Still Small Voice -August 2021

Hello friends:

Oh my, I think the entire world is enjoying these summer days as never before. We do remember Canadians grappling with forest fires, and Germans with the worst flood in a thousand years. Israel in lock-down once again because of the COVID Delta variant. But, warm sunshine and flowers lift our spirits. This morning my family read: “The earth is the LORD’S and everything in it; the world and all who live in it. For he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.”  Psalm 24:1,2 New Covenant Prophecy Edition

Albania, Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Where is Albania?  it sits just north of Greece on the seacoast. It is a balmy summer evening in tiny Albania. I write, from Saranda, a key tourist city on an expansive bay just opposite the Greek Island of Corfu. Until this week it had remained a land of mystery to us. The people here have suffered! The Nazi’s take over in WW11 morphed into the grip of Communist control until finally a revolution brought release in 1992. We see sinister evidence of that iron grip in gun turrets, and awful hulking dead communal buildings. Even down on the magnificent turquoise seashore shadows of death persist. The concrete evidence of expansive military facilities and hidden Russian submarine bases cast a dark shadow, even on a sunny day.

I am so happy to announce that my son Chris is able once again to help with all the work involved in getting this letter up on my website and my book published. We have worked together going on 25 years now. Shelly, Daniel’s wife posts my work on Facebook. She is convinced that is where I need to be. Daniel does all of the film work, and our eldest David helps out with editing when he can, as he is in charge of film production for Israel’s Ministry of Health. Jay and I and our sons represent a family in concert, trying to work for the good of all.

The hard working people create a bright contrast. Locals take care of what little they have. A brand new nation and history are in process here. Jews arrived in 70 A.D. with the destruction of the Temple and dispersion as Roman slaves, who prospered in time. Today, Saranda is the holiday destination on the sea, founded 5,000 years ago. We took note of the former Jewish synagogue, just a historical footnote today, built in the 3rd and 4th century CE. Interestingly, Jay and I each gave a short TV interview for a reporter from ABC-TV about the synagogue. The remains are carefully preserved near a large Catholic Church. 

“How did I feel seeing this ruin?” I was asked. “I am encouraged. It represents ‘roots’, and our roots are alive and well. Israel is a first world nation today brought back from a ruin just like this.” The Muslim mosaic makes up 57% of the population of 3 million. Their ’call to prayer’ is muted, not blaring as in Israel where all differences are so painfully pronounced. Respect for one’s fellowman is the rule, religion takes a backseat. We would do well to take note.

Hidden Treasure

Saranda, Albania, Photo by Elion Jashari on Unsplash

“I met Manual!” Jay just got the car washed. “He is a go-getter, graduated from high school and heading for military service this fall. I told him about being born from above, found in John chapter 3.“

“What does that mean?” he asked. 
“Just ask the LORD to be born from above.” I encouraged.
“Yes,” without a moment’s hesitation, he responded, “I will do that! In the next breath, “where are you from?” 
“Canada/Israel” I replied. 

He volunteered: “My Grandparents hid Jews during WW11! As a matter of fact, before WW11 the population of Jews in all of Albania was a mere 200. But after the war was over, there were 3,000 accounted for. You see, people here gave them forged documents, jobs in plain sight and hiding places to survive.”

This is the only nation in Europe with less Jews before the Holocaust than after. We respect Jews and modern Israel.”  We are finding treasure here.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

In 2015,  Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said: “Albania is proud to have been a country where no Jew was released to the Nazis, and where there are incredible stories of Muslim families who protected Jewish families.”

Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu said of Albania: “We never forget our friends and we appreciate their display of humanity, civility and courage in our darkest hours.”

Can you join Jay and I in praying: God Bless Albania?

Meeting the Locals

We are staying in a Muslim home. The lady of the house greeted us this evening, offering fresh honeycomb from their beehives. As we ate in our room, Jay and I sang Psalm 19:10. Tonight is their Feast: Eid al-Adha. Ramadan ends remembering the Islamic tradition of Father Abraham. They teach, he offered Ishmael (not Isaac) to God. Every people-group cries to be special, to be chosen. It is a need in every human heart. Even cults fake exclusivity, playing into that human craving. But mankind IS blessed and special because ALL were created to be loved forever. “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  Jer. 31:3 So cried the prophet Jeremiah to a people who had turned their back and did not want any of it. Yet today, the message has gone out around the world and billions believe in the love of a Savior. Hallelujah. See Jeremiah 31:31-34. Last night Jay said to a fellow in full Albania traditional dress: “God loves you!” His immediate response; “God loves, everyone! Thank you.”

