Still Small Voice – February 2020

Shalom dear friends. 

Jay and I are celebrating 2020 for a very good reason. We left Canada for Israel in 1969 and 50 years later, continue to serve Jesus full time! This year we plan to visit many friends among the nations that we have worked with over these five decades.

“And who is like your people, like Israel, the one nation on the earth who God went to redeem for himself as a people to make for Himself a name and to do for Yourself great and awesome deeds for Your land …” 2 Samuel 7:23

Welcome to Switzerland: An invitation to our meetings by Christoph and Margrit Sager.

“Dear small group leaders!

After Washington, journalists are focused on Jerusalem. This shows the importance of Jerusalem in global politics. The Middle East is a powder keg. And if you take a closer look, you will find that Israel, especially Jerusalem, is often the focus of criticism. Why?

Rawlings are profound experts on the history of Israel. They will lead us into the history of salvation and show why Israel, which appears to be so insignificant, is making new global headlines. They teach from scripture why Israel is important to the belief of every individual AND nation. Join us and learn as the Rawlings, teach how spirituality and world affairs meet in Israel.

We as the church stand on the shoulders of Judaism. We as Christians are grafted into the root of Israel as the chosen people (Rom 11.17). Our Christian identity is rooted in the Bible with our spiritual Jewish ancestors; we are the people of Abraham, David and Jesus!

Come and bring your home group with you! Invite others and spread this good news!”

Photo by Johannes Hofmann on Unsplash

The Journey begins:

On January 11th, Jay and I embarked upon a full 5 week speaking tour to Switzerland and Germany. Jay presents a film and Powerpoint and asks: “What is God doing in the earth today?”  He and our son Daniel created a film showing the natural gas pipe line that is being built from Israel through Cyprus, Greece and Italy. This new source of natural gas from the Middle East into Europe will weaken Russia’s financial grip on Europe through their Gasprom supply which is a monopoly until now.

Meridel’s new book Stain Remover

Stain Remover:

On this tour, I am introducing my latest book entitled “Stain Remover: Healing the Indelible Stain of Child Sexual Abuse.” Here are photos of the front and back covers. We hope to have it available on Kindle, only in English at this time. If anyone would like to help us with this on going project we would be very grateful.Thank you to Rene Bregenzer who helped us  launch the book at this time.

Jay says, “It is not only a book but a manual to help every reader work through their own issues of life. It is far reaching and thought provoking.” Stain Remover turns madness into meaningful life. “Meridel Rawlings writes with authority. Her way is deeply spiritual and scientific alike.”     Irmeli G-B Schüz. MD. Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Breakfast in a Bavarian Castle:

I recently I wrote to my youngest granddaughter, “I am going to a royal birthday party!”

And so I did, because of Thomas and Hanna Kiem who shared the beauties of Bavaria with us. We were invited for breakfast by Baroness Christiana in her castle. It was such a rich encounter, a heart to heart event, that we all shared. The Baroness heads an established Royal Evangelical family who have stood strong over many many generations. She lived through the tragic World Wars and lost her father and brother. Thomas, our host told us, “Nazi soldiers murdered my little brother who was mentally infirm.” Jay shared about the father he had never met, also killed  in WW2. In love and friendship we were able to explore our histories and encourage each other.

History is repeating itself:

The Baroness introduced us to a most interesting book: “We Were Europeans.” A Personal History of a Turbulent Century.” by Werner M. Loval. ( Gefen Publishing House ISBN: 9789652295224) It is written by an Israeli, who was a school boy and part of the Kinder Transport. He was friend of Baroness Christiana’s son in the 1930’s. The entire extended Loval family as Jews fled for their lives, having been robbed of everything. Their friendship with the Baronesses and family continues.

