Still Small Voice – Av 5779/August 2019

He will choose our inheritance for us, 
the excellence of Jacob whom He loves. Selah Psalm 47:4

The large Hebrew letters above spell the unpronounceable name of the Living One, the Lord God, King of the Universe. In the Hebrew scriptures it is only written like this ‘’  with two yod’s or inverted commas. Jesus bore these marks as scars in his wrists and feet at Golgotha made by the nail prints. Yes, it is profound. In this letter we touch upon the ‘Glory’. Does the above fact of the nail prints illustrate His Glory?

First, my family and I thank each one of you who have prayed and written inquiring about our youngest son Daniel, over these last three months. Not only is his latest MRI completely clear of any signs of inflammation; he is enjoying a new zest for life! For this we are filled with gratefulness, giving thanks many times a day. Thank you to each one who prayed and sent encouraging words of love and direction to Daniel.

One of the vows God made is: “ISRAEL MY GLORY” present tense! I want to share with you something that happened to me recently. To sense something of the atmosphere that I felt in the following experience, please go to:You Tube and write in Terry MacAlmon 2013 – The Weight of Your Glory. Here are the words for those who do not have a computer. He sings the following in worship. 

Let the weight of Your Glory x6… fall down on me.” Then he speaks this,
See video here:

“All the Levites who were musicians stood on the east side of the altar dressed in fine linen and playing cymbals, harps and lyres. They were accompanied by 120 priests sounding trumps. The trumpeters and singers joined in unison as with one voice to give praise and thanks to the LORD. They raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: He is good for His mercy endures forever… Then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud, and the priests could not minister because the cloud, the Glory of the LORD filled the house of God.

Oh look to the weight of Your glory x3… Let it fall down on me.

As I heard this song I stopped what I was doing. “Yes, I want the weight of His glory.” I thought; “I want to be overshadowed by His love. I feel as dry as a desert!”  I closed the door, got comfortable and took all the time needed to allow the amazing challenge of those words to fill my mind and heart. Dear friends, in truth, only the LORD God knows our hearts; and our secret thoughts that are never spoken. He knows our longings, hopes, aspirations, cries, struggles, pressures and dreams, oh yes, those impossible dreams. 

 I rested in the beauty of these anointed words and the music. Quietness began to overtake my anxious heart, gently easing my thumping pulse. I allowed myself to sink deeply into worship; nervous tension left. Before long I was enjoying one layer of rest that grew to yet another until a saturation point was reached and began to draw me into overflowing adoration. Like a child at its mother’s breast, I became satiated with the Holy Spirit’s palpable Presence moving through me in a gracious gentle kindness. 

Then I became aware of the tiniest flutter of expectation in my breast. Slowly but surely it grew into a firm hope. Thoughts of new possibilities began to bubble up through my spirit. Weariness was dissipated as the precious Holy Presence of abiding Love moved into my tired body. I became still and calm. A sweetness as light as fine perfume spread into every cell of my being; especially my tired and busy mind. I sensed His anointing in sweet quiet Peace passing all understanding, fill up my life.

Being in complete privacy, my heart rested safely in my Creator’s embrace. It is a very private affair. Seldom am I able to open my heart of hearts to such a degree but all resistance had melted. My response was now impulsive, without reserve. My armswere outstretched, throwing open the windows of my soul to the sweetest friend I have ever known, Yeshua, Lover of my soul. A tender but sure Joy began to surge upward from deep within my spirit. Continual gentle waves  of joy washed away the dry thirst and from within, worship welled up flowing outward. An artesian well, freshly opened, was strengthening and empowering me into a sense of  Eternity Present. 

It was then that the heavens above me opened with no effort on my part. I became aware of something being released from above. Then I saw gold objects wafting gently down in a manner similar to feathers, as if in a gentle breeze. Although thick they fell down like golden autumn leaves loosedat last from their branches. Rather awed, I watched as these objects, which I am not aware of ever having seen before, came coursing down from above. The words ‘ingots of gold’ came to mind.  Their hexagonal shape was decorated on all sides with scenes of Israel’s ancient and modern history. The gold objects seemed to be about a foot wide and 6 inches thick. Was this the gold representing the people and land of Israel that we have spent the last 50 years  praying, loving, and working with? Is this how God sees them I wondered, pondering and trying to understand the meaning of this ‘Glory’?

I put this historic photo here because this year the 9th of the Hebrew month Av 5779 falls on August 10-11, 2019 when all Jews worldwide remember the destruction of their Temples in 586 BCE and 70 AD or CE. Some observant Jews believe that Messiah will come on this day. He after all is the Suffering Servant who identifies with the pain of His own flesh and blood. Jay and I will fast along with our people. We read the book of Lamentations rehearsing the tragedies endured throughout our sojourn on earth as a people. Now please look at this bas relief especially at the BASE of the candelabra the Roman soldiers are carrying from the Temple in Jerusalem to Rome. Those hexagons are the shape of the gold ingots I saw. The mighty Roman Empire immortalised their destruction of Israel’s Second Temple by creating this amazing stone relief set into the Arch of Titus in Rome. Here, history is written in stone for all men to read and to understand that the Jews in Judea were a great nation and threat to this mighty empire! Messiah foresaw this destruction and prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed again and her people taken captive and dispersed among the nations. He wept as a shepherd does for his scattered flock. Luke 19:41-44; 21:24. Yet, we are living in the days of a flourishing, modern nation of Israel. The greatest sign that Bible prophecy is again unfolding to usher in Messiah who is Israel’s Glory! 

Everyone loves Gold!

  • I know our Great Creator loves gold, He made it. At the birth of each day, which according to Biblical time, begins at sunset; we love to watch the day fade into dusk often in gold. We see magnificent skyscapes traced by His unseen Hands throwing out endless intense flaming shades of gold across the heavens. Then we witness a golden sun rising out of the darkness of night to light upon our world faithfully day after day. 
  • Gold is a rare, heavy, soft, yet dense and precious malleable metal.
  • Nearly all gold discovered was deposited on the earth by meteorites. Most of it is stored deep inside the earth’s core.
  • Archeologists have unearthed ancient civilisations and discovered the golden crowns and jewellery of  kings and tribal rulers. Gold represents separation, royalty, uniqueness, not to mention permanence. 
  • It also represents excellence, as in Olympic Gold.
  • ‘Acid test’ is a term created because Gold is insoluble in nitric acid.
  • Heat is used to refine Gold and confirm its presence in metallic objects, separating it. Isn’t this refining process exactly how God separates each one of us unto Himself. Is this the weight of HIS glory? Read Jeremiah 16:16.
  • During WW2, the Nazis stole all the gold of their Jewish prisoners. In pain, blood and even death their gold teeth and wedding rings were harvested and melted  down into gold bars, also called gold bullion or ingots.
  • Until 1971, the “Gold standard” had been implemented globally as a monetary policy. Supplies dwindled and since the 1930’s gold coins ceased to be circulated worldwide as currency. Today gold coins are minted for collectors.

Will you join us in prayer for the Spirit of the LORD to be poured upon Israel at this crucial time in history. What IS the WEIGHT OF HIS GLORY TO YOU?

 We live by the truth that Prayer changes everything. Will you Believe with us for Israel to be overshadowed by the Spirit of God for her end-time role in the earth.

                                        Say to the daughter of Zion,

Surely your salvation is coming;

Behold His reward is with Him.

And His work before Him.

They shall call them The Holy People.

The Redeemed of the LORD;

And you (Jerusalem of Gold) shall be called Sought Out,

A City Not Forsaken. Isaiah 62:11a,12.

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