Jay making friends with the locals

The tourists drive large shiny black cars. The locals ride bikes or motor scooters. Many houses are still in the building stage reminding us of Israel in the 70’s. The town itself is glitzy with lots of seaside restaurants and night clubs. The people are very kind and bright. They have light complexions and beautiful green, gray or violet eyes.

We engaged in the following conversation with our waiter today. His name is Sony. At an appropriate moment Jay told him that he is loved by God, and added; “Jesus is crazy about you.” He flashed an appreciative smile and said: “You know, I am an only child, and my parents died ten years ago. I have thought a lot about God. For me the most important thing is to respect my fellow humans. They are my brothers and sisters. Thank you for this!” Then I got up and said, “I am here to give you a hug from your Mama.” He was so thrilled, and not the least bit self-conscious. 

We have found all we have met to be curious, talkative. wanting to communicate. I feel that ‘revival’ could break out, all we have to do is strike a match. Pray for Albania. A State in flux, headed for the big leagues very soon. 

Aliyah from France: “I say to the north give up, and to the south, keep not back, bring my sons and daughters from the ends of the earth.”  Is. 43.

A family making Aliyah to Israel

Howard Flower who heads up the Aliyah Dept. for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem writes:

“Meridel, Aliyah from France has doubled already this year. The seeds you have sown in France  and Europe are for sure bringing a harvest today. I have been working on Aliyah  from France since 2006 and yes, this is a really happy day. Angels are rejoicing. May those who have eyes to see, rejoice and be glad. Please be blessed!”

From 1974 -1976 Jay and I lived in southern France. We visited Jewish Communities in Eastern Europe, the French, Spanish and Italian Rivieras, and Holland. In the Vatican in Rome to prayed for Cardinals to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. It was the time of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. You can read about these adventures in my book Fishers and Hunters, available on Amazon under Dr. Meridel Rawlings and soon to be released, Miracles Among the Nations by Jay Rawlings.

Aliyah-Immigration Surge from North America

Historic high numbers, of 5,000 souls are expected to immigrate to Israel from N. A. in 2021; a 42% increase over the annual average.

South Africa in Chaos

The ICEJ, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem came to the aid of desperate South African Jews by paying for them to be air-lifted out into the safety of Israel. The world wide move of “Aliyah” is surging worldwide. Watch what the LORD is doing!

Ben and Jerry’s of Ice-Cream Fame

The head of their Board of Directors is a rabid anti-Semitic. She is using her power to bash Israel. She affirmed globally that NONE of their products will reach The West Bank, (Judea and Samaria) in Israel. She just happens to be born of Palestinian parentage and sadly, is obsessed with Jew-hatred. 

The Pay to Slay Program: 

A Palestinian official stated that the financial reward paid to parents, spouses and children of Palestinians killed while committing terror attacks, or attempting to hurt a Jew, receive monthly stipends. I quote: “The Palestinian Authority’s terror rewards are anchored in all the international conventions and treaties, because terrorist prisoners are “freedom fighters.”  He cites the UN member state ratified Geneva Convention as the authority for his claim. What you think is important …

Quotes by those who have read Stain Remover:

– “I am speechless. Your dedication speaks to my own life. When my father, a world famous engineer died; I told my siblings of some of his abuses. He was a sexual exploiter of others. They shunned me. I was shocked.” Canada

“It is truly difficult to find a word of THANKSGIVING for Your lovely letter and Your book filled with overwhelming warmth and wisdom!! Everyone ought to read it. Also the style is just adorable! “ Australia

“There are so many hurting people that will benefit from your total honesty, vulnerability and caring heart. It will give survivors the means & resources necessary to move forward to complete freedom in Yeshua.”  Pastor – Canada

“You are a special light to the family and we love you.” Canada

“Not an easy book to read.The truth that is written is incredible.” United Kingdom

“It was excellent to see the whole mess exposed.” Family Member Canada

“I certainly felt that you did a good job of exposing the trauma and then showing the healing journey that takes years and years to happen. Thank you for your vulnerability and bravery in sharing.  Canada

Please support my work friends, order my book  Stain Remover. One friend said, “Oh it doesn’t speak to me, I’ll not read it.” But I say, if it doesn’t apply to you give it away. One in every 3 or 4 human being, boys, girls, men and women globally ARE affected by sexual abuse Become part of the solution.

Love and Blessings to you from,

 Meridel Rawlings.

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Image at the very top: Photo by Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash