replacing our Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. Leviathan is at war FIRST with the LORD God Almighty and has been from the moment he rebelled in heaven. Read about the fall of this former arch-angel in the Book of Isaiah 14:12-16. and Ezekiel 28:11-19.

Thirdly, he has extreme convictions and will counter anyone who dares to disagree. He, in fact, is convinced that he has the answers for everyone. It’s all so simple, he sees in black and white. He is a bully. He is unfair and unscrupulous. He is a liar and is out to win at all costs. This person or program is above the law of God and sets up his own rules, not God’s. The person under the influence of Leviathan will run over you. The Leviathan ATTACK LEAVES YOU REELING, UNSTEADY, SHOCKED, and FEELING HELPLESS. 


Why? Why not you? This evil creature detests the Living God. He abhors Jesus! He tried to tempt him to bow down in worship to him. What did he do? He paraded all the kingdoms of the earth in front of Jesus. Just imagine what He saw! What a power trip. It didn’t work. This tells us that Jesus had no fleshly pride of person, position or place. He was under authority and stayed in that place of obedience to His Father in Heaven all the days he lived on earth, yet he was tempted in every way that we are. Pay very close attention: Leviathan is disgusted with innocence, purity, and obedience to the Holy One – The Messiah. He reasons, “You must be attacked!” WHY must he neutralise you. “Because God’s love for you and your calling into fellowship with him is a threat to Leviathan!” You enjoy what he has lost; He hates you for it. Your godly spirit, your authority, your position in God and The Beloved, disturbs the darkness that he rules. Your godly decisions and leadership have been watched by this prince of darkness and his kingdom feels the effect of your very life. He must attack, you before you do any more damage. I agree, the majority of us do not see ourselves as ‘powerful’ or ‘influential’ at all. We are just trying to obey the LORD, whom we love and do what He tells us to do. It is high time to accept and believe the powerful position that we have been given from God’s point of view AND the arch-enemy’s point of view. We need to open our eyes and mind and become mature and responsible in this war, not just for yourself, but for those weaker than you. No matter what nation we live in, we must be responsible to make a difference, and not put our heads in the sand, preferring isolation to engagement.

Leviathan loves to be the breaker of godly covenants of trust.  We watch this happen nightly with the news reports from around the world. We witness the ‘news’ yes! But, remember, there is a big difference between ‘news’ and the Truth! You need to discern everything these days. What we see happening at an alarming rate internationally are broken covenants and corruption. We watch and are horrified with the vitriol coming out of people’s mouths. As observers, we are aware of the growing deceit, lies, broken promises and self-seeking in our national politics and local government. We watch as disunity also unfolds close to home, right inside of our synagogues, churches, and personal relationships. It hits us all, even on the familiar level. The attack stings and is not easily surmounted. It also can destroy our hopes and especially our health for a period of time, until we can get back on our feet. Then we must go on the offensive. 

These attacks break up marriages and families, leaving gaping wounds. 

Pause here. Think for a moment; HOW HAVE YOU BEEN HIT, AND HOW ARE YOU ATTACKED today by this spirit of Leviathan? 

Leviathan, the ruler of the darkness, is also called Satan. He rules with hate. This demon hides in the deep recesses of men and women’s minds. It stays submerged until the timing to attack is perfect. It works right where you live and move and have your being. It has been studying you. Its prime focus is finding ways to cripple you in any way possible. It knows your plans, hopes, and yes, even your prayers. This is why we MUST continually apply the blood of the Lamb to the door posts of our places of work, homes, minds, and hearts. All that we know must be brought under the Blood Covenant, which cannot be broken or torn from us. This is why we are fortified within by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. So let God’s Spirit cry through us in other tongues, or prayer languages we have not learned but have received to be vessels of anointed prayer. Then at other times, we will groan in the Holy Spirit not able to utter any words because of the depth of grief and agony in warfare. But pray we MUST if we are to live. We are our brother’s keeper.

waits until the perfect moment to mount an attack. It is instant. You are stunned, you didn’t see it coming… because of your TRUST. Leviathan, however, has no scruples, and through LIES or half-truths he beats you down. He rules with deceit. He uses the mouth and mind of your attacker to argue and speak slick ‘legalise’. Oh yes, he is well able to counter Godly wisdom, because he is a twister. He twists the Truth just enough to bring in confusion. His lies can be little white ones at first. Beware! He is a manipulator and doesn’t stop until you are in his grip.  Then he steals your most precious fruit and robs you, leaving you wounded, and plundered. How did he get ahold of you? Was it through his flattery?


