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The Spoiler – Destroyer – Leviathan

Still Small Voice – Kislev 5779 /Nov 2018 Dear Friends, This year is quickly drawing to a close. I pray you to have no regrets. But if you do, this letter may be of help. Winter has touched down here in Jerusalem, and we are so happy about the pouring rain. Lightning puts on quite a spectacular show followed almost immediately by pealing claps of booming thunder. We Israelis give praise, praying for a ‘heavy’ winter. for also brings a measure of protection. The photo was taken at 7 am this morning when the sun broke through the clouds after a night of heavy rain. This letter gives you a ‘handbook’ on the warfare that we all face. We know that we are in a knock down drag out battle. Many of you will have experienced severe devastation, and it is always at the hands of one or more human beings. Here I introduce you to a spiritual force by the Biblical name of Leviathan. We must be wise to the strategies of our enemy number one! …

Arab Muslim Israeli defends her country

Dear friends: Last week, I sent out a plea to pray for the people of Gaza being herded to the Israeli Gaza border to try and breach it. Their leaders are to blame. I continue to call for prayer for the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Its time to learn the truth about Israel inspite of the media blitz to the contrary.  Israel is like the Garden of Eden and the poor souls on our borders are dying for want of some life, some chance for their futures. Some little piece of hope, but alas it remains IMPOSSIBLE with a complete change from the leadership down. The leadership is hell bent of Israel’s destruction.  Take a moment and listen to this very brave little woman. Why brave? Because many Muslims are not happy with her free speech and joy of freedom that why. This is a believe it or not. Kindly pass along to your prayer group. Why is it so many churches ignore the importance of Israel as a nation and people? Can you answer that? Do pray …

Greetings for a blessed Rosh ha Shannah 5778

Dear Friends and Partners of Still Small Voice, We are inspired by this piece and know that you will be too. Israel is masterful at finding her lost treasures, especially her spiritual treasure.  Please enjoy this and pass it on far and wide. You are well aware that Israel has said in so many words that ‘Evil’ is not going to flourish on our watch.  We went up in Galilee one night looking out over the Sea and there were three aircraft which drew our attention. Then we heard the bombs.  Yes… they took out a  hidden secret Syrian factory of deadly gases.  In 2013, Syria was believed by the world that she had gotten rid of her chemical warfare.  We are dealing with liars and killers.  Give thanks for Israel dear friends. You  know the scripture says about the SALT OF THE EARTH! WE HAVE NOT LOST OUR SAVOUR. Pray for us all here. Now to end with a very sweet, and inspiring note: Jay and I send you greetings for a blessed Rosh ha Shannah 5778. It comes in the evening of September …

Tisha B’Av

  Dear Friends: This evening ushers in the saddest day on Israel’s calendar in ancient and modern history. The Jewish people have suffered millenia of incredible losses. Both temples, Solomon’s and Herod’s were destroyed on this day, as was the Jewish Community of Spain in 1492 to name but three disasters. Jews begin to fast from 7 p.m. until 8:15 p.m. tomorrow night with no water. They mourn the destruction and loss. It is also a time for repentance for the sins of our fathers. We weep over what has been lost and pray with longing and hope for the promised coming Redemption. Some Jews believe that Messiah will come on this sacred day, when the people have prepared themselves. We read the book of Lamentations or Ek? in Hebrew. It sounds just like it is written… Ek… say it! Ek! This is literally an expression, even ‘a sound’ that one makes when there are no words… The Rabbis teach that we have suffered destruction because of senseless hatred and evil speaking among ourselves. We …

Made in Israel

Israel today, in spite of continual attacks, war, terror and prejudice is a miracle of survival.  Israel has not only survived for seven decades and overcome great obstacles, it is now one of the most fertile countries on earth. Israeli innovations, especially in medicine and agriculture have impacted the quality of life for a huge part of humanity.  “Made in Israel” traces how Israeli inventors have become world leaders in start up companies. Now Israel is becoming known as the “Scale Up” country as more an more innovations are birthed, nurtured and blossomed via Israeli companies.  PS, We are close friends with Chris Mitchell, CBN bureau chief here in Jerusalem and he has authorized us to run this movie. Over the years he has used excerpts of our productions for their 700 Club TV show that is broadcast world wide.

Silence on Sexual Abuse by Migrant because of Poltical Correctness

12 young girls were assaulted in the midst of a party?  The question that begs to be asked is: “How is this possible in broad day light in a public area?” Where are the chaparones, where are the parents? Where? With the whole world in an uproar over the issue of immigrants, look at this! Compassion is one thing, and wisdom is another, but it is time for a reality check. Telling the truth of what can be expected from people who have come out of war zones, not properly vetted, can make all of the difference. Our youth are at risk when those in postions of authority are painfully nieve. The world watched yesterday Canadian Prime Minister met with the US President. Mr. Trump is belittled because of his  temporary ban on immigrants from 7 war and terror infested nations, Syria being one of them. Well, Mr. Trudeau has taken another posture. But, as these leaders gave their press conference in Washington DC, little did we know of the firestorm Trudeau left behind in Canada. A Syrian refugee came to Canada …

History comes to life: Archaeologly in Israel

The modern nation of Israel has deep Biblical and historical roots in ancient Israel. One never knows when or where the next amazing archaeological discovery will be. Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered a Roman amphitheater in Hippos. This ancient city has been unearthed on the salt route to Damascus. It was on this road when Pau, the persecuto, was blinded by a heavenly light that caused him to fall off of his horse. Being the religious Jew that he was, he used an achronym for the unpronouncable name of God, always spelling with capitals. Wonderingly Paul inquired: “Who are you LORD?” The answer came back… “I am Jesus!” He was stunned! That was the beginning of his transformation. The rest is history.

“Behold the Man”: Jesus in Israeli Art

150 years ago, Jewish artists and intellectuals from Central and Eastern Europe, reclaimed Jesus as a Jew to bring him back into the fold. One of the most exciting articles I ever read in the Jerusalem Post was years ago, it was entitled. “When are we going to reclaim Jesus?” There is an awakening here and in the Jewish world now that Jesus is a incredibly significant historical fact, which needs to be reclaimed. See the exhibition.