Still Small Voice thanks you…

July 2017

We were counting yesterday, and I came to Israel first when she was just a teen at 17 years. Jay, David 9 months and I came together when she was 21, just a young maiden! Today Israel is a matron at 70, with experience and wisdom, standing among the nations in full strength. Over the years, you have looked into our lives and examined us pretty closely. It has been our privilege to make documentaries which have shown Israel’s history, many of the ongoing battles and the promises of glory. Do you consider Israel as your spiritual homeland? You have no other, but heaven itself. The more Christians identify with Israel, the more they will choose to become involved with Israelis! YES!  We are thankful that you are in that number. I have personalized this scripture to drive home just how meaningful you are to our family.

We know that this will turn out for our deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Messiah. Philippians 1:19

What we want you to see is that without your prayers, your faith, love and offerings, we would not be able to sustain life here. You are our invisible help meet! You help us keep the ‘torch’ alight and shining out into the dark realms of hostility and ignorance against this tiny land. Yes, Fundamentalist Islam is working determinedly to rewrite, Biblical and modern Israeli history along with your Christian history. You have helped us to speak out via letters, films, TV shows, speaking tours, books, booklets and DVD’s. Please be determined AND continue; even though we are in a weakened position at this time. The LORD will raise us up to full strength! We count on it.

Are we presumptuous. I don’t think so.  By your prayers those of us living on the front lines can be liberated and sustained from constricting and difficult circumstances.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of the lives of “kingdom warriors” in the battle field of real life. Prayer by you folks at home-base is the appointed means by which God’s arm of love reaches out to the crying needs of his servants. Vital prayer is not just a word – it is an act!  Please continue to lift up Jay, myself and our sons to produce even greater works out of Jerusalem.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Seven and a half weeks after Jay’s surgery, we enjoyed our first all day outing as the invited guests of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. Back in 1980, we were 2 of the 8 original Founders. Israel was held hostage at that time. All the Embassies except Costa Rica left Jerusalem due to Islamic threats of no oil that winter! Just eight of us stood up and by our actions said, “NO!”  We worked to counter Islam’s hate filled actions, when all the Embassies capitulated except one. We cannot allow Islam to control our future.  We worked to give you a voice here in Jerusalem by opening your Embassy. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is now a fact of history, for which Israel is profoundly grateful.  You who have prayed for us Rawlings and supported us over the years, are an integral part of this historical act.

In Haifa’s port, we met several remaining survivors of the famous EXODUS ship along with Knesset Members and the Ambassadors of many nations. We listened to their personal testimonies. At ages 93, 89, 87 and 79 years, they seemed ageless and youthful. One man was a mere boy of eight and a half when he made the journey. The EXODUS, rammed on both sides of it’s hull by British battle ships, killed 3. The sick were removed from the ship in Haifa’s port and shipped off to Cyprus. The British sent the rest to Hamburg. Germany put them put back into the concentration camps they had come out of. Many died in the process. We dedicated a memorial to this inconvenient historical fact. The British have never apologized. 

We know that we ALL can make a difference. In this year of Israel’s 70th anniversary, I ask you to stand tall for heaven’s sake and ours. We have to endure and do our part, just as these survivors did! The tragedy of the EXODUS shocked the nations, because there was NO nation who would take the Jews. Not Canada, not America! Jews had no place to go. As a result, 12 minutes after David Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel in June 1948, President Truman was the first world leader to vote for Israel’s right to exist. We all remember the names of the two spies who gave Moses a good report about the land of Israel. But, who remembers the names of the 10 spies with bad reports?

Let us never forget Jesus is the scion of Israel! Continue to stand with us for Israel! You will never regret it. Let your acts be recorded in the annuals of heaven’s history… forget Israel and became a write off. If you would like a copy of our classic film: Apples of Gold, let us know.  In it the Captain of the Exodus and survivors tell their story. It is just one episode that we highlighted in Israel’s modern history at the time.