Who and what torments you? Pay close attention! Put a face to this monster, write in your own scenarios that are happening around you.  David knew the cunning of Leviathan. All day they twist my words; All their thoughts are against me for evil. Psalm 56:5


Pray for a spirit of discernment. When the Spirit of God begins to educate you, do not argue. Often its hard to see that you are ‘being had’. You don’t want to even believe it! Its hard to hear God spell out what we have not wanted to know. Humble yourself and be teachable. No, ‘yeah…buts!’ Be willing to see the TRUTH… be willing to be adjusted! I remember when we were working in the Philippines, 50 years ago. The LORD began to open my eyes to see the warfare we were engaged in there. I didn’t want to see it. I wanted to play church, stay dumb and silent. But for the sake of all involved, I couldn’t. I had to allow God to shake me awake! My husband reminded me, that my decision to speak out, helped to bring national revival to the Philippines at that time. He got the name of this revival. It became a nationwide Spiritual Fiesta!  Thousands upon thousands of Filipinos came to the saving knowledge of the LORD Jesus, and just as many leaders in the monasteries and convents were filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues. That was in the early 1970’s.

But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is those who by reason of use have their senses (sight, sound, taste, hearing, touching in the HOLY SPIRIT) exercised to DISCERN BOTH GOOD AND EVIL. Hebrews 5:14 Pause here for a moment. Consider the depths in this verse. Such warfare is not for children. It is time to grow into maturity, to stand up and LEARN how to win against this monster. The reality is, this dark power will tremble when you confront it in the Name of the LIVING God. Think of David and Goliath… it is not just a cute fable but written for our encouragement.

                                      WHAT DOES MY ATTACKER LOOK LIKE?  

This ATTACKER will look just like you because she or he will be a human being. This dark prince Leviathan must live in a human body. He clothes himself with the human form, be it male or female. First, he superimposes his ideas into the mind of this person, and slowly but surely works to possess them. BUT his host human being is not like you! He or she is a cheat, a thief, a robber, and a deceiver. It all begins with the thoughts and intents of the heart. You are not aware of the motivations at work in this person you befriend and accept. They may even have become very helpful to you in your work. But, you were mistaken into believing this person was your brother or sister. You trust to your own demise. This ‘plant’ hides a deceptive heart as hard as stone. He is an agent of Leviathan. You are naive and did not discern the ‘thoughts and intents’ of his or her heart. This is just one scenario of how we can become ensnared. There would have been warnings by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is faithful to warn us and we can turn us aside, IF we will be led! 

Think of a crocodile submerged in a river, stalking its prey. Only its eyes and nostrils are visible. It is patient, keeping a distance, camouflaged, under the water, waiting for its victim’s vulnerability. It moves with stealth. Every motion is planned. Leviathan has patience. Oh, yes, great patience. This spirit waits until his victim (you) feels completely safe even trusting. Pay attention! Again, I will remind you that this enemy works to get to know you. This part is called stalking, watching, gathering information, before making a move. BEFORE the attack.

Your attacker can be quiet or boisterous so be on the watch for it; he is a controller. When he or she gets something in their mind, they can become unreasonable to the point of losing control. When they don’t get their own way, they burst into anger. Enraged they attack with full force and hit below the belt. Their words cut you to the quick, as we say. They leave you in shock, speechless, and sorrowful, full of unbelief. You see, this spirit must rule; it cannot retreat or say sorry. Then you are attacked! With lightning speed you are hit, when you least expected it. You may be weak, or ill, or misinformed, or even absent from your business, church, studio or home. Leviathan is the master of stealth, just before he moves swiftly like lightning. As with the thirsty deer drinking from the shallows of the river, the crocodile suddenly leaps up out of the water and snatching its victim. This predator pulls the deer into the river out over its depth. He thrashes and twists around until his victim is suffocated by drowning.

