Still Small Voice – June 2020

Sivan 5780

Shalom Dear Friends:

Meridel in her garden in Jerusalem

In today’s letter I will address the subject of VOICES!

Which voice gets my attention?  Voice is an interesting word.  It  can be understood as: the voice of man or beast, along with other sounds, noises, or cries. To hear anyone’s voice is to obey it.  Pause and consider that!   Photo: Meridel in the garden during Corona. Summer arrived, bringing a week of scorching temperatures. It was 39C – F 96 in Jerusalem and 45C – F 113 in Galilee and Eilat. May 2020 was the hottest May in Israel’s recorded history. 

Recently, we celebrated Israel’s 72nd birthday and later Jerusalem Day, marking  53 years of her unification since 1967.  Jay and I hosted family and friends for Shuavot, The Feast of Weeks or the Feast of Pentecost.  We thirst for the living water in this season of REJOICING out of NEED!

God’s Voice

“If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put no disease on you… For I am the LORD who heals you.”   Exodus 15:26  “…he goes before them: and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.”    John 10:4.

My Friend’s Voice

I also love hearing  your voice over the phone, in emails and in your letters. Thank you for the inspiration and for remembering us and asking about us.Your letters are always appreciated and they do eventually arrive in our box! Every blessing to you.

Voices of Family Then there are the voices of our family members living within very close proximity.  How did that go during lockdown?  Were family relationships strengthened? Our son Joshua’s watch-care over us was exemplary. However, globally many suffered physical verbal and sexual abuse and sucides escalated. People everywhere are feeling desperate.

Noisy Angry Voices

Our world is crowded with ‘noisy voices’. Health experts cautioned us to combat the deadly COVID-19 by “sheltering in place,” which we were faithful to do. Prosecution was in store for those who failed to comply. We heard the dire predictions and daily we read the increasing number of victims world-wide. Next came fear-filled voices spewing out accusations, and worse predictions. Media sickened us because of this mix of voices.  In lock down we sensed isolation, loneliness, suffering, anger, indignation, pain, hurt and for many there was added the irreparable loss of a loved one, who died alone without family.   Then there were the of wild angry protestsors across America and now the world which began at the murder of George Floyd by police officers. The world as we know it has changed. China is showing her true face in light in Hong Kong. 

The quiet voices of REAL HEROES:

The service industry personnel are the true heroes with nursing/medical staff topping the list. Let us not forget the millions of good cops, cleaners, garbage men, truckers, grocery store clerks, and here the Israel Defence Forces were called in to assist with social work. Navy Seals were in charge of oxygen deliveries.  Thanks to the Moms and Dads who ‘held’ things together. 285

2.  Israelis will have died from COVID-19 and cautiously schools and businesses are opening. But in the last week we have 100 new cases  in high-schools and they have since been closed. When and how will our lives return to ‘normal’ again? Millions are crushed economically and now there is the terrible toll of wanton destruction in the US One-third of Israelis are without work. Of Israel’s 9.2 million, 1/4 live below the poverty line, including thousands of Holocaust survivors. Nightly 800,000 children in Israel go to bed hungry. Seven high schools are closed now due to a new outbreak of the COVED-19 virus. “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” John 9:4

No Voice?

After almost two years, with no viable government, and after 3 National elections, Israel was like a rudderless ship. Our elections on March 2nd brought us our 35th Knesset. Sadly its implementation brought little joy.  Co-Prime Ministers Mr. B. Netanyahu and Mr.B Gantz have created a bloated Cabinet with 36 new Cabinet ministers not including their 16  Deputies or more? Each office will require at least 20 new staff members. This brings the executive branch to the grand total of 1,936 . These people need a large monthly pay check with a 12% yearly raise. The average, already stressed Israeli will foot the bill as usual by paying even higher taxes. Our salaries are notoriously low and consumer goods and housing  prices are off the charts in comparison to other nations. Yet our government has forgotten the common man. Mr. Netanyahu plans to head the government for the next 1.5 years. Then Prime Minister Benny Ganz is to lead for the following 1.5 years, IF promises are kept?  Mr. Netanyahu is embroiled in a Criminal trial, and  faces charges of bribery, fraud and breech of trust. 

The Voice of Big Brother

Israel has been proud of its status as a ‘first world’ nation?  To the dismay of many middle of the road, hard-working Israelis, our leadership fights to maintain ‘success at all costs’.  Loyal citizens are beginning to note how we have been used and abused. Our leadership took every opportunity to use the COVID-19 excuse to track us 24/7. Recently, a drone has appeared nightly on the horizon. It is strategically placed to survey local towns and villages. At first we thought it was a star? Also, powerful  information gathering devices have been carefully positioned all around our neighbourhoods and along our highways. Their cameras spy on us at night and throughout the day. Oh yes, Israel has learned well from China. What the Shin Beit (secret service) did covertly to track criminals and terrorists in the past, is now used to track people with COVID.  We have been informed, that the first, individual digital tracking will begin with the little children in play schools! The question is, “Where are we headed  as a nation?” This is a call to all who pray for Israel. Please, pray into the reality on the ground here. Our people are sobered and more aware than ever of the enormous lack of a representative voices in our ‘over-sized’ government. Where is the forethought or care for the plight of the average  stressed family here?

