Still Small Voice Nov. 2020

Shalom dear Friends:

Namaste … welcome to Nepal. Because I call you friends, in this letter we will focus on the forsaken and trafficked children of Nepal. The only time that Jesus issued a death sentence, it was for the abuse of children. See Matthew 18:7,6

How much is a little girl worth?

Painting by Chris Rawlings

“Do not be unwise, understand what the will of the LORD is.”
Ephesians 5:17

It is NOT the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.” Matthew 18:14

My life’s work has involved children of all ages who have suffered the indignities of sexual abuse. I have worked with seniors up into their 90’s, still troubled from childhood woundings. This should not be.

Meridel in Nepal with Indira

Nepal captured my heart in 1968 when I visited briefly and trekked up to the Annapurna pass in the Himalayas and had the great privilege of giving the King of Mustang (a province of Nepal) the Bible written on rice paper and wrapped in a saffron cloth much like his Buddhist scriptures. You can read about it in “Love My People.” I had nursed in India for two years and Mother Theresa’s “Missionaries of Charity” put me to work in the hill country of Darjeeling India. Early in the morning I’d walk down the railway tracks looking for abandoned babies, or visit the garbage dumps along with the local dogs seeking discarded newborns. Those I rescued stayed at the orphanage during the day and at night came home with me. I fed them every two hours. Most of these tiny souls did not live. The agony of Asia stamped itself upon my soul. These babies were left to the elements or sold. Today pregnancy often ends conveniently in sterile clinics. Children are not wanted, especially in the West. Every four seconds a child is kidnapped in America. The children’s blood cries from the ground. “Life is in the blood” the Bible tells us. Yes, blood speaks and God hears the cries of the innocent. Please help us with the living.

Change Action Nepal C.A.N.

For our new readers, my husband and three sons joined me in Nepal over a 3 year period from 2016 – 2019. Together with Indira Ghale we created a film on human trafficking. At the same time, our NGO “CAN – Change Action Nepal” was incorporated in Nepal. Here is the latest news from Indira our spiritual daughter, who heads up CAN in Kathmandu with its many outreaches.

Dear Mama Meridel and Papa Jay;
Please tell your people about our ongoing projects.

1. Our safe house is “home” for 9 young girls. Here they have family, food and go to school.

Change Actions Nepal C.A.N. is based in Kathmandu, Nepal

2. We have a “Pre-primary Kindergarten” in Kathmandu’s Thapathali slum. 30 small kids are safe to play, eat 2 meals a day and safely nap. They are overseen by 2 teachers and the 1 cook. 

Indira and Meridel Praying, Photo by Daniel Rawlings

3. The “Scholarship Programme” for young girls and women has 200 young girls. 15 have now gone on to higher education. We have 1 registered nurse and 3 teachers graduated and working. Monthly, we give funds for schooling directly to rescued girls; not to their care takers or anyone else. They have so wise and so young and have become very responsible. 

4. Our “Emergency Response” has supported  + 3000 people with food during COVID lockdowns.

Indira brining relief materials for landslide victims

5. Nepal is a Buddhist/Hindu nation and still people look forward to our “Christmas Light Outreach” into the many vulnerable communities. We share God’s love along with food and gifts.

6. “Beware and Be Aware” is a teaching program to create greater awareness of the dangers of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Speaking up is vitally important. They can trust us.

7.  I continue to work on “Case files” of victims seeking justice in the courts. As you know I am the first women ever in the history of Nepal to have two pedophiles convicted for 25-year-terms by the Supreme Court. God has given me His favour for which I am extremely grateful. Presently we filed two cases, against one of the very strong traffickers and another case against a step-father. I am often threatened but am unafraid.

8 Our “Victim Support Programme” offers abuse victims counselling, medical support, and supports them to learn different practical skills in order to earn a living.

Photo by Daniel Rawlings

I hope you can tell your people about us. We do have other cutting edge news, but sorry it is only in Nepali.” Indira continues: “Yesterday we rescued a 16 year old girl from the Indian border. She is in our safe house so please pray as we work with her. Our house struggles to make ends meet. We continue to ask for our own property to feel safe and be able to expand. Brother Chris please, we depend upon you to get our web up and running. We cannot do the work without all of your love and encouragement. 

We are currently busy working on a case against a trafficker who sold more than 250 young girls to India. His wife runs a brothel there. For this case we need a lot of resources. Pray for financial and spiritual protection for the girls and ”Change Action Nepal.” Tell Daniel and David that we need media help to bring this case to the attention of the United Nations and European Union Commission. Couldn’t people give to bring you over here again with your cameras? Please believe with us for CHANGE!  Love from Indira.”

And her most recent message to us:

“Dear Mama and Papa: 

 Nuwakot, is one of the  high risk trafficking areas in the heart of Nepal. During COVID time 15 girls have disappeared from this remote village. We rented a truck, travelled over wet rutted roads for 4 hours by truck and trekked by foot up over the rice paddies another four hours! Our porters carried relief materials for the landslide victims. We believe to make lasting contacts with the villagers by sharing the love of God in this time of hardship. I prayed to find another victim who could testify in court against the trafficker which has been caught and is now in an ongoing court case.

Bringing much needed materials to the landslide victims

God heard our cries. It was not an easy trip, but we completed it and found another victim to testify in court.

We also distributed 100 water filters, a water tank  to replace those lost due to the landslide along with: a thermal gun for the COVID test, reusable masks, sanitary pads, washing soap, hand sanitisers, and a football for the children.

Most thrilling of all, We were able to bring home one child whose mother was trafficked to India and another young girl who is sick and a burden to her family. We will care for them in the CAN house and help with their schooling. We are very thankful to you all who have been encouraging us to make the change in this country . Thank you so much and God bless you.  Indira Ghale”

Friends:  We need your financial help in any way possible. To make a donation directly to Change Action Nepal website:

Donations from Canada for Change Action Nepal:
Van City Bank:
Routing Number and Account Number

Please hear our call. Everyone can do something! If you want favor in your house speak up for the children. YOU can be a voice for them through CAN.  Tracy Cooke prophesied on the Sid Roth show recently, “My prophetic voice for this generation will rise from the womb.”  Our Father God loves what man despises and is making a way for change.

Meridel with a Girl that wants to study English

We have an amazing opportunity to get behind this work and give it tools to work with. They need funds for renting the CAN Rescue House. A large donation could help us purchase a property where we could house more children and grow gardens. We need a vehicle and the day to day cost of ministry in so many worthy avenues.  I have sat in on the teaching sessions to village girls who knew nothing of their own physical anatomy or the cycles of life. Several had never owned under panties or had a menstural pad or hand soap. They are such glowing survivors. I went around the room and asked each girl what she would like to be. Their responses were as follows: teacher, poet, lawyer, nurse, writer and judge. Give them their opportunity to change this toxic climate in Nepal. Please. Do something today and be generous.

Painting by Joy Caros

“Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, 
for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of
My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 18:10

Thank you for your response, with all my heart. Believing for change,

Your friend; Meridel Rawlings.

Photo at very top by: Eric Ward on Unsplash