Hello Dear Friends who Pray

Dear Friends who have prayed for our son Daniel:
Here is an update. For 51 years since leaving Canada, the LORD has made us very dependent upon Him. We see each love notice and kindness as a gift from His hand. Thank you for inquiring about our youngest son’s health for prayer purposes.

Daniel was diagnosed with lesions on his brain and languishes… not well, not totally ill… just not up to par. We have applied topically, or orally: aloe, coconut oil, fish oils and garlic to his routine and diet. We are believing the inflammation in his brain is subject to Messiah Jesus! The Bloodline keeps us alive and safe. The Holy One of Israel has proven His faithfulness all of these years. Just this morning Jay was rehearsing how Jesus healed my incurably sick liver back in 1969, when the doctors could do nothing. (I had lived in India for 2 yrs.) Then how He healed Chris from meningitis as a very small boy in Ecuador 1973, and raised Jay from the dead in Marseille 1976… We STAND  in our Messiah’s priceless Name which is above ALL Names in heaven and upon the earth! 

Daniel waits for the next MRI and a trip to the professor results… we believe the LORD to raise him to fullness again. He is our sabra, born in Jerusalem, a real Israeli speaking perfect Hebrew. He is set for the blessing of this nation in ways we don’t see at this time. We are so grateful for our 4 sons who have grown into men committed to the LORD, their parents, each other and Israel.

Because the LORD has never given up on us all of this year but determinedly led up through the nations to establish us in His homeland Israel, we consider ourselves very blessed.
Our greatest support AND Israel’s are the devoted Christians from around the world. We bless and thank you, EACH ONE for caring.
This comes with our love.
Meridel and Jay Rawlings

Meridel Rawlings PhD.
Box 84156                   
Mevasseret Zion,
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