Please partner with Still Small Voice and help Dr. Meridel Rawlings continue her abuse counseling & publishing work. You can make a donation in the following ways. Below there is a donation button that opens the Pay Pal website which you can pay with a credit card, or you can simply use the bank information below.

“I need people to partner with me in organizing seminars for my abuse ministries. If there are enough interested people I could come to your area and give a seminar. This work is provided for by a donation and must include travel and accommodations to your area.”
Dr. Meridel Rawlings

“I really appreciate your help and prayers. I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or require information concerning seminars, just email me at and I will get back to you.”
Dr. Meridel Rawlings

Nordea Bank in Finland
Dear Finnish friends in Finland, We have closed our Nordea Bank account in Finland. Some of you had tried to send donations with no success. Nordea is suspicious of me, which may be due to my work with Israel. We have not registered still small voice in Finland because it is a small faith organization. That’s why Nordea keeps us as ‘undesirable’ customers and has rejected your gifts to our account.

I urge you to continue praying on our behalf and sending support to our work in the framework of Israel Vision and the small silent voice, despite the silence of the months. We did not really know what to do. For most of you, donating donations through PayPal is unclear. This is the only alternative found on

We opened a bank account for Greece, a member of the European Union. We will stay there to rest, to write and to make television programs. You can send the donations that we highly appreciate to your account:

Greek Bank Account
Rawlings Meridel
IBAN: GR64 0171 1240 0061 2414 2784 851


Banking Details:
Please make bank transfers in favor of Dr. Meridel Rawlings

Canada: Royal Bank of Canada
Bank Transit Number: 08249
Institution Number: 003
Account Number: 5050638
Address: 6791  Gaetz Ave
Unit # 1 Red Deer AB, Canada T4N 4C9

Great Britain: HALIFAX – Bank of Scotland 
Sort Code: 114647
Account No.: 00034110
IBAN Number: GB10HLFX11464700034110

Germany: Frankfurter Sparkasse
Konto: #162008
BLZ 500 502 01
Neue Mainzerstr 47-53
D 60255 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 49 69 264 11101

Switzerland: UBS
Account:  #233 11 815 267.0
IBAN: CH87 0023 3233 1181 5267.0
Tel: 41 1 234 6452

Norway: Den Norske Bank Branch 5553
Account # 5202 166 3042
IBAN#: N010 5202 1663 042
Tel: 47 55 211 013