Prayer Points – Summer 2018

Still Small Voice Thanks You for your prayers.

The Torah portion, “Balak” tells of Baalam… the sorcerer in Moab who could not curse Israel as hard as he tried. Just as the LORD God made the donkey speak to warn this zealot, so to, He made it impossible for him to curse. Supernaturally he blessed the people of Israel. What an amazing story this is. See part of this prophecy below.

“How lovely are your tents O Jacob! Your dwellings O Israel!
He bows down, he lies down as a lion; and as a lion, who shall rouse him?
Blessed is he who blesses you.
And cursed is he who curses you.”  Numbers 24: 5, 9.

In Hebrew, the verse about the lions reads: “Behold a people that rises like a lioness and raises itself like a lion.”

But, Judah shall abide forever. And Jerusalem from generation to generation.” Joel 4:20

Yehuda (Judah) is Yaakov’s (Jacob’s) fourth son. When the land is divided amongst the tribes of Israel, Yehuda receives the vast territory south of Jerusalem, extending from the Dead Sea in the east to the Mediterranean in the west.  For centuries, this area has been known as the region of Yehuda, or Judea. Though many people seek to sever the bond between the Jewish people and Judea, the biblical heartland of the Jewish People, through His prophet Yoel (Joel), God promises that Yehuda will exist forever.

For thousands of years, Jews have preserved their identity, and loyalty to Biblical values, and commandments.  Each soul is a link in the generational chain that has brought the nation and people to this day. Its a terrible day, but it’s God’s day. Do not grow weary in well doing now that its summer.  Jay’s electro-cardiologist has booked him back into the hospital for 2-3 days. His heart beats too quickly and the Drs. want to ‘fix it’. 

 Jay affirms: My heart is fixed oh God, my heart is fixed!   Psalm 57:7.  

Having done all to stand…we stand. It is vital that you stay consistent in prayer and support. Please do not forget the Rawlings by thinking, “Someone else will give.” Please stay with us.

What to pray with our eyes wide open!

Jordan had a $700 million deficit in their central bank last week and Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and oil-rich Qatar loaned Jordan two billion dollars. But there was a catch. King Abdullah had to sign far-reaching agreements, which I briefly outline as follows:    

  • Jordan’s military will be called up to fight for Saudi in Yemen. The Houtis are backed by Iran.
  • Jordan must cease contact with Mahmood Abbas, in the Palestinian Authority; he is an obstacle to peace.
  • Jordan will stop all contact with President Assad of Syria. (Jordan is housing 600,000 Syrian refugees)
  • Jordan will limit the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood because they allow President Erdogan of Turkey too much influence in the Palestinian Authority.  Jordan must now abide by these binding resolutions.

Assad of Syria supported by Russia bombed S.W. Syria to destroy Freedom Fighters, forcing 270,000 Syrian refugees to the borders of Israel’s Golan Heights, and Jordan. The  Golan was captured in the 1973 war. Syria wants it back. This calamity is a fight to the death. It’s horrible! No one cares. While American Forces called a cease-fire during the FIFA tournaments, Iran slyly resupplied their military sites in Syria. Russia has broken their word to Israel to keep a 15-kilometer buffer zone in Syria from the Israeli border on the Golan!!  We feel Russia has no intention of leaving the area.
Question: Is the LORD setting the stage for Ezekiel 38+ 39? 

  • Pray for the multitudes in the valley of decision to come to know the Living God.

This is a day of deep deception and global division. Netanyahu and Abbas are invited to the final FIFA games in Moscow. Watch Putin present his peace plan. Trump-Putin meet in Helsinki July 17th. 

  • Pray for wicked leaders to be brought down. 
  • Pray for the Rawlings to experience surplus grace. We at Jerusalem Vistas are challenged to meet our salaries and monthly expenses. Domestically, food is more costly since Hamas kites from Gaza have torched hundreds of acres of farmland in the south. Prices of bread, cheese, tomatoes, peppers and eggs has skyrocketed.

Know that your heart attitude is monitored 24\7 by the Holy Spirit. Please do not grow weary in well-doing. We do understand that every nation is strained. BUT… as it goes with Israel, so shall it go with the rest of the world!

Meridel Rawlings