Quotes from subscribers to His Still Small Voice

$75.00 monthly to those children saved from brothels in Nepal. We will work to find other sponsors. May God continue to bless you many works. It is exciting to know someone living in the Holy Land. To us, we enjoy the access to some of God’s plans for His special people. Blessings
Bill and Eileen White. Pastors Alberta Canada

Your letters are often copied and quoted. Often His Still Small Voice thunders and roars what needs to be heard! Thank you.
Sylvia Solberg. USA

We value your sensitive, beautiful letters, not to mention your unique perspective & profound insight concerning happenings in the Land spiritually & naturally.
Jackie & Terry Johnson, Texas USA.

Meridel said she was listening for an echo from her letters. This is my echo. The Lord helped me to pay attention. Most people are ignorant off the importance of the Jews. This is where I see you people work hard bring light and understanding.
Hans Schoor Canada 

I always smile and rejoice when I send this check and then I pray for your family and ministry ofen with tears. You are loved.
Pastors Steve and Kathy Manning. USA

I would like to translate “Honor Thy Father” into Romanian. Studies here say that 80% of the population has been psychologically and physically abused.
Hojui Piszar Romania

What an open hearted honest letter. You write people don’t want religion they want relationship. Truer words were never spoken. Werner Dallapierzza Switzerland

I guess you could agree that we have never seen the world in greater upheaval. This is probably going to one of the most dangerous years in history.
Margaret Perkins. 

We are not wealthy people by any means, my husband and I are on a pension and our daughter and husband have a hard time just for food but we have put this aside to bless you and the Jewish people.
Catherine and Gordon Turner.

When I w as growing up I had thoughts of being overrun by the Nazis. It filled me with horror and I used to dream of them coming in their jackboots. We were fortunate living here in the Midlands. Outside was a complete blackout and we had black curtains. Our gas masks were carried with us everywhere. Air raids at a distance was all we had to put up with. Having lived through that helps me to understand your plight a little better.
Barbara Whyle UK 

Yesterday I sat down and read over your letters again. No one could refrain from weeping over your May 2004 letter telling of your son’s friends tragic loss. The reports you give about the political situation in Israel and your work there are always important and informative. I look forward to them each month.
Joyce Henderson. Canada

Bless you Jay and Meridel for blessing the world with all your work and endeavors. Some day you will see what far reaching effects your efforts, sweat and tears have made.
Margaret Gervais Canada.

I was weeping with sympathy for you and all of Israel this morning. I weep quite often. The Holy Spirit does not make me feel at all miserable, rather the weeping tends to cleanse and purify me.
David Clark. England 

His Still Small voice is truly a prophetic visionary newsletter full of love – straight from the Father’s heart.
Kirsi Miiikkulainen Finland 

Thank you for His Still Small Voice. It brings us close and somehow takes us there where you are.
Sandy Ieoline Canada 

I appreciate your letters and sweet messages. It is news beyond the news. Your first hand information is solemn and sobering.
Carol Merktaboly USA 

I received a map of Jerusalem and am praying for David Marcus Street. When I was recently on holiday in Ein Gedi I met people at the bus stop who lived on David Maracas Street! Imagine! I felt like I knew them because of my prayers.
Professor Dr. E. Leidig. Germany 

Go to www.israelvision.com for your prayer map.

It is not often that we can read a straightforward account of what is going on in Israel. The fact that it is affecting us all is not so easy to see at first. Because of ignorance and misinterpretation we are constantly defying the laws of the Lord. Hard times are coming and will the church see that she is rooted in Israel or not?
ML Soderqvist Finland

I love your “pink letters” and lap them up from beginning to end. Here is a little drop for our grocery kitty.
Alma Hagen Nepal/USA

May the Lord cover you with His feathers, as you find refuge under His wings. Psalm 91
Estelle Bates. Canada

Bob enjoyed every minute from his wheelchair. We shared 60.5 wonderful years together lots of ups and downs, but we were very aware of God’s love for us and our family. He loved hearing form you and so do I.
Dorothy Dobson Canada

His Still Small Voice reminds me to seek the Lord in the circumstances of life. It is a meeting place for fellowship but also a place where we are refreshed and filled to overflowing for one another.
Jan Stewart Canada

I was reading your letter on the bus and I wept. Thank you for your love and His Still Small voice.
June Quuin Scotland

I’ve been wondering how to help you. I am sharing your letter with the people that I know who love Israel.
Barb. Kirkhhevel. USA

I looked forward to reading your letter with an early morning cup of coffee. My heart was rung out inside of me those lovely young men killed, were so full of joy and feeling as though they were invincible I was deeply moved by what Daniel wrote a good warning.
Janet Damary England