Still Small Voice, Sept. 2020

Dear Friends who are listening;                                                    
Elul/Tishri 5781  September 2020 

The following scriptures come to mind as I prepare to write in this letter.

“He who sits in the heavens shall laugh.”  Psalm 2:4

“Summer is ended and we are not saved.” Jeremiah 8:20

“My eyes overflow with rivers of water …”  Lamentations 3:48

Teshuvah is the result of the tragedy taught in Exodus 32. It was a disastrous time for God’s people. Moses had been inThe Presence on the Mount. Now, returning to camp Joshua said to him, “It is not the noise of the shout of victory, nor the noise of defeat, but the sound of singing.” Exodus 32:18 

A shocked Moses, his skin, still shining from his encounter with God looked on Israel’s idolatry in disbelief. A golden calf, was worshipped by drunk nude girating men. He had encountered heaven to face this hell. The tablets in his arms, held the keys to wisdom, good success and long life for his people. Heartbroken and in despair, he smashed them. He countered his brother for allowing it. Aaron’s feeble excuse was; “You know the people, their heart is set on doing evil.” Exodus 32:22

At that moment Israel was lost. Moses wanted out! But, God strengthens him to take responsibility for the backsliding nation. The wages of sin is death. Moses went into a period of mourning, seeking God again and interceding. He had to go back up the mountain. This is an example of Teshuvah – Repentance.

Why We pray 

Our societies are not doing any better today. Selfishness and lust for power do not change. Only by submitting to the rule of the Living God can change be created in the human heart. Only the blood of Yeshua executes that delicate surgery.  Messiah paid the price. Across the world, streets are filled with angry people and yes, some are peaceful protestors. They are often highjacked by wild, unrestrained thugs. Did you ever believe that you would live to see the day when Bibles are defiantly burned in the streets of America and Christians forbidden to go to church? Christians are at risk globally and anti-Semitism is a pandemic. In general all nations are compromised. Populations are held hostage. Our futures are obscured. Yet we believe our Father in heaven remains in charge. I fear for the evil doers and speakers, who are digging a pit for themselves. We all see the control, manipulation and blatant coverups. We know that truth has fallen into the streets. God says,”…I have made their streets desolate.” see Zephaniah 3:6 The contrast between good and evil is clearly discerned. It is diabolical. Even a child can can sense it.   I pray for our world in crisis, and for its leaders.  You could begin by praying Psalm 2 and John 14. Photo:Jay and Meridel Rawlings. “Young people can run fast, but old people know the way!” Jay has come through to health and strength for which we give great thank yous!

How We Pray

Jay’s and my experiences in prayer are very different. He rises early to spend time with the LORD. Taking his Bible with him into the garden to commune before the family gets up. I enjoy my “quiet time” but, lately I find myself wanting and needing to pray almost continually. Later we meet, (usually daily) to “agree together” and do spiritual warfare. When young, I would think when a burden came that it was about my life or family. But, God grows us past our self-centredness and meets our needs so that we can be available and open to His adgenda, His heart, thoughts and plans.  But we must listen to the “Still Small Voice” and stop second guessing. I realized that I am experiencing “teshuvah-repentance” for myself first and for others. I have learned in seasons like this, to “pray in the Spirit” until the heaviness lifts. Maturity teaches that it is seldom about us. God is looking for mothers and fathers in the faith who will stand in the gap. “…Deep calls unto deep.” See Psalm 42:6-8. Sometimes I awaken during the night, go outside and gaze up into the night sky. I cry to heaven for mercy and plead the blood of Messiah-Yeshua-Jesus who taught us the Way. I pray for all whom we know and love. I pray for souls in the valley of decision: the dying, the sick, lonely, forgotten, those in debt, war torn and starving. I bind the spirits of loss and confusion, abortion, jealousy, hatred, wrath and destruction. Evil has to dissipate. I pray specifically as the Holy Spirit leads. I have learned to be quiet and I hope trustworthy with the understandings and instructions I receive. I am learning quietness. I do my best to let my life speak of His goodness.  His Peace passes all understanding and this is our daily portion at all times. 


Israel is a microcosm of the world. It is bad here too. A second wave of COVID-19 hit this summer. Recently a 16-year-old girl was raped by 30 Israelis in our southern city of Eilat. President Rivlin called this heinous act a “stain” upon us as a nation. “Stain” is “iniquity”. This spiritual and moral disease is generational. Porn is a secret poison. It has power to destroy the soul. Disrespect tramples  human decency for the perpetrator first and then all others. 

USA – United Arab Emirates – Israel

Photo: The skies over Israel-Lebanon this week. On the 13th of August, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations. The announcement represents a major milestone for Israelis and moderate Arabs. It could be a diplomatic tipping point in the Middle East. The UAE like Israel is small and hi-tech savvy, run by rural people who chose to educate themselves and become leaders in the changing modern world. Neither peoples cower to bullies. Both want freedom from the shackles of Muslim neighbours. For the UAE it is a step of defiance, courage and bravery. They long for a democratic way of life. US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo commented, “This is a remarkable achievement for two of the world’s most forward leaning, technologically advanced states. It reflects their shared regional vision of an economically integrated region.”            

Iran – Russia – China – Turkey – Lebanon – Gaza  

Iran pulls the strings in a Middle East supported by Turkey, Russia and China to keep this region embroiled in utter chaos. They are at work in the PA, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, encircling Israel. Iran’s Mullah’s understand that finally the unthinkable has happened. Israel and the United Arab Emirates are going to work together. This is a disaster for Iran because they want to move the entire Arab world against Israel. Unless stopped, Iran will have full nuclear capability by October 18, 2020. The clock is ticking, but the only nations who seem to read the hand writing on the wall are the US,  the Dominican Republic, Israel and the UAE, but not the UN!”