Remember this spirit acts through a human that being you trust. Someone you trust is being used to grab what is rightfully yours. With deadly jaws Leviathan snatches and bites, some part of you and your work, ideas, business or ministry. Like a steel trap, he latches on, in a fight to the death twisting and dismembering someone or something you loved and have prayed for, something consecrated to God. It could be your life’s vision. You can be dragged down into the murky waters, so to speak. There you are; blind and smothered, breathless and unless miraculously delivered, you will be killed. It could be your person, your life’s calling, your ministry, property, children, your fellowship, your corporation. You are dealing with a serial killer.

Dear reader, I know what I am talking about and I am sure that you do as well. In the last three years, we have been robbed of one of our ministries, robbed of tens of thousands of dollars by unscrupulous so-called ‘believers’. My husband almost died with a failing heart, went through major surgery and by God’s grace and mercy pulled through. It has been a time of wicked attacks. But our God and the prayers of His people have saved us. Some of us did not see it coming. We did not heed the faithful warnings of loved ones. There are times when we will all have to confront LEVIATHAN at one time or another in our lives! Our work is to drive him off of our territory and restore law and order and rule in the godly authority given to us. First, we submit ourselves to Yeshua. Remember: we are always BOND SERVANTS to Jesus and His People. ALWAYS. We never graduate from the position of being a servant. NOT a slave, but a willing servant. We are never too big to bend low. But what the enemy wants is to make us his SLAVE. 

Lets look to the Biblical pattern. Let as many bondservants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honour, so that the name of God and His doctrine may not be blasphemed. And those who have believing masters let them not despise them because they are brethren, but rather serve them because those who are benefited are believers and beloved teachers and exhort these things. If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which leads to godliness. He is proud, knowing nothing, but is obsessed with disputes and arguments over words, from which come envy, strife, reviling, and evil suspicions, useless wrangling of men of corrupt minds (obsessive thoughts) and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. (financial or corporate) From such withdraw yourself. 1 Timothy 6:1-5


The mind of the person used by this noxious spirit becomes flooded with toxic lusts. He wants to control and so he uses accusations. He or she will throw out ridiculous insinuations… half-truths, like Satan in the garden of Eden. This person will question the veracity of God’s Word. Pay attention. These thoughts, that disturbed this unstable person seemingly come out of nowhere. But pay close attention. What we sow we reap. A door has been opened into the heart of the life who has allowed himself to be enticed by evil. Evil can be very sexy, exciting, a way to get things done! These clouded minds have been, as it were, submerged in muddy waters. Their mind and heart, is scheming and waiting; like a crocodile in the water. Wicked thoughts swamp the person into a negative spin of emotions, and suddenly they SNAP! This is the work of worldliness, the flesh, and the devil. This is a triangle of evil. Rage and an explosion is the next step. Just picture the stealthy crocodile now flinging itself out of the river to grab an unsuspecting deer as it drinks from the shallows. 


The love of money is the root of ALL evil. 1 Timothy 6:10 The love of money will not be far behind the disrespectful, jealous, and spiteful attitudes you encounter. You may hear words, like, “I deserve better.”   This enemy can flatter and smooth talk and tell you how to be success orientated. They know how to ‘do it’ so much better than you do. He actually despises authority and will have a history in this area. His show of ‘help’ and ‘brotherly advice’ covers the true motives of his jealous heart, which craves for influence, authority and money. Jesus has spent a lifetime creating in and through you His character. This is exactly what the enemy wants to ruin. He had plans to run off with what is left. He wants the ability to gain your finances and influence, and leave you defeated and dead. Beware!


Discernment, in the Holy Spirit, can be as simple as a gut level instinct. Never under any circumstance, ignore that feeling of ‘unease’. You know something is wrong, and just can’t put your finger on it. Yes, it can be a feeling, a premonition, a thought, even a sense of nausea or nervous disgust. Rely heavily on The Still Small Voice to reveal this usurper spirit. 

Wait before the LORD. Lay your thoughts out before Him. Wait for His peace to touch your distraught life. He will show you what to do. You may have to wait and be quiet. Hold the information you receive. He will give you insight and understanding. With it comes a knowing and COURAGE to COUNTER EVIL when the time is right. It takes bravery, or some call ‘guts’ to follow up on it! You will never be sorry. Listen and HEED godly counsel and warnings.  Pray for the wounded one to be willing to see the lie. Hurt people are confounded, stupefied, crushed. Remember, “hurt people hurt people’ and unless ministered to, they can also inflict terrible wounds. Biblical humility is the antidote to pride. Pride always feeds the program of Leviathan with his lies. As much as you want to, sometimes you simply cannot believe that everyone is NOT a ‘nice guy’. It’s time to wake up and remember, Jesus never judged according to what He heard or saw. He got the Word straight from His Father in Heaven. We have the pattern. Please use it.