Deaf to the Voice of Reason? China provides Israel with an income of 11 billion dollars a year. Israel has contracted (sold) large areas of her infrastructure to China for their over-sight. The Ports of Haifa and Ashdod have been put under the control of developers in Shanghai for the next twenty-five years. China bought 51% of Tnuva, our giant dairy-industry. There is much more at stake. During his recent visit, US Secretary of State Pompeo warned: if these deals with China proceed, America will pull their military aid out of Israel!  He warned that U. S. aircraft carriers will not dock in Israeli ports run by China.Time will reveal the true face of China for the mask is coming off. We too, are a nation in crisis!

The Voice of Prayer

If ever people of faith needed to watch and pray over their nation caught in the hectic push and pull of a pandaemic, political manovering and an economic shutdown an now anarchy,  it is now!  If there was ever a day in world history that called for fasting and prayer,  and for intercessors to stand in the gap it is now. If ever we needed true prophets and teachers  to rightly divide the Word of God, it is now!  If ever parents needed to stand up against big government it is now! We are obligated to live by the statutes first given to Israel and identical with those of Messiah Yeshua-Jesus. He came not to destroy the commandments and the prophets, but to fulfil them!  Let’s determine to use our voices and actionsto make a difference with every opportunity that presents itself! Our greatest work is intercessory PRAYER!

3. My Voice  

Let’s not forget my voice. Was it annoying? Did it accuse me?  Was I able to work with my voice or did I fight to shut it down along with everything else? Did I bother to try and make my own personal progress in areas that needed repair or adjustments?  Then, what did I do with the most precious commodity of all, my time? My free time? How did I manage the silence?  Was I stressed by separation?  I am the only one who can answer these questions. Did my voice speak into my dreams and evenmy day-dreams? Did I come to any conclusions?  Did I change for the better? Do I feel like I am making progress inspite of circumstances?

The Still Small Voice

Looking back, we’ve had three months to grow internally and hopefully eternally in the process. I personally have enjoyed the weeks of ‘shut down’ as it has enabled me to live a quiet and peaceful, prayer-filled life. Did I yearn to hear the Still Small Voice? Did I make myself available to listen? Or did I repeatedly nag God with a list of needs and wants? Maybe I just vegged out? TV and computers are the ‘great escape’.  Did I pray?  Did I ask for His Presence that totally satisfies the longings of my heart? Did I use this time to rediscover The Book of Books, the Word of God? Did I take on any prayer burdens for my family, friends, neighbours and victims in this sad diseased and war-torn world of ours? Did I worship? Did I rest, really rest on the inside? Did I ask largely: “Cause me to hear your lovingkindness in the morning, for in You do I trust; Cause me to know the way in which I should walk, for I lift my soul up to you”  Psalm 143:8

The Voice of Inspiration and Adventure

The enforced rest gave us time to prepare for the ongoing work of Change Action Nepal founded in 2016. We will bring you an update on in our next letter. We continue to support Nepali co-workers to counter human trafficking. We are now also officially registered as a NPO in Canada. Our first Board of Directors met this May. This opens exciting new possibilities for all of us.

Meridel and her Brother Don

THE VOICE OF LOVE helped to heal my shattered world!

I am reminded how my Grandma Mini’s loving voice warmed my life. Whenever we got to visit this loving set of ‘Grands’, she never said goodbye to me, without taking me aside to reassure me of her love. Her words remained with me all of my life, right up until the last time I saw her at age 96. She loved to take my hands in hers, and looking directly into my eyes she said: “Oh  Meridel, I have always loved you!” Those simple heart-felt words penetrated to my core. Her love helped me to learn to value and love myself.  No doubt  Mini’s love, created in me an expectation to listen for and hear God’s thoughts on everything!  Photo: Meridel age 3 and her brother age 4.

Meridel’s new book that will be published soon

QUESTION:  When did you first hear The Still Small Voice?

Sadly, my childhood experience was completely different in my other Grandparent’s home. I remember being about three and a half, sitting alone, on their pale green brocade sofa; in tears and physical pain.  Grandpa caught me in the bathroom. I trembled in shock!  This cunning Pastor-Grandfather had just smashed my trust by his devious molestation. In that moment, I felt orphaned. The first time I ever heard the Still Small Voice was then. “Meridel, you must never be alone with that man again.”  Amazing? Yes,! AND I trusted those words. To my knowledge, I was never alone with him again. 

The above is an except from Meridel’s latest book  Stain Remover

We will alert you when it is available on Amazon.            

                  “Meridel Rawlings writes with authority. 

          Her way is deeply spiritual and scientific alike.” 

           Dr. Irmeli G-B Schüz, MD, Psychiatrist, Psyhotherapist

I will close with this heart warming story and song. Captain Tom Moore, 100 years young, walked around his garden in the UK hoping to raise 1,000 pounds for National Health Services Charities. He raised 33 million pounds! He made a recording with singer Michael Ball. The message in this song is for Jerusalem and for all who will listen. 

When You Walk Through a Storm Hold Your Head Up High.”  

With love and blessings;Meridel Rawlings and family.     Please share my letter with others. 

Photo at very top by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash