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Still Small Voice …whisperings

The greatest dividing and alternatively uniting force in many private lives and nations is the modern State of Israel. I took a moment to walk from our tiny rented cottage up through the Moshav to the little ‘pinati’ or corner-store. I chose a few yams and dropped them in a bio-degradable paper bag, along with 3 semi-ripe black avocados, a handful of cucumbers and finally Eco-friendly dish soap. The local moshavnik in charge was obviously very upset. I heard him from the back of the store speaking frantically into his phone in rapid-fire French which, ended with the word ‘Toulouse!’

April 2012 Newsletter

Download the PDF version here Still Small Voice  Shalom Dear Friends: March/April 2012 Adar/Nissan 5772 “For the LORD will again rejoice over you for good as he rejoiced over your fathers… IF you obey the voice of the LORD your God… and IF you turn to the LORD with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 30:9b, 10b. God’s Heart and Mine Can you hear our Heavenly Father’s cry? He is asking us to cling to Him. Lovers cling to each other. Are we that committed? Trusting is the hard part is it not? Especially when there is no change to be seen. My challenge for 2012 is, “Will you trust Me?” I am doing my best and I must honestly say that it feels extremely weak at this point. But the truth is, we have no place else to go, no other source of life, no one else that knows what we go through and why we keep hanging on. (clinging for dear life) I do take courage in the fact that …

Still Small Voice Newsletter – December 2009

Seasons Greetings from Meridel Rawlings Join us in the privileged place entrusted to God’s ‘little ones’, beautifully reflected in Psalm 36: 7-9. “How precious is your loving kindness O God! Therefore, we Rawlings put our trust under the shadow of Your wings. We are abundantly satisfied with the goodness of Your house, You give us to drink from the river of Your pleasures.  For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.” Click here to view the newsletter in PDF

Jerusalem Post Article – A ‘good news family’

Shalom Dear Friends: “…And I will take to Myself faithful witnesses to record…:”  Isaiah 8:2a. This fall Jay and I rejoice in 40 years following hard after the Holy One of Israel. What an adventure for us former Canadians. Rejoice with us; Daniel, the youngest of our sons to be launched, was one of 20 students chosen and has begun a 4 year degree program in film at in university here in Israel. The following article was published in the ‘Christian edition of the Jerusalem Post’ at the prompting of the ‘International Christian Embassy’ of which we were co-founders in 1980. The title “Christian Family” is a little misleading and to clear up any confusion let me say that our family is composed of Jews and Christians including 8 grandchildren, 3 Christian and 5 Jewish!

Still Small Voice – July / August 2009

Shalom; God bless you each one for your loving letters. I will give some details of my incredible trip to Europe later. July in Israel is hot! Our family planned a get away, and because finances were scarce we all emptied out our refrigerators, grabbed the coolers, tents, swimsuits, grand-babies, sunscreen bedding and cooking utensils. We filled 4 vehicles… and headed north. A wide creamy white sandy beach became our campsite for two nights. Eight silver colored tents were set in a semi-circle not including the tent filled with toys and books when the sun got to be too much for the children. The men raised a sun shade on 4 poles so the Moms had some protection in the camp kitchen. Dads and kids scavenged wood for cooking and camp fires.  Liyah just 5 learned to surf. Noam and Amitai found adventure dressed as Beduin sheiks  The girls swam, read and painted. The twins roared up and down the smooth wet sand racing giant yellow trucks. They laid down full length on the wet …

Still Small Voice Newsletter – May / June 2009

Still Small Voice Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.     Psalm 85:10 There are a few times in life when heaven seems to touch the earth, and recently Jay and I and my nephew Paul felt this favor while filming TV programs up in the Galilee. For a couple of days we were like kids out of school. There is just something about Galilee. Here Jesus spent the greatest time of His ministry and here he was heard gladly. In his life time Israeli historians say that out of the 2 million Jews living here at the time under Roman rule, 500,000 followed the Rabbi. Our tour guide was Irene Bredlow, took us  to explore Capernaum, Chorazin and biblical Bethsida where a monument has been set up which reads “Here the Gentiles gave glory to the God of Israel.”  What did these 3 cities have in common? Jesus cursed them all. He even said in the day of judgment, it will be more tolerable for Sodom on Judgment Day.

Still Small Voice – April 2009

Still Small Voice … Shalom dear friends;          Nisan 5769,  April 2009 Tell me, is there anything like good news from a far country? Your letters are treasures and I take time to devour each one. You write as though I am your family, well, I am. Thank you for loving kindness poured out.  Lets take a moment to think of the momentous time of year we are approaching.  I hope what follows sheds light on your own private time of worship during Passover and Easter. The Hebrew Month of Nisan Nisan  (April) opens for us a portal to gaze at spiritual greatness, to see God’s hand at work in human affairs, especially in human history. It gives us a sense of how God metes out justice in this world to nations and individuals. Whether we see it or not, the divine principle of ‘justice’ is always present and working.

New website 2009

A fresh new design for Still Small Voice (SSV) web site has been in development for the last 6 months. We have tried hard to improve the image and user friendliness of all the communications coming to you from SSV. The logo is a tree with Hebrew letters and a dove which symbolizes “Let his (or her) soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life”. The landscape photography by Chris Rawlings reflects this theme very well and gives a fresh and relaxed look to the web site and e-newsletter. We are pleased to announce the launch of the new web site in mid April 2009, which will highlight more up to date news on Meridel Rawlings with personal video clips and current news. Chris Rawlings has developed a content management system to help Meridel update the web site on a monthly basis to keep her friends and supporters informed and educated about current events in Israel. There is a newsletter section with current and archived news for those interested. Also, we would love …