Meridel’s bio

scan-meridel1Dr. Meridel Rawlings

Dr. Meridel Rawlings a survivor of sexual abuse is continually working with abused people through her seminars, private counseling and literature. Still Small Voice is the name of my newsletter and Website. It goes around the world and is very well received. I encourage people to “Listen” for Still Small Voice and heed it! I also relate to current events on the ground here in Israel. My family and I are witnesses to events unfolding in Israel having lived in this war zone for decades now.

2009: Meridel received her Doctorate. Her research work specialized in the fields of sexual abuse and the abuse of children in the Palestinian Authority.

2008: The Rawlings celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with their 4 sons and 8 grandchildren all living in Israel.


Launch of Israel Vision TV. Website for Israel Vision and Still Small Voice were created by Chris Rawlings and Michael Keating. Dr. Jay Rawlings founded and is the acting CEO of Israel Vision television production facilities since 1981. David Rawlings is our producer, director, Josh Rawlings works in animation and editing, and Daniel is an edits and attends film school. We open a window for you into Israel. Our news updates give you biblical and historical background including interviews with local Israelis, Arabs, Jews and Christians. To date my husband and team have produced over 100 documentaries on Israel. Eugen and Christa Wursulin head our German office and Bible TV broadcasts our shows to 20 million Germans. These programs are also broadcast into 195 nations from Israel via satellite and the internet providing us with a potential global audience.

2005: Meridel was a keynote speaker at the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in Jerusalem dealing with the world wide abuse of woman.

2004: Meridel received her MA in religion and psychology.

2003: In The Secret Place Seminar
This seminar was given in Basel Switzerland July 2003 to Pastors, counselors, intercessors and clients. It was bathed in prayer and was highly successful. It is available on 10 CD’s. and a booklet has been made of it. Available in German and English.

2001: Israel God’s Key to World Redemption is a very detailed teaching on many prophetic aspects of Israel from scriptures, and also from our own personal experiences of living here full time since 1976, and making films on history as it unfolds. Teachings are available in a set of 5 CD’s, first given at a Women’s Retreat in Switzerland in 2001.

1994: I worked for several years in Switzerland in a co-operative of 25 Rehabilitation Homes specifically set up to help drug addicts. The homes were government funded and directed by Christians. Because of my work these past years and the healing the Lord wrought, the Directors allowed me to teach on various subjects such as The Dynamics of Sexual Child Abuse, Hurt, Anger, Shame ,and The Father Heart of God clients. I worked teaching leaders and clients and I worked extensively in one to one counseling. ALWAYS the Lord broke through and we were able to see a anew level of healing come.

1989: Small Talk is an educational kit my son and I have created specifically, to help screen children, and any one for that matter, for abuse of all kinds. The demand is enormous. I have requests for it in Hebrew and Arabic. I have not had it commercially produced because I wanted my Doctorate before exposing it to the world. It is designed to assist leader in educating children of all ages about abuse, providing pathways for help in the light of God’s love. I have been working on it for years along with my son who did the wonderful acrylic paintings.

1989: In The Secret Place Seminars. With the publishing of my book on sexual abuse, there came a demand for regular ministry to those suffering from sexual abuse in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, England, Ireland, Wales Scotland, Canada and the USA . As I began in Switzerland in 1991, very effectual door has been opened to me. I was invited to come and give “abuse” seminars. I travel outside of Israel 3 or 4 times a year to give seminars on abuse. I have been invited to work in India and Australia but have limited my travel until our youngest son has graduated from high school.

My work is very well received because those I work with are brought to a new level of healing as they learn how to fight for their lives and see clearly the power and love found in the Word of God and practically applied to impossible situations. I have been able to record case histories over the years with permission to make them into a very practical book at some point.

1988: Together my husband and I authored booklets entitled: Prophets to the Nations, Christmas in the Holy Land, Israel, Islam and the Intifida and Blow the Shofar in Zion and Prophets Among the Nations.

1988: My husband and I began publishing Israel Vistas, a quarterly 32 page magazine giving a Biblical perspective on the news from Jerusalem for the English and German speaking world. I regularly contribute my journalistic skills to this work, which today has evolved into Israel Vision , which is a bi-monthly newsletter sent to the supports of our work in several languages. ( We give updates about our of our weekly television programs that are broadcast once a week from Israel to 195 nations from Israel.

1988: Healing for the Family
This book has been used for years, as an introduction to abuse easily readable using case histories. It also traces the roots of abuse, details the difference between sin and iniquity and explains how to be free from a Biblical perspective. All of my work gives a Biblical perspective relating closely to scripture and a personal relationship with Jesus.

1986: Honor Thy Father? My second book of 221 pages was first published by Huntington Press in America. It is the true story of incest in a pastor’s home. It was the first book of its kind on sexual abuse to be published in the USA. It has been translated and published in German, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, several Indian languages including Hindi and Tamil and put into Braille. It also exists as a book-tape.

1985: Gates of Brass, a 54 minute docu-drama on the history and persecution of the Jews of Soviet Russia . We visited the USSR on and off from 1971 until 1991, when we were invited into the Kremlin with our petition of 65,000 names from around the world of people calling for the release of Soviet Jewry. This film was premiered worldwide beginning at the home of Israel’s President, President Yitzak Navon. I traveled with my husband and spoke to large audiences in the most prestigious auditoriums worldwide. I was credited as ‘Assistant Producer’ of this film, which won First Production Award from the Canadian Film and Television Association, Toronto. This film was shown on television around the world for example, on Public Broadcasting System in the USA and on London Weekend in England. It was THE tool that Jewish and Christian groups used to fight for the release of Soviet Jews. It was also used to bring the two communities together. World premiers were held in capitals around the globe with the cooperation of the local Jews and Christians coming together for the sake of the persecuted Soviet Jews.

1981: Fishers and Hunters, my first book 267 pages, was published first in Jerusalem by Keter Press (they print the Encyclopedia Judaica). It is a book of short stories which
traces our work among the Jewish Communities of the world for a period of 7 years in over 100 countries. In this book I teach Christians how to speak with Jewish people and how to point them home to Israel.

Since it was published in English (the USA and England), Germany , Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and Indian languages, Braille and in a book[tape format. Helping Jews home to Israel has become a multi million-dollar ministry engaged in by many Christian organizations.

1966 – 1968: Served in India with Canadian University Service Overseas. One year Dr. Narasinim in Madras State , public health work, with 8 different tribal groups. The first white woman that one of the tribes ever saw. One year with Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Darjeeling West Bengal north India working with Tibetan refugees.

1963: Graduated from the Royal Alexandra School of Nursing, valedictorian, and special award in medical nursing.