When horribly attacked, the best remedy in the long run, is to try to hold your peace. Do NOT react. Ask God to open your spirit to His Truth. Only then will you be able to track your enemy Leviathan. Flesh and blood are not your enemies, as hard as that is to get your mind around sometimes. When you are aware that Leviathan is creating dark motives in someone near you, pay close attention.  Watch and pray. Don’t take it to the church or the local prayer meeting. Watch all of the person’s movements. Then the time will come when you have to take your authority. Stand up and hunt down the enemy of your soul. Demon spirits hinder, but Leviathan can kill you if left unaddressed! This is a life and death matter.  For sure, Leviathan will not stop with you, but plans to go on to hurt and hinder many others in the course of time. See Ephesians 6:12


Our adult sons have been a tremendous help to my husband and me in these trials. On two major attacks, they discerned the lies and cover-up. They found evidence and proof of false reports and phony balance sheets.  In quietness and confidence, they countered the parties responsible. They refused any Intimidation or Fear because Truth was on our side. Don’t expect to be listened to by the guilty parties. Just quietly and confidently HOLD your ground. You are taking back territory stolen from you. God will show you what the next step must be.  If countered in God’s way, your attacker will back off. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7.

SAY to WISDOM, YOU are MY SISTER. Proverbs 7:4

Wisdom is going God’s way not your own. Wisdom is speaking out when possible to warn others. Wisdom will enable you to not only listen for the Still Small Voice; Wisdom will open your spiritual ears to hear the Still Small Voice. Wisdom bows to the leading of the Still Small Voice. They work in concert in your mind and heart, for both come from the Spirit of God and work in concert. If two agree on earth as touching anything, it shall be done. Matthew 18:19

 Wisdom lets you know when to speak, hold your peace, or speak up. Your obedience can save lives, ministries, and finances, especially in the lives of those closest to you. I remember we had a famous person as our guest for dinner one night and the Holy Spirit alerted me to give one sentence of warning to him in private. “Excuse me,” I said, “it is none of my business, and I do not require an answer from you, but the Holy Spirit is asking me to ask you IF you have life insurance.” He received the word graciously and left. We never saw him again.

He flew halfway across the world, got home, and after a few days, dropped dead, to everyone’s shock and horror. We found out later from his wife that they had no life insurance and lost everything.  This is a sad true story. How gentle was the Holy Spirit to alert and warn of impending trouble.

Wisdom calls for a trusted friend or loved one to help you see the scenario. Back off in your weakness and allow others to minister to your needs.  Just REPENT quickly and mean every word of it. God will come to your aid swiftly. He waits for you to come up to the mark, even when wounded. Stop blaming yourself! This untruth is as much of a strong overreaction as it is to fight back in the flesh.  Stand quietly in YOUR authority. What is your authority composed of The Word of God, the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony! Never underestimate the power of God’s Authority invested in you to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Ask Jesus to help you discern any spirit trying to control you through another person. What is trying to deceive you? Where did you miss it?  What was it that opened the door for this sickening twisting of righteousness? Why did it hit you so hard? No doubt, it was something that you had prayed over and waited to see materialise for a very long time. 

Leviathan murders our dreams, visions, and callings IF we allow him. Do your homework. This is GUT level discernment; this is warfare friends. We will not go on to the next step until we win this present conflict. Winning God’s way is the key. Here’s how!



–  DE-ESCALATE – pull out of the relationship. 


–  WHAT IS THE HOOK? The hook is the emotional jolt, that happens when one rehearses the attacks again and again. I am at war within my own life. Rumination is when our thoughts run counter to our will. Like a broken record, they run on and on reliving the awful scenario, the attack. Cantering on the carnage keeps me, it’s victim. I remain tied to the perpetrator. But, all I can see is the human being who did this to me. I am blinded to the fact that Leviathan is using this person, pulling the strings. This is spiritual, mental and physical warfare. It has become deeply embedded in my thought life. The wounding, loss, and unforgiveness keeps me his prisoner. I remain helpless, anxious and angry. I got enticed by my own lust. I have to figure out how and why I got caught? I can’t get free IF I am not brutally transparent and honest. Repentance on one’s knees is a key factor living the overcoming life!