Iran’s proxy, Hezbulloh in Lebanon is in confusion and dangerous. They attacked our border patrol this week. They have been linked to the recent blast when 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate ignited in Beirut’s port. The enormous blast left 200 dead, many missing, 6,000 wounded and 300,000 homeless. The International Criminal Court after 25 years of investigation decided a Hezbulloh operative was guilty of the assignation of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Mr. Harrari. This process cost one billion dollars?

This also explains why Gaza has erupted. Balloons with explosives have burned thousands of acres of farmland in Israel. Their rockets cut one man’s home in half and sent civilian populations racing for bomb shelters. They have opened their sewers to spew their filth into Israel. I think that says it all. Israel has bombed their rocket sites, but does your news service explain why?  But, there is still sweet fruit in Gaza. Abdel Rahman al-Shantti is a bright and talented 11-year-old Gazan boy raps in fluent English and loves the NBA. He naively sings about “spreading love between us and Israel …no reason for fighting and wars. We need to let our relationship become better and better.” It landed him in hot water with his family, for fear they could be locked up in a Hamas jail. Will you ask your little children and grandchildren to pray for Abdel? Sorry I have no photo.

The Palestinian leaders have never ceased to breathe out lies and hatred against Israel. Of course terror has increased. The leadership is wild that the UAE dares to join forces with their enemy Israel.This week a 36-year-old Israeli was stabbed and killed in broad daylight by a Palestinian father of six, who held an Israeli work permit. Please pray for the innocent Palestinians who are locked into this madness.

And Turkey full of bravado is actually drilling for natural gas within the boundaries that belong to Greece.


And, from one of our friends, “August the 1st is our national holiday. One thousand people, came together to pray for Switzerland. We agreed in prayer that there will be a desire to return to the Hebrew roots of our faith. We asked that our nation would be a true  friend to Israel. We hope and believe very much that our prayers will bear fruit.” B H, Switzerland The photo of the stars of David and the menorah were taken in the homes of Swiss friends in year. They are obviously supporters of God’s heart for Israel.

Syria – Canada – Israel  

In a daring mission, a Mossad spy, Canadian Judy Feld Carr and Rabbi Hamra, the Chief Rabbi of Syria extradited nine rare Jewish texts to Israel. They became known as the “Damascus Crowns”. In 1993 Ms Carr said that she worked with Rabbi Hamra to get one of the manuscripts to a Canadian diplomat, who slipped it out of Syria in a black plastic shopping bag. This death-defying mission in the face the Assad regime or any Islamic terror groups spared the destruction or desecration of these treasures. The “Damascus Crowns” consist of the Tanach or the Jewish Bible, which encompasses Judaism’s 24 canonical books. This edition was written on parchment in the 13th century CE and was the property of the Damascus’ Jewish community. Again In the 1980s and 1990s, Rabbi Hamra Hamra oversaw the clandestine removal of nine bible manuscripts, 40 Torah scrolls, and 32 ornamental boxes that housed the Torahs. During the decades following the establishment of the State of Israel due to brutal pogroms in Syria, discriminatory anti-Semitic laws and wide-scale property theft, the Community fled. As of 2019, there were no known Jews living in Syria, despite the fact that it had been home to a thriving community for centuries. Now these holy items are housed in the Israel National Library and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Library.

God at Work in Nepal

The work you helped us found in Nepal  through the film “Change Action Nepal continue to be  vital. According to advocate Dinesh Tripathi, who sits in the Supreme Court in Kathmandu, “Today we are battling crimes against humanity in the area of child sex trafficking There is a blockade of justice.”  Photo: Indira Ghale and Meridel

For donations: 
To watch CAN film made by us:

The following recent letter is from Nepali Indira Ghale who heads up the ministry “Change Action Nepal”.

“Dear MaMa and Papa:  It is a hard time here. I have lost my brother, a doctor, a cousin and an uncle with COVID. More Nepalese die here of suicide than Corona which has taken 25,000 so far. Workers with Corona were sent home from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries and have infected whole communities here. Pray for us. I received the funds thank you. The biggest problem is that many Nepalese are starving and we spend most of our time feeding those who call for help. I am thinking of setting up a social or agricultural business. We need to create our own income to help sustain us. God will bring wisdom.

We are also moving forward in CAN, but competition is fierce among the big NGO’s. Still God is also giving the opportunity to those who are voiceless and who lose hope. We are praying always because the whole world is becoming more crazy and trafficking is increasing. God is good and He is keeping us safe. We realize more and more that we must be a reflection of Jesus. Thank you to Chris Rawlings (see photo) who built and continues to keep the CAN website active all these years.”        
Love from Indira 

 Time to worship

Friends, I have saved the best until the last!  This prayer is sung or recited as the Shabbat comes in on a Friday evening. After a busy week, it is the moment God gave us to rest and enjoy Him. 

“Peace be with you, ministering angels, messengers of the Most High,
Messengers of the King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He.
Come in peace, messengers of peace, messengers of the Most High,
Messengers of the King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He.
Bless me with peace, messengers of peace, messengers of the Most High, Messengers of the King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He.
Go in peace, messengers of peace, messengers of the Most High,”

This beautiful worship music below was sent for our peace from a Canadian friend, HB. Thank you.

Every blessing this Jewish New Year from the Rawlings family.,
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Here is nice choir music to share with you, enjoy!

Photo at very top by Ben Ostrower on Unsplash