Still Small Voice – July 2020

Jay & Meridel

Dear Friends,

Summer 2020 is unlike any we have ever experienced!

“I didn’t know how to teach my kid to die! I hugged and kissed him every day and said, ‘I love you.’ You can’t kiss a photograph.” Horace Anderson Father of youth killed in CHOP Seattle USA. June 2020

“Where is God in all of this?” You wonder. 

Maybe He is saying, “Where are you?”

The word education in Latin means: “to bring forth from within.”  The Jewish-Christian ethic gives us the rules of engagement for a blessed life. Today, a small percentage of disgruntled people infiltrated by leftist ideals are destroyers, demanding attention. Like spoiled brats they defy authorities and murder, plunder and rampage. Sadly, Truth has fallen into  the streets. Why?  Because it did not exist in the first place. Hatred and greed grow into explosive rage. Lawlessness expresses itself in destruction of lives and property. We have an ignorant brain-washed generation supported by cunning politicians and powerful companies. This has been carefully planned and now it has exploded. The best-selling children’s book today in the US is Communism for Children. Man is reaping what he has sowed and not just in America.

When Israel went into Babylon clear directives of how to live were given by the Prophet Jeremiah. 

“For he has sent us to Babylon saying, ‘Build houses and dwell in them and plant gardens and eat their fruit.  Seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away. Captivity is long; and pray to the LORD for it; (the place you are in) for in its peace you will have peace.’”  Jeremiah 29:28, 5

Prayer with Purpose

We learn from this that we are to be obedient citizens. We are instructed to bless every land we find ourselves living in. History is filled with examples of how the Jewish people have prospered, no matter what nation they find themselves in, for whatever reason. Attitude is everything!

Let us all pray today for the silent majority in America. Their voice is not heard and the silence is stunning. May believing people arise fortified and encouraged in this hour to make a difference right where they are. Let ordinary American citizens rise up to save America? We believe for them will stand tall in the midst of insurrection. Salt preserves. We pray for Salvation to spring forth.

The average salary in Israel is NIS 6,000 a month, the US dollars equivalent is not US $2,000. How can a single mother pay rent, and all of the taxes and required insurances and buy food? This does not allow a cent for any extras like clothes or education. We are praying for change from the top down right here inside of Israel. The population is choking on the politics here. There are many threats coming from the government and new elections are among them. Pray. 

Angry Protests in our Neighbourhood

Tensions are rising. Last night for the first time there was a very angry protest in our neighbourhood. Just three houses down, locals came out with their bull horns to decry a member of Netanyahu’s Cabinet for saying, “Any Israeli who says they do not have enough food to eat is B. S.” Not a wise thing to say. He is out of touch with the hurting in this land. People are calling for his resignation. Our neighbours are educated, well established people. One lady in tears cried. “My restaurant is US $55,000. in debt. I have no way to pay it off.” Employers cannot make ends meet. People are angry and frustrated over the lack of help from the government. Some have had no salaries since March.

“I could commit suicide,” an elderly man shouted.

“Sir, your mother would be ashamed of you,”  screamed another. 

“You are out of touch with the common man.What do you know about want?” In fifty years we have not seen unrest so close to home. Mr. Netanyahu is called the crime-minister. Don’t be surprised. It is time for change here. Play!

This morning when we went outside to get into the car, to our dismay it had been smeared with fresh feeces. Some of the stinky stuff was also thrown on the wall of our studio. Jay said, “Well, somebody hates us!” So… Daniel went and got a security camera and put it in place. We have not lived days like this ever before.

The Unity of Hatred

The loathing of Israel has bound Palestinians, Hamas and Hizbulloh (Lebanon) into one militant camp. They have promised to attack Israel with a 3rd uprising – Intifada. Our experience in this area is very destructive. From 2000-2004 hundreds of civilians of all ages were murdered. Buses were blown up. We watch and pray and walk very circumspect-fully.

The Mystery

Where are we on God’s time clock? Today I listened to a video made by Jews from America who are complaining that they cannot preach openly here. Israel reserves the right to draw borders. Because this is a Jewish nation they do not want their people becoming Christians. This is hard for Christians to understand. The Jew often thinks that becoming a Christian means they are lost.  Jesus never told Jews to become Christians. His disciples were Jews and remained Jews. Living in Israel is a very special calling. One’s life must be an open book. Its not what you say or preach it is all about how you live and love. No, the nation of Israel has not replaced Jesus-Messiah, but Israel will one day be the head and not the tail of the nations. Let’s not be near sighted. When Messiah returns, Israel will welcome Him. Revelation comes from Father God’s. No man can come unless He draw him. We must never lose sight that the LORD God of Israel keeps His Word. His throne will be set in Jerusalem, it is the throne of King David. The place of Israel in prophetic history is undeniable. I say “Let God Almighty have His way here, in His way and His time.” Christians think Jews are blind, because they don’t see Messiah. But how many Christians are blind to what has been promised over Israel? “For I do not desire brethren that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.” Romans 11:25

Contrary to the belief of many Christians, we are able to receive many excellent inspirational programs on Israeli TV channels.  We watch 700 Club, Day Star, It’s Supernatural, Dr. David Jeremiah, Think it Through with Dr. Michael Brown, Wonders without Numbers and many more. There is plenty of Biblical teaching available here for the hungry. Last week, History Channel had a multi-series on the life and person of Jesus. 

The Big Picture

There is no business as usual anymore. Today each one of us is looking into a mirror. Whether we like it or not we are having to reassess our life up to this point. What do you see? What are you focused on? Who are you focused on? Our long term goals and plans are on hold. Today is the only day we will ever live.

COVID-19 a Second Wave

A second wave of COVID-19 has hit Israel. Only 20 people are allowed on a bus or in a restaurant at one time. Synagogues, schools, study halls, theatres all are closed. As a result all Israelis are barred from Europe. No one is permitted to leave the country. We are in lock down.

We thank you for your prayers and love. Yesterday we had a call from loved ones in Canada and it was strengthening. Like so many other ministries we have had to release staff because we cannot make ends meet. Just trying to meet the daily budget helps to keep us humble  and dependent upon the LORD.

The Rawling’s Good News 

Daniel & Shelly

We close with exceptionally good news: Daniel has found the love of his life. He and Shelly Bandel are engaged to be married. They were friends in high school. Shelly went to Canada and became a businesswoman in the fashion industry. When the pandemic was looming she returned home to be close to her parents and elderly grandparents.

Daniel and Shell are engaged

May we all be thankful for the lives around us and tell them, “I love you” as often as we can.  REMEMBER – YOUR LIFE MATTERS! Jesus promises:

“He who overcomes and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations.”  Revelation 2:26

“Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”  Matthew18:20 

We pray that you have love and strength to continue your journey.

Jay and Meridel 

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