 It takes time to see clearly. It takes time to recover spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Write down what you learn during the process. Do your homework. Call for help. Make sure you can trust this person to hold your confidence. If he or she can’t, don’t open up to them. Pray along these lines.

But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.  1 Timothy 6:9, 10

                                             THE KINGDOM THAT CHOSE US                                  When King David received offerings from his people of Israel for the building of the Temple; he worshipped. When Solomon built the amazing Temple, he prayed this amazing prayer. Blessed are You, LORD God of Israel, our Father, forever and ever. Yours, O LORD is the greatness, the power and the glory, the victory and the majesty: For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours. Yours is the kingdom, O LORD, and you are exalted as head over all. AMEN! I Chronicles 29:10 

At that moment there was no thought of self-aggrandisement. God’s enabling brought forth worship.

Just think, Adam and Eve were given the Garden of Eden to inhabit and lovingly tend. Imagine having all of the creatures come to you to receive their names. What kind of communication did Adam have with Creation? Pause and think of this for a moment. How privileged he was!  How God trusted him. Try and picture the relationship that he enjoyed with his Creator and then the sweetness of unity that he enjoyed with Eve. It takes my breath away. He had no urge, want or need to ‘own’ or ‘control’ anything. Nothing belongs to us and the sooner we learn this the better. We are stewards of all that the LORD puts under our hand. Jesus taught us to pray: Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10, Luke 11:2 

…it has been given to you to know the mysteries (secret hidden truths) of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. Matthew 13:11, Mark 4:11.


In order to prosper in The Kingdom of Heaven, we must see as God intends us to see or understand. I have been to conferences where flags with the royal lion are proudly displayed on platforms and carried during times of worship. Curiously, I found myself feeling so weak and ineffective before the authorities presented. I  could in NO way relate to the power projected by the ministries represented by a lion. It all went over my head. I didn’t understand the power drive that so many Christians desire. My confusion melted when I read Jonathan Cahn’s description of the Kingdom of the Lamb. Yes, He rules with absolute authority and during the Millennial reign on earth He will rule with a rod of iron. And I looked and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain… Revelation 6:6-14.

 Here we see this picture of a defenseless, little lamb. Think about it for a moment, a lamb needs not only its mother as protection but also the oversight of a shepherd in order to survive. What a drastic analogy. Yet, Father God chose this most unusual picture to help us egotistical human beings understand that the Lamb and His Kingdom IS radically different from anything we have ever known on earth.

 It is opposite to the animal kingdom where one beast devours another. Neither is it the rule of man, guided by his own self-interest. God’s Kingdom has its very own set of rules. In order to live in safety and to prosper in this Kingdom, we must learn its spiritual secrets.  In our world, the strongest and fiercest man or woman rules.

 In God’s Kingdom a Lamb rules!  In this Kingdom, the weak are made strong, and the strong are made weak. You must learn to release what you have; to let go of it!  If you would receive, you must give. If you lower yourself you will be lifted up. If you become little, you will become great. If you lose yourself, you will find yourself. If you surrender, you will prevail. And if you die to yourself, you will find Life! For those of us who would prevail; we are called into the most radical of Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the Lamb. This Kingdom is not weak, but its Ruler is meek and just. The divine principle of Father God’s Kingdom and the Lamb; is mercy and truth; which has saved my life many times over. Daily, we are being taught to wield God’s power NOT our own.



I invite you to order my latest book: Healing the Indelible Stain (in English only). I take an entire chapter to teach in detail how to use the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, given to Peter by Jesus. These keys hold the secret to unlock yourself and others. Learn how to fight God’s way in order to live a life free from Satanic infestation and influences and the resulting damage.



SO WE MAY BOLDLY SAY; THE LORD IS MY HELPER; I WILL NOT FEAR. WHAT CAN MAN DO TO ME? Hebrews 11:5,6. Remember, you are called to RULE over Leviathan, Satan and his kingdom, now and forever in Yeshua’s Name. Even so come Messiah!