Jews have lived in Germany since Roman times, 2,000 years ago.  They are mentioned for the first time in 981.  This book is the fascinating saga of two prominent German Jewish families who left the ghetto in 1818 and in just 150 years, became the heads of industries with full equality as German citizens only to see it all end in sudden destruction and annihilation. They fled for their lives and we know the history of European Jewry.  A similar earlier era of creativity was the golden age of the Jews in Spain. In both countries, the Jews enjoyed cultural liberty and economic prosperity. Their initial rise to prominence culminated in their complete dissolution and destruction decreed in 1492.

Over lunch a young German father asked me: “What bothers you most about Germany?” Jay began by telling the story in 1980 when Pastor Volkard Spitzer invited him to Berlin to show this first film, “Apples of Gold” to Pastors from across the country. Jay heard the Holy Spirit say: “Sow part of your life into Germany every year. They are good ground.” He was obedient to this call to Germany.

“Today, Germany is very wealthy again, and all other wealthy nations, the wealth only serves to allow the people to sleep. Anti-Semitism is alarmingly on the rise once again. How can we NOT be  aware of the dangers just ahead. The most valuable people in Germany today are the believers in Jesus. They have the light and must shine it far and wide. I thank God for the awakening. Jay said, God showed me that Germany’s national gift is one of serving others. They have served Israel mightily in these last years.”

Nations pay Tribute in Holocaust Victims and Israel:

January 27th 2020 saw the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz. President Rivlin of Israel hosted the heads of 40 nations along with 4 kings and Prince Charles of the UK.  This kind of outpouring of support for Israel in relation to the horrors of the Holocaust has never happened before. These leaders came to visit Yad v’ Shem the Holocaust Memorial and give honour to the Jewish People and Nation.

The Past, Present and Future:

“And this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.”  1 John 3:11 

Today we are with some of our oldest friends in Switzerland, Rev. Manfred and Esther Kron opened a mighty door in 1993 for a 3 day seminar on sexual abuse at the famous casino in Zurich. Our love affair with Switzerland has been growing since Jay first premiered his film on the Refuseniks of Russia in, “Gates of Brass” back in 1987. I met an 86 year old who had attended my first seminar in 1990 at the Salvation Army Camp ground near Bern. That was when I began working here in sexual abuse. A State Pastor’s wife in Basel remembered the seminar I gave in their church and has opened doors this time.

 Andy and Bettina Weber partners of Israel Vision for years, opened their prayer house for us to meet with prayer warriors from across the and. They prophesied and encouraged us. Jay rose to his feet and sang out the beautiful ancient Aaronic blessing found in Numbers 6:24-26. God’s Presence, commanded a blessing and we were all enveloped in Divine love.  See Psalm 133.  When we give God His place, He gives us ours. When we worship, the court room of heaven is opened to us for our protection, wisdom, comfort, edification, healing, direction and education. I have been teaching on “Hearing the Still Small Voice” and a young woman came up to me and innocently said, “I am listening for God’s voice, but He doesn’t say what everybody else does… its not easy.” 

I just smiled and asked her where she learned that following Jesus would be easy? But, it is the only life worth living and ‘easy’ just is not part of the vocabulary!  Remember, ‘my future is determined by the decisions I make today! My favorite work continues to be personal councelling.


Here in Switzerland snow can only be seen on the Alps. In Israel so much rain fell, a 176 year record was broken, and the Sea of Galilee rose by one meter in two weeks. It is as cold in Jeusalem as it has been here in Zurich.

Video Clips of our Trip:

I encourage you to watch our latest short video posts on our websites.  I am recording some of my teaching with ladies groups on mp3 which will also be available to you. I gave my testimony for the first time recently. Please stay in touch. It is always a huge encouragement to hear from you and thank you for your support of my work!

Future Travels:

Invite us and we will come to your area. You can open the doors, and we will walk through them together. You are the key to your marriage, children, and grandchildren as well as your community. Just pause and think of that. Say not, “I am a child!” Make a difference today. 

…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith… Hebrews 12: 1b

Jay joins me in sending blessings to you from the harvest fields of Israel, Germany and Switzerland.

   Gratefully yours, 


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