Feel free to send me your responses and please share this teaching freely with your Bible groups, friends and families. May God bless and encourage you and yours is my prayer. 

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Jay remembers his father Victor Alloway Rawlings


Every year in early November during the days leading up to Remembrance Day on the 11th; I think of my father, Victor Alloway Rawlings. He volunteered for service as a Canadian Soldier, leaving his pregnant wife and loved ones as so many hundreds of thousands of other men. She received the telegram in April 1945 announcing that at the age of 28 he died liberating Holland from the Nazi horror of World War II. His death, as that of any loved one, was sadly tragic to all who knew him; coming on 09 April 1945 He fell just three weeks before the Armistice or the Nazi surrender to the allies that was signed on 08 May 1945, marking VE Day or Victory over Europe. 

I don’t believe my Mother ever got over her loss. I was 2 months old at the time, and have an illustrated love letter that he wrote to me just weeks before he died. It is a treasure. Thankfully, I can say with assurance that he was a believer and that one day I (we) will be united with him in heavenly places. 

Through the tender mercies of our God,
with which the Dayspring.
(The Messiah) from on high has visited us;
to give light to those who sit in darkness
and under the shadow of death.
To guide our feet into the way of Peace ”
Luke 1:78-7 

Portrait: Victor Rawlings by James Christian Rawlings grandson. 

The Greek word for ‘peace’ is ‘Eirere’ in the above verse it refers to “a state of rest, quietness and calmness; an absence of strife; or tranquility.” It generally denotes a perfect sense of well being. “Eirene” includes harmonious relationships between God and man, men and men, nation and nations, family and families. Jesus as the “Prince of Peace’; gives true, lasting peace to those who call upon Him for personal salvation. My prayer is that you hold this peace very close to your heart and mind. And may you be enriched because of your loving kindness to us Rawlings living here in Israel. You cannot know how encouraging it is to receive your responses via our websites and letters. I pray you are as happy about hearing from us as we are hearing from you. I say within all sincerity. Times are not getting easier to any of us and friends have never meant more than they do right now. For those of you suffering health challenges, I want you to know that we take your words to heart and pray for you. Often the Holy Spirit will keep bringing you to mind until you are on your feet again. We are watchmen and count it a privilege. 

From the Greek word for ‘peace’, we have the lady’s name, Irene. Irene Bredlow and Meridel became best friends at age 18 when in 1960 they met and entered nurses training together at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. They were both adventurous, becoming life saviors, earning the bar to their bronze in swimming in their spare time. Both won special awards at graduation for their excellence work. Unknown upon graduation, was the calling to Israel that they both received. Today Irene lives about 1 kilometer from Tiberias in Poriyah in the Galilee. We get together when time permits, perhaps four times a year for fellowship, prayer, and fun. She and Meridel talk for hours and hours. I get to witness them laughing and giggling like girls. My job when we are together is to be their butler and chief cook. I become ‘Throck Morton’ and place a towel over my right arm as I serve their food. I enjoy it, they deserve a break, and spoil me as the butler! What fun! There are no friends like old friends! 

Irene has a beautiful ministry of serving those who love the Lord all around the Sea of Galilee. For years she volunteered as a nurse in Beersheba, and also in the Poriya General Hospital. She is also an excellent tour guide for visitors from abroad and takes them to the Biblical locations where the gospel stories unfolded. Her Bed and Breakfast ministry is known as Galilee Gardens. If any of you would like to visit the Galilee and stay with Irene; just let us know and we will make the connection. For sure, you will find “peace” in her home. 

Thanks again for your words of encouragement, and your prayers for us as a family and team. We are humbled by your own difficult circumstances and your assurance of prayers for each one of us. We will never underestimate the price you pay for your financial help. Together you make it possible for us to remain in Israel. We have one million seniors in this land who live under the poverty line. It is tragic. And we know that the LORD is watching out to keep us well and cared for. 

So we do count our blessing every day and are grateful. Only the Lord will be able to adequately reward you on that Day! 

In His Love, 

Jay Rawlings, Meridel, David, Chris, Josh and Daniel. 

Meridel Rawlings, Box 84156, Mevasseret Zion, 90079097 ISRAEL

Sketch by Josh Rawlings when in high school.